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Pre Workout Reviews

By: Rhino Rush

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Rhino Rush for sending it out!
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  September 7, 2016

  • Good Energy
  • Prop Blend
  • Too Expensive
Shout out and "thanks" to the Rhino Rush reps. I liked their energy shots enough when they came out, so I figured I could give their Pre Workout a try.

The profile itself is good. The ingredient selection is good, and I would only change the "Tri-Creatine Matrix" if I could (just pick one), and really nothing else. The major issue, is that the ingredient profile is still divided up into proprietary blends. I can guess why a company like Rhino Rush would do this, but aside from the "RUSH-RX Igniter" blend, I don't believe there's any real need to use proprietary blends.
The big selling point of Rhino Rush (as far as I can tell) is their claim to being "Ephedra Powered". As most of know, ephedra has been removed from all over the counter supplements. Rhino Rush seems to be trying to get ephedra back in some capacity. As with their energy shots, and they're using a different part of the ephedra plant (or a different plant altogether in some cases) to get it into their supplements. The question I had with the energy shots still remains: is it really as effective? Having used the real stuff (via Primatene and Bronkaid) for my asthma, I kind of have an idea what it feels like. Once again, I'm not convinced this version of ephedra (ephedra viridis) works. I mean, maybe if I had syphilis, cuz that's the first use that popped up when I searched the good ol' intrawebz.
The "ephedra" aside, it really isn't a bad product.

There's definite settling at the bottom. Not that much, but enough to notice.

I received the "kiwi strawberry" flavor, and I'm not sure it tasted anything like a kiwi or a strawberry. It wasn't bad, though, and enjoyable to a point.

As I stated earlier, the ephedra bit aside this is a good product.
Energy, pumps, focus, etc. were all good. Whether I used one scoop or two, I was able to experience enough of each category to determine that: A) It was working, and B) That it was good.
It's just that ephedra part
Typically when I use ephedra, I get all the energy and sweatiness but more importantly my breathing improves noticeably. The energy from Pre Workout can be explained by other ingredients, and even the sweatiness can be explained by the "Meta-Therm Matrix". But my breathing never improved, at all.

The price is high at $40 for roughly 30 servings. That's higher than some products that are better, but it tanks the value in that I'm not convinced you're getting what you pay for: the ephedra. When you miss on your big selling point (in my opinion), the value goes down.

At the end of it all, Rhino Rush's Pre Workout is a good product that works. The major downers, though, are the price and the fact the ephedra seems to be a big dud. If they had removed the ephedra from the equation altogether, than I would look at this product in a better light. However, they have not and you must judge it accordingly.
  • Kiwi Strawberry: 7/10

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