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Pro Strength is a Blended Protein Powder manufactured by RNG Health. It contains a blend of different types of protein and will promote lean muscle mass and fat loss.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +2,022
Trust: 100%
  March 7, 2012

First of all I would like to thank the expert reviewers team for bringing this to my attention as I found it interesting and was excited to try it. Another thanks to Rick Stebbins of RNG Health for sending out the free bottles for Raptor, Cray and myself to try.


I talked with Rick on the phone for quite a while about what his ideology was behind developing this product. From what he says it basically was developed much in the same way as pharmaceutical protein. The stuff they put in feed bags when someone needs a feed tube would consist partially of a protein mixture similar to this. So what we end up with is a hydrolyzed beef collagen-based protein that is entirely lactose free. Obvious benefits there for people who have a lactose intolerance as there are very few protein supplements that are entirely lactose free. This is really a protein developed for endurance athletes rather than body builders. Rick also has plans to reformulate this protein to have a higher concentration of Leucine in the future from what he says.(I hope you all know how important Leucine is by now!!)

This was definitely one of the more memorable products that I have ever tried in any category. Some of the reasons it was memorable are good while others not so much. But there is no denying that it is a very unique product.

--TASTE 2/10--

I will definitely have to agree with the consensus that this is a hard product to get down. Thank god that the serving is only one ounce because a large glass of this stuff would be almost unfathomable. I don't know if I can accurately describe the taste because it is unlike anything I have ever tasted. My attempt would be acidic, motor oil textured, booze with a hint of vanilla. My girlfriend came up and kissed me after drinking a shot one night and she made fart face just from getting a trace of this stuff second hand. There would be times when I would literally psych myself up just to do a shot like I was getting ready to attempt a new PR on squats. I also noticed that it has this burn that comes on instantly upon drinking it that mimics heartburn to a T. Every time I did a shot it would be about 60-90 seconds of just feeling like bad mexican food coming back for revenge via heartburn.

I am with Cray on this one. Anyone who says that it is all about results and not the taste I would urge you to try this out and see if you still sing that song. If a 0/10 is dog poop and a 10/10 is your favorite food in the world then this is a 2/10.


This is a tough one to rate indeed. I usually measure the quality of a protein by how my body reacts to it in terms of side effects. By side effects I mean that cheap proteins pretty consistently give me some gas that could strip varnish off of a coffee table. I did have some stomach discomfort at times while taking this protein but I could not attribute it directly to this. I definitely didn't get any mustard gas farts so I am confident that when they claim it to be a high quality protein that they are telling the truth about it.

I honestly don't feel that it aided in recovery any better than a good old fashioned high quality whey protein but being that it is protein it obviously aided in recovery. I also found myself taking between 1.5-2 oz of this product as opposed to the 1 oz serving size. I just can't buy that a guy my size can get by with only taking 15g of protein after an intense workout. Regardless of it being a pharmaceutical grade protein or not. I need more than 15g.

I will give this product one thing and that is a very high level of convenience. I could just fill the handy measuring bottle with five ounces of Pro Strength and throw it in my gym bag. When the workout was done it was always ready to go right away.

I actually put the effectiveness of this product up very high because it does what it claims to do and did it very well for me. I just wish they could make it not taste so god awful!!

--VALUE 4.5/10--

The price point on Pro Strength is incredibly high. Right now you can't get anywhere other than Pro Strengths website. (Rick did mention that it comes in a few crossfit boxes as well but I couldn't find an example) So we are talking $50 plus shipping for 30 servings of protein. And that is if you only take it one ounce at a time. Taking it as I did will knock it down into the 15-20 servings per bottle range! I guess for the right kind of athlete the price may be worth it but I could not justify spending that kind of dough on a protein supplement.

