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Rhino Trim Reviews

By: Rhino Rush

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Rhino Rush for sending it out!
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  August 19, 2016

  • Yohimbine
  • Ineffective
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Underdosing


Hello everyone, first and foremost Thank you so much to the Troop Program for allowing me to try this. And thanks to Rhino Rush for allowing me to review this product. I have always had a bit of a problem losing weight but I have found decent success with strong and hi quality weightloss products. As of recent i have only taken blends when one just happens to peak my interest. Now I normally prefer single ingredients that I can add to my normal supplement routine for an added bonus to my stack. But this one had an ephedra type in it so I said why not.

Ingredient Profile

Niacin 20mg: absorbtion

Rush Rx: 326.5mg, (odd amount)
Guarana, Energy
yohimbine HCL: Energy, mood
SafePHEDRA (Ephedra Viridis)= Energy, Fat metabolizer
glucuronolactone= Helps metabolize sugar.

Aloevera extract: 150mg= Digestive aid, Laxative.

Synadoa 335.5mg
Chapparo= Possible inflammation support
Bitter orange= Thermogenic
White willow= Inflammaiton/water reducer
Gaba=Amino acid
Theobromine= Antioxident
Black pepper= Absorbtion
Mangosteen= Metaboliser
Phenethylamine= Energy, Mood

Ok right off the bat it has two Prop blends in it which loses points with me. Now with that listed i have to say i really like phenethylamine but its listed AFTER the black pepper extract which is dosed normally at 5mg average and 10mg at most. So the Phenethylamine has to be under that amount which at that point whats the point, same with the Mangosteen. Bitter orange can be useful along with yohimbine but again at these doses of the blends it just not enough to be useful. Chapparo I had to look up and not a whole lot of info but nothing that can solidify any type of real weightloss support.



Take twice a day. Thirty minutes before breakfast and thirty minutes before lunch. Pretty standard here.



Well here is my thought, outside of a bit and I do mean a bit of an energy boost I felt really nothing on this product. I actually gained 1lb while on this with no real change in my diet and Also no real change in my lifestyle or workout routine, I stayed on my normal diet and excersize. Only tested my sugar twice (controlled) at the beginning and end with no real change. And I felt no thermogenisis what so ever.



At about 35 bucks per bottle it would have been around average for a sup par product but for this product it was overpriced

Side Effects


So side effects at all, or any effects for that matter..............


Ok this is one of the few times I was wrong when I read a label. At a glance the ingredients looked good just a bit under dosed. Maybe I fell for the ephedra part but normally i do not fall for quick products like this. I would have been happy if it was just an energy pill because then It would have had at least a use. I normally can find some decent things about almost any product but i was reaching to find one here. Look I would stay away, try the yohimbine by itself or some carnitine and add that to your stack not this.

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