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Rep: +72
Trust: 10%
  May 10, 2013

This isn't my first choice for a retail store where I choose to buy my supplements, but I have visited three different locations and have purchased from them. All three locations where very tiny stores with a small selection of products. I would have to say in each category of supplements they may carry 3-4 different brands. I have had no problems with customer service and there have been times that my questions were unabled to be answered. I don't expect that each employee should have to try each supplement but be sure to know what you sell and what it is used for. I would say this store is useful if the store you normally use is out of a product your looking for, it might be in stock at Vitamin World. It's worth a try!
Rep: +5
Trust: 31%
  August 17, 2009

Went to one of these today. The staff was extremely eager to help out, but didn't seem to have too much knowledge on their products. They had a lot of strange store lingo like "exceptional deals" instead of on sale which i was corrected on many times. I was asked if I needed any help, said that i was just looking around, and was still approached and asked what for, then ended up being followed.(I wonder if they get commissions)
The selection was limited, they didn't even carry any Optimum nutrition products, which is what i was looking for. I ended up getting a 5 lb jug of protein for about 32 bucks after tax. It is free to be a member here, however the only thing is you get the sale prices on the products instead of retail, where even though GNC is not the best, being a member there pays for itself and saves you extra money on top of a deal you get.
They have bonus reward charts and a ton of coupons i just don't want to deal with, the best being saving 15 dollars after spending 200 there. It seems like a waste of time. The nearest one is 30 miles away and i'm glad or the woman would probably show up at my door trying to sell me their stuff. Sticking with GNC or
Rep: +4,692
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 58
  September 6, 2009

These places sux unless you go to the one in Victoria Gardens in SOCAl, but then that uber white posh one where everyone drives a bently and is stuck up...
The ones local to me however, are small, cramped, and the employess scare me. They follow me around like I' gonna lift something. In addition you either have uber helpful employess or couldn't give a crap ones. They either are too eager to help or would rather you not be there at all. They're prices are average, unless you have a membership. Unfortunately they're selection is utter crap, I think they're more for vitamins then supps cuz they had alot of those. So unless you live in rancho cucamonga or ontario(CA) don't come here...
Rep: +8
Trust: 5%
  March 2, 2010

I went in the other day looking for an energy drink (Redline, endorush,etc) the employee ran up to me nearly and stated 'what can I help you buy from us today?' Thinkin of how weird that was, I ask for an energy drink. I was then told that Vitamin World doesnt carry those, and for me to try GNC on the other side of the mall. ok, I leave, and pass a rack of Redline rtds right near the checkout counter.. yikes.
The selection is very minimal I thought, high priced, and no sales that I have noticed. nay....
Rep: +8
Trust: 0%
  August 10, 2011

I have ordered from Vitamin World's website and purchased items from several of their retail stores. The employees I have dealt with have known a fair amount about the products (atleast more than any GNC employee I have dealt with), but can be a bit pushy to sell you anything and everything. The stores prices are usually pretty good and when I ordered there was a 40% coupon floating around online and it is hard to beat the prices with that coupon. Brand selection is very limited, but several big names are there and then there is always vitamin world generic brand. I would say that Vitamin World is worth ordering from, they are not perfect, but better than most.
Rep: +13
Trust: 34%
  January 18, 2012

I have been shopping here for over a decade, and with the recent booming of online retailers within that last decade, I have shopped at vitamin world less and less. The last couple times I have went in there it has been psychotic. The employees literally seemed as though they just got released out of an insane asylum; whacky people man! They don't seem too know much about their products - what they carry or what's in them. It takes them 20 minutes to come out of the back of the store, or they spend a half hour on the phone blabbin while they have customers waiting - terrible service. Their prices are almost as bad as their employees. Every now and then you can catch a sale or something, but its usually a rip off to shop in there. Their selection isn't the greatest, at leastat the stores around where I live. Anyway, it would be very hard to recommend vitamin world provided what I have just said. Shop there at your own risk, if you dare.
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  February 5, 2014

I liked the offline shop. But I just don't trust them because of their keep changing words from the rebate bonus.

Alright, I've got some rebate but it didn't come to my mailbox. I got the email 2 days before the expiration date. Next time again I got the email 2 days before the expiration date. They said it was final notification, and I said I couldn't get the other mails even in my spam box. I kept looking at it in the 2nd one, but I swear I didn't get it. They rolled over the expired to the next year. Alright. That's good. The support said that it'll be available from January 2014 and will be expired at the end of February. I looked for the rebate from 2014 January. I didn't get any. I asked the support about it. Support said that my rebate will be issued on April. What? I have email that the support said that it will be available from January. I actually don't care rebate very much. But I just can't trust them by changing their words and it feels like scam-ish business.

At least, Vitamin World is not honest and trustworthy name.

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