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Amino Tone Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for sending it out!
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  August 22, 2016

  • Increased Recovery
  • Taste
  • Boost Of Endurance
  • Too Expensive


As always, thank you to the SR TROOPS program and the participating sponsors. This time around, I got my hands on RCSS's Amino-Tone, a BCAA product to keep hydration in check while aiding in endurance and recovery. Though this specific product didn't really stand out from the rest, it was enjoyable and much appreciated! Here goes

Ingredient Profilee

With almost 30 reviews up on SR, there's tons of input on the profile. In all, the formula is pretty straightforward and exactly what you'd expect from an amino product. Amino-Tone has the BCAA ratio at 2:1:1 and includes a couple of blends that aid hydration and fat-loss. I do like to see Astragin on the label as well!
(profile posted below)


AMERICA! A fun flavor that's definitely an eye catcher! It's supposed to taste like bomb pops, a nostalgic flavor that never gets old. This actually tastes more like a limeade type deal, but still pleasant to take. I did notice quite a bit of grit after mixing, almost like that swirl of glitter in fancy liquor.. Not absolutely unbearable, but pretty sandy. Dosing was fine. I took Amino-Tone first intra-, then later only post- after a couple of weeks.


As usual with my workouts, I stay properly hydrated. This aspect was unaffected while taking this BCAA. My endurance was however better intra-, as muscle fatigue was noticeably delayed. My recovery was also increased as two day breaks become one, and one day breaks disappeared! Unfortunately this isn't an outstanding feature as I experience this with every other BCAA product I've taken. I did not notice any thermo effect that is being mentioned in some of the other reviews. Weight was unchanged from before, and if anything, increased (likely water weight). Thankfully, this was tasty, thus more than easy to take.


Amazon has this listed at $23.77, but I believe the average is around $30. At just about $1 per serving, the value is up to you. If BCAA's are a staple for you, I'd look for another product. If this is just something to treat yourself for a month, it's not a bad value. Overtime, for what BCAA's are worth, try something cheaper.

Side Effects

No sides.


In all, I have to say this product is essentially mediocre, but nonetheless decent. The effectiveness is that of any other solid amino, but that's it (plus a bit of Astragin). The value is competitively priced. Though mixability is a bit shoddy, the taste is still there and makes for a great treat for a sweet tooth! I would recommend to try, but maybe not to keep around.
  • America: 8/10


  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    August 24, 2016

    Hey bro thanks for honest review. We will do our best to get the price down. Is that the biggest thing that would make this a better product for you or what if we increased the BCAA amount? YEAH BUDDY!

  • ttcomaha
    Rep: +300
    August 26, 2016

    It's the least I can do in return for the chance to try the product! And in my opinion, the profile is fine, it's just similar to other products that are in a lower price range. If the profile had something different that set Amino-Tone at a new standard for BCAA's, that would be interesting!

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