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Ranks #32 of 44 (better than 28%) of all Retailers

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Rep: +451
Trust: 100%
  June 13, 2011

I've used TF Supps a few times, normally without issue. First off, I commend them on quickly (and accurately) posting my orders to Australia. I've had 4 orders to Autralia all get to customs within a week from the USA, which is quick.

Their selection is ok, but they don't carry some brands like Sci Fit. Also, their PH selection is very poor and often times they are out of stock.
Their deals of the week are decent.

I was recently in the USA on a trip so I thought it was a great opportunity to get an order delivered to place I was staying at in Utah. I odered $200 worth of stuff, all of which I wanted/needed for my stay in Utah. I ordered a full week ahead of time...

The order never arrived!
When looking at UPS tracking number, an official number was never given. I called UPS and they said that they had yet to receive the package from TF so they couldn't advise on a delivery date.

When I tried calling TF's telephone number, there was never any answer, and would got to voicemail. HOWEVER the VM box was always full so I couldn't leave a message. GRRRRR!!!!
I send several emails to them, NEVER got any replies. I finally left it with them that I wanted my order cancelled and my money refunded as I was leaving the country to go home.

10 days after I left Utah, I was advised from the apartment company that my order FINALLY arrived. Now I have to pay HUGE shipping costs to have the package send to my parent's place in Canada (can't ship it to Australia as some parts of the order won't get through customs).

I'm soooooooooooo ***ed off!
I still have yet to sort out this issue, but TF's total lack of customer support has left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I'll NEVER order from them again.

My advice: if you can't ship an easy order locally within your own country in less than 4 weeks you're a pathetic company, espeically when you don't update/advise your customer of any delays. The lack of any response from my emails also has me enraged.

Do yourselves a favor: shop elsewhere!!!
Rep: +1,054
Trust: 100%
  January 26, 2012

Thought I would go head and start my 1st review with

Selection 9: Right away, I can tell you they have an amazing selection of items. One of the things they have that doesn't have is Purus Labs supplements, and with the huge increase in people using Muscle Marinade, Slin Shot and the ever popular D-Pol, that in itself is huge. As for the "standards", Universal, Optimum, USPlabs, Gaspari... they are all here. So you can't complain about selection.

Price - 9. The prices of everything on TFS was lower than what you find on and lower than several other websites I visted like allstar, gnc and massnutrition. I got Animal Stak, M-Stak, 2 bottles of D-Pol, Anavite, Erase and Xtend for less than 200 dollars. Try that somewhere else.

Service - 10. Here is where they shine in my eyes. I ordered my package and had it shipped to my APO address here in Kuwait. It shipped the same day I ordered it. Silly me forgot to fully look it over, so it turns out my mail got lost somewhere in transit and couldn't be located. I called TFS and was immediately put through to a customer service rep. I explained my situation to her and she was amazingly helpful. She put in a lost package report to the military postal service, changed my address to the correct one in case it was returned to them and gave me all the information on it. Overall a great help. When my package did finally show back up, they threw in free stuff! It was also immediately turned around and shipped back to me the same day. You can't beat that kind of service.

Overall - 10. It's another great website to order your supplements from. Fast shipping, even to my APO address, great prices, great customer service and great selection. Shopping around will always give you the best deals for supplements, so next time instead of, give a try
Rep: +34
Trust: 42%
  October 12, 2012

I've actually ordered from TFsupplements a few times so far, and overall I think they're a company worth trying.
My first encounter with tfsupplements was back in 2010, and it was the first supplement website I ever encountered. Until then what I always did was buy whatever I found on sale to the gym I went to (24 hour fitness) or go to a local GNC and purchase random supplements that were on sale or close-expiry . Because I was still a beginner at the time, I just wanted to try different supplements at an affordable price. Testosterone boosters for FIFTY dollars? Count me out! What lead me to find TFsupplements was when I was shopping for electronics online for Black Friday 2010, I figured supplements must have a big Black Friday sale too. Sure enough, I found out and have used them a few times since.