--OVERALL 7/10--

Is this a quality product...yes. I think that for its intended purpose that it is probably one of the best products on the market. But its intended purpose kind of misses the typical user. It is intended for people who compete in endurance based training more than it is for people looking to get bigger and stronger. A tri-athlete or marathoner would reap much more benefit to this product than your typical meathead for sure. I enjoyed everything about this product except for the taste and I really hated the taste. I am not going to emphasize the taste too much on my final overall score because at the end of the day it really is all about the results. If you are an elite endurance athlete I would encourage you to try this. If you are just another meat head then I would say save your hard earned money and put it into some food or supplements which will benefit your specific goal set. If this stuff ever comes down in price into the thirty dollar range I would probably keep some on hand for cutting phases where I am doing a lot more cardio. Hope this helps you make a decision as to whether this is the right protein for you.
  • Excellent Ingredient Profile
  • Very Convenient
  • Aids In Recovery
  • Aids In Muscle Growth
  • Lactose Free
  • Looks Like Motor Oil
  • Consistency Of Motor Oil
  • Too Expensive
  • Horrific Taste
  • Instant Heartburn
Rep: +2,429
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5

  March 6, 2012

Well I just finished this up today and was excited to write a review on this unique supplement.

Pro Strength is a Hydrolyzed Beef Collagen protein that is suspended in a solution of filtered water and glycerine to maintain its consistency.
The reason a product like this exists is because of the fact that its far more convenient than a single serving protein container that you have to buy multiples of, and the fact that alot of people cannot digest milk based protein products due to allergies.
Beef collagen protein is touted as having regenerative effects far greater than milk based proteins because of the amino profile and the source of the protein which is 100% kosher beef. All in all, this is supposed to repair muscles faster, help improve complexion, and be easier on your gut and kidneys than other traditional proteins.

Value: 3
I understand the price, its $50 for a 30 serving container. But whats in a serving? Only 15g of hydrolyzed protein is in each of those 30 servings so I ended up doubling the dose half of the time to give myself a more hearty protein shot of 30g verse 15g.
Now if you take into account that its $50 for a realistic 15-20 servings, the pricing looks all the more ridiculous. Now were looking at roughly $3 per serving which is much more than the heavily marketed RTD beverages like monster milk and Oh Yea protein which offer between 30-50g in each serving.

Taste: 2
There was a time I was drinking this motor oil they call protein and I had to consciously keep telling myself that this is something edible and its ok for it to taste this way.
I should never have to lie to my brain to convince it that the thing im drinking is edible.
The taste is roughly vanilla in nature but its complimented by its super thick texture that leaves a sting of an aftertaste in your mouth. The physical appearance of the liquid is a brownish yellow which only adds to the appearance of motor oil.
Pro Strength was "stomachable" so it wont get a "0" but its the least enjoyable flavored supplement I have tried in a while.

Effectiveness: 8
Heres where RGN Health got it right.
The hydrolyzed beef collagen allows for very fast absorption. I noticed good recovery but nothing stellar since its just a protein. What I did notice was the lack of inflammation in my body. My run times improved drastically since my legs no longer got cramps or pumps.
My complexion stayed about the same, not even collagen protein could help the mild acne caused by animal stak.
My hair and nails are about the same as well, No fabio hair and no wolverine fingernails.

Overall: 5
One thing I liked about the protein wasnt even the protein itself. It was the functional packaging as well as the small carrying vile that came with it. I was able to pour my liquid protein into a small plastic vile with 1oz measuring increments that allowed me to measure out and take with me the exact amount of protein I needed.
With good effectiveness and poor value, its tough to rationalize a purchase such as this to someone without a 5 figure salary. There are plenty of other high quality "dry" proteins that do the exact same thing as this, but cost a fraction of this price and dont taste like motor oil.
I could see myself recommending this product maybe if the person had a hefty bank roll, milk allergies, and needed a hydrolyzed quick absorbing protein.

Lastly I would like to thank RGN Health for letting me review this product and I think they have there hearts in the right place, and I will thank for giving me the opportunity to test out and review some of these more obscure products.
  • Excellent Ingredient Profile
  • Very Convenient
  • Aids In Recovery
  • Aids In Muscle Growth
  • Too Expensive
  • Tastes Like Motor Oil
  • Consistency Of Motor Oil
  • Looks Like Motor Oil
Rep: +3,264
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 57
  February 29, 2012

First off, a big thanks to and RNG Health for allowing me to sample this product for free.

