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  February 20, 2015

When I first started using supplements I was the guy that went to GNC and bought supplements at over priced prices. Eventually I realized that if I was willing to wait a couple of days ordering supplements online provided a larger selection at a better value. Ordering supplement from VITARMORY was extremely satisfying and simple.


Basically nearly every supplement brand is available at VITARMORY. In fact there are brands that I have never even heard of. The one issue I had with the selection is a few products that I wanted to buy were out of stock. Also they did not carry the whole product line for every brand. With that said the variety is still there and more than likely you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Layout and Ease of Ordering

The website is very user friendly, searching for items are is easy as just typing a simple key word. If your a person like me and like to look at what products each brand has you can click on the brand icon and view each brand individually. Adding items to your cart is just as easy as it is at any other website. The only problem I have with the layout is the color scheme its to plain and dark. I say this because for me when I'm in a store vibrant colors attract me and make me want to spend more money, being on this website was kind of boring and gloomy. I definitely believe if they gave the visuals of this site a makeover their sales would greatly increase.


The prices on VITARMORY are at or about the same as most supplement websites. I didn't notice any bogo deals like you see on some of the more popular websites, but product for product the prices are priced fairly.


A huge selling point for me ordering from VITARMORY was the $4.99 flat rate shipping. I have shopped at many of websites that depending on where you live the shipping prices change. It took 5 days for me to receive my products and that's counting Sunday and Presidents day so realistically I would have received my product faster had I would of order them a few days earlier.


Service was high quality and efficient setting up an account was simple and immediately after my order I received an order conformation, 1 to 3 hours later I received a shipping conformation along with a tracking number.


As always I will order my supplements anywhere I can get them the cheapest from. is a top notch site and will be my go to site if there are no better deals anywhere else. High quality service paired with a flat rate shipping is more than any customer could ask for.

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