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Amino Tone Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

  October 9, 2017

  • Increased Hydration
  • Increased Recovery
  • Interesting Ingredients
  • Amazing Taste
  • Proprietary Blends


38 years old and I lift 4 times a week, and try to do conditioning on the other days. I take my BCAA's very serious, as I know a good product will aid my recovery and help me keep crushing those weights, while a poor product will do me no good and I will be too sore during the week. Ronnie Colemans Signature Series line has intrigued me, so I wanted to give some of his products a shot. Lets see how this Amino Toned me up.

Ingredient Profile

You get a nice dose of B vitamins here as well as some magnesium and Niacin. There are three blends in here and 25mg of Astragin to help you absorb all the goodies. Two of the three blends are not fully disclosed on the label, which is not a big deal since the important BCAA blend is fully disclosed, but I still would like to see 100% of the label be transparent. However, I do understand why blends exist due to business models and what not.

Instantized BCAA's (as InstAminos) (5,000mg) - This is the reason you buy this product, the big 3 BCAAs. They come in at the standard 2:1:1 ratio of 2500mg Leucine, 1250mg IsoLeucine, and 1250mg Valine. Leucine plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis, while isoleucine induces glucose uptake into cells. The Valine in the red headed step child here, as more research is needed to even know what this does for you. Valine just takes some BCAA credit while the true workhorses are Leucine and Isoleucine.

INTRA-Training Performance & Hydration Complex (3,785mg) - This blend consists of Taurine, Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Phosphate & HICA (Alpha-Hydroxy-Leucine Calcium Salt). Taurine is mostly used to reduce cramping caused by fat burners, like ephedrine. It also increases blood flow in diabetics. You do not want to exceed 3g of this daily, so I do wish that the actual dosage was mentioned in here. Potassium Phosphate helps control the amount of calcium in the body and urine, while Sodium Citrate is used to make urine less acidic. I could not find any information on Magnesium Phosphate at all. Finally HICA is a metabolite of Leucine, meaning its produced in the body in a chemical pathway starting with Leucine. The benefits are all un-researched of course, but it appears it helps to increase lean mass.

STIM-Free Fat Loss Support Complex (3,180mg) - This blend has Alanine, Raspberry Ketones, Choline Bitartrate, Coleus Forskohill & Inositol. Alanine is a non essential amino acid that can be an effective nutrient supporting an intensive training regime and achieve muscle growth. For Raspberry Ketones, there is a lot of debate on what these do if anything at all. Studies show that i can replicate the effects of Ephedrine of Synephrine in the human body, but that has only been seen in vitro (in a test tube), no studies exist for orally taking this. Choline Bitartrate is taken for general health purposes, and Coleus Forskohill is an herb used in traditional medicine that may boost testosterone and induce fat loss, particularly in men. Inositol
is a small molecule structurally similar to glucose that is involved in cellular signalling. It does a myriad of things like lowering anxiety and blood pressure.

Overall, not a bad profile. Definitely some ingredients in here I am not used to seeing, and I like the addition of HICA. (8/10)


Taste: I bought the Cherry Limeade flavor. Normally this flavor is very hit and miss, but I must say I enjoyed drinking this. However, I did find if I drank this intra workout and was in a very hot gym then the taste would almost be too sweet for me. Most times though in a normal temperature gym it tasted great. (8.5/10)

Mixability: No issues here, mixed very well by itself and with Super Carb by Nutrabio. Water, Scoop in, shake a couple times done, no weird residue or anything. However, I did get some minor dye stain on my shakers, but they washed right off.

Dosing: Mostly I took this intra workout, 1 scoop, but on days I would forget I would just take it after. Honestly, I never noticed a difference of when I took it on my recovery time, so really take it as you see fit on your schedule. The hydration part adds a little more emphasis on taking this intra, but maybe you like hydration post workout, so a good BCAA to be taken based off your needs.


For me, the best way to gauge a BCAA is recovery, and with this Hydration as well. Recovery wise, I thought this did a nice job. Normally with 5g of total BCAAs I find myself having to take 2 servings a day (10g) to really fight off DOMS, but with Amino Tone, I was good to go with one 5g serving a day. Yeah I would be a little sore, but thats just life, not even close to the point where I could NOT workout. I believe its the addition of AstraGin that really made the difference here. This is the first product I have taken with AstraGin, and its a pretty awesome addition.

Hydration wise, it did okay. I have taken intra and post supps for hydration, and this did not make me pee as much, nor make me feel super hydrated, but what it did do is maintain my baseline of hydration, if that makes sense. I would not have to run to pee during my lifts taking this intra, nor would this cause me to have excessive bathroom trips post workout. But if I did not drink as much water it was fine, as I would not cramp up or have that dehydrated feeling as long as I took this. So it did its job, not above and beyond here, but good enough!

Fat loss, I did not notice a difference at all. I would imagine if you couple this with a Fat Loss Supplement there could be some great synergy, but I did not notice anything by itself. It never hurts to have it in there, but not a selling point of the product. (8.7/10)


I actually picked this up on Supplements Geeks on a sale for $25.99 plus lifting straps and a shaker. I was sad that the shaker and lifting straps were not from RCSS, but its all good. For 30 servings that comes out to 87 cents a day. Not bad in my opinion. It is a flooded market but what stands out here is the AstraGin and the fact I could take my 5g daily vs 10g of BCAAs daily and feel the same effects all due to the absorption properties. So that is great in my book plus it tasted awesome. Right now you can get it for $20.45 at Allstar Health, which is an amazing deal. So yeah Value, YUP!! (9/10)

Side Effects



Ronnie has done it again. This aided my in my recovery and kept me inline with my hydration. The Fat loss aspect really is not there, but I doubt that is why you take an Amino. I enjoyed the flavor of Cherry Limeade for ONCE, and would recommend this product to everyone. I have been impressed with the RCSS line so far trying King Whey, Resurrect P.M., and now Amino Tone. I have the Amino Tone + Energy in the closet, so plan to run that in the future. Thanks again Big Ron keep up the good work of quality ingredients, and fair prices.
  • Cherry Limeade: 8/10


  • aleexz
    Rep: +371
    October 9, 2017

    Yeeeeaaaaaah buddy

  • DaSlaya
    Rep: +2,966
    October 9, 2017

    Literally how I feel taking anything by rcss lol

  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    October 10, 2017

    YEAH BUDDDY! Thanks for the review bro and real pumped to hear we keep hitting the mark on our products. Thanks for the support

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