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The BluePrint is an Ebook manufactured by Rob Regish. It is an informational product designed to help educate you on proper diet and exercise.
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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  June 7, 2011

Okay this review is way overdue and i don't want to make it overly lengthy but it deserves a great review so here we go.

Over the past few years i've been lifting i've followed what i have seen other people do, read magazines on different workouts, and done a workout plan designed by my team's strength coach.

Most of the time i would go in the gym and wing it and i thought if i wing it and buy every supplement known to man why not invest in a workout program that many people had been raving about. $35 but wait the page to buy this on looks kind of phony, what if my money gets stolen and i don't get this program. Well after reassurance by my man dozer i got everything about 10 minutes after i paid for it.

At first i looked and it contained 68 pages, i don't normally like to read but when it comes to bodybuilding i'll read what i can get my hands on. I was a little confused at first but with help from dozer and help from Rob who would answer every question i had asap i learned.

I will just say the first phase of three is the hardest and most unusual part of the program for those who haven't done anything like it before. It made me mentally stronger. It also scared me a little bit as i was coming off a cut and started this program in which i dropped to 197 at one point, i hadn't been under 200 pounds in 3 years.

To my surprise after that week was over i shot up to 214..i repeat 214 and my strength was beginning to sky rocket. I dropped down a little over the next few days to 212 but still that was the craziest thing i've gone through. Each week my bench, squat and deadlift went up.

E-bol was a key factor in this program as it kept me working hard and it adapted to the new style of training i was going through which helped my gains.

Now for some stats

Bench: 320-335 now i'm up to 340
Squat: 320-350 now I'm up to 370
Deadlift: never really maxed out but i was doing 3 reps of 345

All of these were in a short amount of time which is what the program is made for getting your strength up in the shortest amount of time using certain percentages.

This program helped me to get in touch with my body and what works for it. For something that was $35 to give me those kinds of gains i would put this program and E-BOL up against everything one might need to a run a successful and safe pro hormone. This program lasted about a 2 months for me and i went rather quick, the program goes at your pace for the most part.

When i have time i am going to give this program another run because they say it gets better each time you run it. If you are looking to put on some weight and strength in a good amount of time check this program out as it flys under the radar.

I just want to thank Rob Regish again for his help and dozer for helping me with the questions i had it made the program that much more successful for a first time user.

Any questions let me know i'll be more than glad to answer and help you out as best as i can.

  • Very Helpful And Motivating Author
  • Solid Weight/muscles Gains
  • Solid Strength Gains
  • Confidence Booster
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • A Little Confusing On First Read
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Trust: 100%
  March 9, 2011

Thank you Admin for putting this up!

This review has been a long time coming. Anybody who has followed, or seen my log on Yok3d, will note that I mention my training program was The BluePrint.
What is the BluePrint? Well it's a training program predicated on building and increasing strength in a quick period of time.
I came across the BP awhile ago actually, however thought it was to good to be true. I was hard headed and said I wouldn't waste $35 on some training program. Time past and I came across it again, and read some of the logs on and was quite surprised at how many people felt the same way I did initially and quickly changed their minds, and had great results. I figured why not give it a shot, I mean it was the same price as a supplement, so I figured all the money I had wasted on useless supps in the past, why no try this out.
Well I can say that I am darn glad I did. I know I have said this numerous times before, but for the sake of this review I want to say it again. Prior to the BP my bench and squat, bench especially was mediocre. I always felt like I could do more, that I could do better, but didn't know how to get there. I was the dummy who tried to lift like IFBB pros, but never got anywhere. Just a couple weeks prior to starting the BP I struggled to bench 185 for reps, squat was around 275-285 for reps, but not that great. Well the BP gave me structure, without being so rigid that I would get bored or didn't like what I was doing.
Now I love benching and squatting. If there were 2 exersices I could only do, it would be those 2. Here are some stats:

Bench: 185-->225-->245
Squat: 285-->315-->350

Those last numbers represent my 1RM. I never attempted to Max Out before, but I know I was never close to this level.

The BP consists of 3 phases. Each phase is broken down in detail and explain exactly what you should be doing and signs to look for while youre in each phase.

Rob Regis, the author/creator of the BP is an amazing individual. He posts not only on but his own thread answering numerous PM's on both sites, as well as commenting on numerous logs on both sites. He is extremely helpful and very motivating. If anything I would say his help makes everything worth it. He responds quickly to PM's and helps you out to make sure you get everything out of it. Like I said hes not so rigid to where it has to be like its written, but he can offer other ways to give you what you want.

I set a goal of benching 225 at the end of the BP as well as squatting 3 wheels on each side. Well I got hit those goals within the first phase of BP, and by the end I smashed those goals. I was amazed and pleasantly surprised. The workouts are tough and challenging but you finish feeling stronger better and feeling untouchable. I mention in the pro's about building confidence. Workout after workout I found myself lifting heavier and heavier weights, weights that I thought I could never do, but they were so easy and felt light. I felt like a beast and like I couldnt be stopped. It shot up my confidence to lift the heavy weights with no fear. The BP also suggests certain supplements that were made to coexist with each other. However nobody forces you to take them, nothing is being sold to you, they are simply suggestions to help give better results. People have taken nothing and still gotten results, a true testament to the program. Rob will also help you put together a stack of whatever you want, and offers insight in how to put it all together.

The only con I have is the e-book is a little confusing after the first read, but ask questions and it becomes much much clearer. I was able to pack on roughly 15 pounds with the BP, no not all muscle, but this is the most I have ever weighed, and I couldn't be happier.

For me the BluePrint delivered no everything it promised, and the best part is that it can be repeated for as many times as you want. With the results I got the first time around with no control on my diet has me excited to run another one. I can only imagine what I can accomplish with the BP, but I know I can do better and get better. The results are permanent nothing is left to chance of leaving like with a PH or other supps. To me this is worth more than any supplement .

To anybody who feels like their current program isn't doing much for them, or feel like their spinning their wheels, at least look into this. Now this isn't for everyone, and I know some will say its dumb to pay for a program and that's fine. This was worth its weight in gold for me, and I cant wait to run it again. stay tuned, once I get home and settled I will be logging my next run, to hopefully offer more insight into the BluePrint.
  • Very Helpful And Motivating Author
  • Solid Weight/muscles Gains
  • Solid Strength Gains
  • Confidence Booster
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • A Little Confusing On First Read

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