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Amino Tone Reviews

By: Ronnie Coleman Signature Series

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Ronnie Coleman Signature Series for sending it out!
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  August 8, 2016

  • Taste
  • Boost Of Endurance
  • Property Blend


Hello again, I am still a 44 year old long time trainer. I train with weights, I train cardio. I am still loosing weight and looked to use this product to help me in that endeavor when water just doesn't cut it. Thanks to the SRtrooper program and to RCSS for allowing me to try this product.

Ingredient Profile

This is a standard 2 to 1 ratio of BCAA's some people like more than the 5 gram dose I say you could double it if you want. Some like more Leucine, go ahead and add it. I think its fine for my use. So on to the "Tone" part of this product which is why I think it's interesting anyway.

First we have the (Intra-Training Performance and Hydration complex). Which is some L-Taurine, and some salts including Hica(Alpha-Hydroxy-Leucine calcium salt). What I was looking for was help in completing my workouts whether cardio or weights without loosing performance due to dehydration. As I was running outside in the heat this was important. Now since this is in a proprietary blend I am not sure on amounts but I will talk about effectiveness below.

Second add on is the (Stim-Free fat loss support complex). Well since I have been back on Stims, I figured this couldn't hurt. This is a pretty straight forward addition in terms of ingredients. Nothing I haven't seen before, and once again I can't verify dosage due to the blend. So I will discuss how it went with my training below.

Lastly Mr. Coleman added some AstraGIn in a nice dose of 25mg. I will assume most of us know that this helps the absorption of certain ingredients. This has 25mg of Astragin, and I found that 50mg is the recommended dose. However I know that most of us use other products that have this in them as well so not a big deal to me.


Well hello America! I wanted to try a new flavor and I can say I haven't tried America before. Some of the other guys have said it tastes like a bomb pop, I am not sure since I don't eat those things. I thought it kinda tasted cotton candy sweet tartish thingy. Overall I liked it. If you used to little water it was a little sweet, but since I was using this to flavor my water intake that wasn't a problem.

Mixability was really good. I used up to 20oz of water and as little as 6 and had no issues in my shaker cup. I use one with the shaker ball and although the instructions say there can be foaming I didn't have a problem. I didn't notice any real settling of product, however I like to remind people that I generally shake the cup a couple times before I drink anyway so it really doesn't have time to.

Dosing is also pretty simple. Take one scoop whenever you feel like it. I used this 1 to 2 times a day. I like the versatility of this dosage as well. If you want more BCAA's just 2 scoop this bad boy. If your like me and just need a little stick with one.


For me this was an effective product. Does it have everything a post workout or intra workout has. Probably not. However if you are using it to get a little more out of your day, or simply to add flavor to water to keep yourself hydrated it just works. I found that when I used this before my morning runs they went better. I felt better during and after the run. When I used this in the afternoon as a tasty drink, it delivered just that, a tasty drink. I also used this intra workout for lifting a few times. It performed well for me there as well. Because I am trying to cut weight I liked the fact that I could get something into me that wouldn't be full of wasted calories and could actually help with the added weight loss ingredients.


I think the value of this is right on point. $28.99 on and $29.99 at as of 8/8/2016 for 30 servings. So right around a dollar per serving, but wait hold the phone, has a 90 serving container for $69.99 or for those of you who hate math 78 cents a serving. Well worth having a jug of this on the container.

Side Effects

I had no negative side effects on this product. I did find it helped my workouts which makes me a happy camper.


All in all I would say this is a product that can fit into anybody's workout supplementation. I think for me I will use it while cutting as it gives me a sweet treat to have without the guilt of the empty ColdStone Ice cream cup in my hands. If you buy it on sale or get the 90 serving container I don't see how you couldn't make this fit into your rotation. So go ahead and order a little "America" and help keep yourself hydrated and strong.
  • America: 8/10


  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    August 9, 2016

    Thumbs up simply because you shake your shaker cup a couple of times before drinking just like me! hahaha, joking, good review.

  • BigRon8
    Rep: +249
    Rep for this Brand
    August 12, 2016

    Thanks for the review bro and give those guys hell in the gym! YEAH BUddy!

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