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Instant Knock Out Reviews

By: Roar Ambition

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(SR paid for product; Roar Ambition did not participate)
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  August 12, 2015

  • Cool Bottle
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive
Thank yous and shout outs to all parties involved.

Every now and then, a product comes by the ER that no one really wants to try, for one reason or another. It usually stems from a look test and a BS meter reading, which frankly has to be a very bad result for absolutely no one to want. Now I will wait for SR strike teams to "take care of me", as all that probably gave you more insight into the ER program than it should have. But dammit, the people have a right to know!

Back on topic, every now and then, a product seems to get a push from the authorities. It usually comes in the form of "so no one wants this or what", which usually goads one of us to take one for the team. In this instance, I took one for the team.

From the looks of it, it's nothing more than B vitamins, green things, and caffeine. Which is fine, but very, very, very basic compared to other products on the market. Highest dosed ingredients are Green Tea Extract and Konjac Root (think of those lychee cups).
Green tea and coffee is well known to most, if not all of us. The Konjac, or glucomannon, is a bit more interesting as benefits include inhibiting the "absorption of cholesterol and glucose". It also appears to help alleviate constipation. Maybe you're fat because you haven't had a bowl movement in the last several days?
In all honesty, it's a very "bare minimum" ingredient profile. We want things kept simple yes, but not like this.

You'd have to be a complete moron to score so low in a category such as this. Basically, the grade for "dosing" evaluates the size and frequency of the servings for products that come in pill form. Preferably, companies would be able to smash one full serving into one pill, and you would take that one serving throughout the day (if needed). Further, that one serving would be taken at times that would be easy to follow. Things like "upon wakening", "before bed", and "30 minutes before meal/exercise/etc" are all easy to remember and follow. Only time where dosing became a bit more complicated, for myself, was with prohormones.
When you start getting hit with complicated instructions, the more my own BS meter goes off. The instructions for KO starts off easily enough with "take 1 capsule with a glass of water 4 times per day". Considering four capsules is one serving, I was a bit miffed by this, but alright. Then it got weird
First: Immediately after waking, but before breakfast.
I usually eat an hour and a half to two hours after I wake up, I guess you could split the difference.
Second: In between breakfast and lunch.
I don't really have a lunch most days. I'm usually in the gym at that time, and I also usually have a pre-workout meal somewhere in there (which is roughly two hours after breakfast).
Third: One hour after lunch.
Again, I'm in the gym training by then.
Fourth: One hour before dinner.
We usually eat as a family, and that time varies. Given it states not to take your last dose "no late than five hours before bed." Wellfuck. I try to get to bed by 10-10:30pm at the latest, and often don't get to dinner until around 7pm.
To many, these instructions may not seem that complicated, but they're far more complicated than it needs to be. All the doses are taken at different times in relation to meals, and you find yourself trying to smash two to three doses in a relatively small window of time.

Yeah, nothing to note. No energy, no "whole body burn", no "high impact muscle definition" no nothing. Past a certain point, I started hoping that the spiked it with some drug like DNP or something, but they didn't do that. Kudos to them for that, though. Too many companies these days recklessly spiking products.
That aside, I got nothing from this, and I did give it a good effort. It just didn't return the favor.

From their (Roar Ambition) website, you can nab one bottle (30 servings) for $59. No.

I don't care what Diego Sanchez says (guy's a nut job anyway), stay away from this. It doesn't work, and all you get is a bottle shaped like a fist. Maybe, just maybe, if the spent more effort on what went into their product instead of what their product went into, just maybe it would've worked.


  • davidian
    Rep: +1,049
    August 12, 2015

    Geez, how bad must be a 0 overall product be if you can give this 3?

  • deumcole
    Rep: +4,742
    August 12, 2015

    A zero would be it does nothing, and I walk way with health complications I can link to the product.

  • Meuth
    Rep: +6,510
    August 12, 2015

    I started reading this expecting it to be a sleep aid/GH release based on the fact it was called "Instant Knockout"

  • SkinnyFat
    Rep: +47
    August 12, 2015

    Great review, very funny

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