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Driven 2.0 Reviews

By: Flexx Sports Nutrition

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
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  October 24, 2018

  • Good Value
  • Great Pump
  • Fully Disclosed Profile
  • Effective
  • Clean Energy
  • Clumping

Quick Summary

Pumping you up and energizing you at a good price.


After some poor experiences with stim-heavy pre-workouts, I've been sticking to lower-stim products with fully disclosed profiles. I enjoyed Rexx Sports' AminoAide, especially the patented glycerol HydroMax which is included in that product. Driven 2.0 also includes HydroMax and had an overall solid profile, so I opted in for a tub.

FYI I'm 34, a father of two, desk job, try to work out 4x a week. General goal to maintain my physique and exercise enough to excuse my whiskey-drinking habits.

Ingredient Profile

Driven 2.0 is a solid, well-rounded product. While the profile isn't particularly unique it does pack into each scoop a solid dose of the major pre-workout players e.g. Beta Alanine and Betaine, good hydration support with over 100mg of Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride, and a decent hit of stims primarily via 300mg of Caffeine. But the most impressive aspect of this product is its "pump" ingredients as each scoop includes a full 2mg of HydroMax, 1.5mg L-Citrulline, and 1g Agmatine Sulfate.

Most of the ingredients are dosed in an appropriate range. Some are a little light e.g. Agmatine which I like to see closer to 1.5mg per dose, but overall the profile is very complete. My only grip is the inclusion of Creatine Mono. It's just not needed. If I want to supplement Creatine, I'm going to do so separately.


I received the Pink Lemonade flavor which pretty good. Very sharp and tangy, but I like those types of flavors. Did sometimes agitate the back of my throat given it is so tart, but nothing unusual.

Wow. The CLUMPS. It's extreme with this product. Having had this exact same issue with AminoAide, I think it's safe to say this is a side effect of the inclusion of Hydromax. The powder clumps up solidly in the tub and will need to be regularly broken apart using a fork. You'll have to focus on pushing the powder into the full space of the scooper manually. Yes, it's a pain, but as the tub itself states: "clumps = pumps".

Once the product actually hits water it dissolves relatively easily. I sometimes had a little residue in the bottom of my shaker bottle, but no further clumping or foaming. For dosing, I generally sipped down one scoop in 12oz. water on my way to the gym; roughly 20-30 minutes preworkout.


Driven hits all the preworkout bases, but is particularly effective in producing a quality pump. I'm not really a pump-chaser btw. I enjoy it, but am primarily focused on the energy provided by a preworkout product. That said I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this aspect of Driven. Within about three sets I'd look and feel noticeably tighter and more swole. I'd get deep aches working certain muscle groups, particularly triceps, which felt fantastic and like I was really crushing the muscle. This was definitely one of the best pump-inducing preworkouts I've tried recently.

The energy from Driven was also on point. I find 300mg of caffeine to be my typical sweet-spot, and Driven hit that mark right on. No crash or jitters or any of the negative side effects I sometimes experience from stim-heavy products. I also found Driven's hydration support to be beneficial. In addition to getting me up and ready to lift, my stamina was on point. I'm always running an intra-workout BCAA product, so I am not stating that Driven was the sole purpose behind my improved stamina, but I do think it played a role.

Maybe the only slight downside to Driven is in the "focus" category. Not saying this product performs poorly on this front - it doesn't. But it's not as strong here as it is in the other two categories or in comparison to some competitors. I did not find myself experiencing those "tunnel vision" or hyper-focused workouts. Again, not really a con for me, just felt it worth mentioning.


The industry average for preworkouts, from my research, is right around $1.00 per serving. If you want to go for a product that touts high quality, clinically dosed ingredients (Outlift for example) you can expect to pay upwards of $1.50 per scoop.

Currently the best price I can find for Driven is on Amazon at $23 for 25 scoops / .92c per serving. Since this is a solid, one-scoop preworkout that, as stated, is effective on multiple fronts, I find this to be a very competitive and fair price point.

Side Effects



Rexx Sports has a solid, well-performing, versatile, effectively dosed, competitively priced product in Driven 2.0. Absolutely a preworkout I would recommend to lifters of all ages and experiences, and certainly worth a look if you're wanting an all-in-one product with a relatively simple stimulant profile.
  • Pink Lemonade : 7/10

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