ProStrength is an all-in-one, ready-to-drink product that is marketed as a collagen-based post-workout recovery supplement. A single serving consists of a 1 oz. shot that contains 15g of hydrolyzed beef collagen protein. Each bottle contains 30 servings. Aside from being consumed post-workout, RNG Health also recommends dosing ProStrength before bed for additional recovery benefits. Personally I only took ProStrength post-workout and I usually consumed closer to 1.5 oz. each dose.

TASTE: 0/10
Let's go ahead and get this category out of the way now. The taste of this stuff is roughly akin to vanilla meat sludge laced with motor oil and rubbing alcohol. It is HARSH. The bottle I received was vanilla flavored and I don't believe RNG makes this product in any additional flavors. Honestly, it wasn't so much the initial taste of ProStrength that got me... it was the aftertaste. The product has this awful beefy aftertaste that's kind of like rotten steak. It's heinous and I never got used to it. By the end of the bottle I was absolutely dreading each dose. It also doesn't help that the consistency of ProStrength is very viscous and thick, as it tends to linger in your mouth even after you've swallowed.

I can hear all you critics already... "but Cray, who CARES what it tastes like if it WORKS?!!11" Yeah, I get that, and most of the time I'd agree with you. But go buy this stuff. Then call me.

I find this category really hard to rate when it comes to protein powders and supplements. To me, protein is a "passive" supplement. It's not a pump product or a pre-workout that instantly produces a physical reaction. Nor is it like a PH or a test booster where long term results are usually easily measured. Protein is a dietary staple and is consumed in multiple forms by most of us. Therefore I find it very challenging to attribute anything as being solely the cause of a protein supplement.

Do I feel like ProStrength delivers a solid dose of high quality protein? Absolutely. Do I feel like the product aids in recovery and lean muscle growth? Of course... that is the nature of protein. If you're a person who puts a lot of weight into "protein quality" and notices significant differences between a product like Isopure and a product like Myofusion, then ProStrength could be a good fit for you. I am personally not one of those people, and I don't put a ton of stock in the whole "it's gotta be HYDROLYZED!" mentality. I did not notice a huge jump in recovery speed while on ProStrength, but then again I usually don't have any issues with DOMS.

I do have to mention the convenience and portability of ProStrength – it can't be beat. The bottle comes with a 5 oz. mini-bottle that you can carry around with you. You can literally finish the last rep of your workout, grab the bottle from your pocket and consume your post-workout protein. It's that easy. Personally I'd leave the bottle in my car all week and just swallow a little more than an ounce each day. It can be a little tricky to dose an ounce exactly but I didn't really worry about that.

VALUE: 5/10
A bottle of ProStrength is only available through RNG's site and it will run you $50. That's $1.66 per serving, which is simply way too much in my book. Hell, a single serving of ON's Platinum Hydrowhey is less expensive at $1.45 per serving, and you're getting a heck of a lot more in each scoop. Granted I am not educated in the particular benefits of beef collagen protein, and it could very well be that hydrolyzed collagen protein is the most efficient and effective form of protein on the market. That being said, the benefits and upsides that I experienced from ProStrength were simply not worth the cost in my book.

OVERALL: 6.5/10
Here's the thing, I think ProStrength could be an amazing product for the right athlete. This stuff screams tri-athlete/cross-fit/marathon runner to me. The convenience factor alone is a much bigger plus for people in these sports, and I can also see how a tri-athlete, for example, would be much more particular about the quality and ingredient profile of every supplement being taken (my boss is an Ironman so I know first-hand how these competitors approach nutrition). For someone like me, a person of moderately above-average fitness with a relatively clean diet, this product isn't a good fit, plain and simple.

If you're an elite athlete then ProStrength might warrant more credit than what I've awarded in this review. If you fall into this category, if you're a tri-athlete or runner, or if you're simply looking for something completely different to experiment with, check out ProStrength. If you're like me, it's probably in your best interest to spend your money on other products.

For more detailed info on my experiences with ProStrength, you can check out my log at:
  • Excellent Ingredient Profile
  • Very Convenient
  • Aids In Recovery
  • Aids In Muscle Growth
  • Horrific Taste
  • Too Expensive
  • Depends On Type Of Athlete

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