What I like about the TFsupplements home page is that it has a simple and easy-to-surf layout, and on the top left there are two tabs: "what's new" and "blowout clearance." I've been checking for a few years, and they have increased their inventory by a great amount over the past few years. They still lack a great deal of products, but they have some rare ones that I don't see often as well. The what's new section is cool because if you check there often its a good way to get updated on the products. The "blowout clearance" section on the other hand, is their close-dated product//discontinued product section. These are really come and go type of products, and during the first 2010 Black Friday I was shopping, they had prepared for this and uploaded specifically for that time frame a large number of products for this section. I was able to score some preworkouts for 30% retail, fiber harmony for 99cents, vitamins for under 5 dollars and other good stuff. But honestly, because the prices are so cheap they usually become sold out within a day/few days and then you're waiting randomly for another big update for this section. If you don't keep up to date all the time its kind of hard to score some good deals.

The blowout clearance section prices definitely deserve a 15/10. I've never had a problem with any of the close-expiry products, and they have arrived in good condition. I have also ordered protein bars with the chocolate intact, not melted or turned white from oxidizing, which is a good sign. Aside from that their general prices are pretty affordable, which seem to be hitting a cheaper price point than competitors such as muscle&strength and, for example muscletech neurocore is 14.95, and purus labs d-pol can be found for 19.99 and I believe they have a coupon discount on top of that. Most products are priced well and shipping costs are managable. I think they used to do a 6.99 flat rate shipping, a little high to cover cheap costs, but the last time I ordered about 25 pounds of stuff i think shipping was 10 dollars. That was a time when I scored 5lb jugs of protein for 20 dollars, NOT TOO SHABBY!

----------Service (8/10)---------
Shipping to California from this place usually has taken about a week on average, but it varies a little. I don't really mind the wait because I order big and only when the price is right, so I always have an abundance of supplements on hand. Urgency is not really an issue to me, so if you need your protein by said date, plan ahead, shop ahead, and maybe use some overnight shipping! There has never been anything missing in my orders, except a time (within 24 hours of ordering) I was informed one of the blowout items was out of stock and i was refunded the exact cost of the product before my products even shipped. No points lost there. I have always asked for samples in the comments section of my orders, and have received some small inclusions. My first order I received a free TFsupplements shaker cup, it was the sturdy blenderbottle type, not the soft and cheap plastic ones and lasted a good while (definitely recommend checking this out). I also had some sample fat burners and whatnot so pretty cool altogether. They have some people that you can email or call if anything is wrong, and I have received timely and polite responses to my emails.

---------Overall (9/10)--------
I know, I know, I'm giving them a pretty good score. Why? Because it fits all my niche's. The blowout clearance speaks to me, and while I'm doing that I can sometimes pick up some other items as well. Its a great way for me to try certain vitamins, preworkouts, and other products that I don't like to pay retail for. Shipping is okay, products arrive fine, some samples may or may not be included, and the price of the products are great. They have had my repeat orders so I'm not speaking out of a single experience, and they will continue to do so. TFsupplements is definitely worth a try in my book, hope this helps. Akira
Rep: +779
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 53
  February 21, 2012

TF Supplements is THE WORST SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I HAVE EVER ORDERED FROM. Excuse the caps but I had no clue that anyone in customer service could accuse someone of flat out lying to them without proof. Let me explain the situation.

Situation: A couple of weeks ago they had a special where I could get Jack3d for $19.95 and OxyElite Pro for $29.95. Those are two outstanding deals considering has them for 27.95 and 41.95 respectively. So I picked up 1 Jack3d and 2 OEP's I ordered and 2 days later I guess my order finally got shipped as I received my tracking info at that time. I still didn't mind as I was not planning on using this stuff for sometime anyways. However, when it finally came in I saw the package in the mail and thought there is no way that 2 bottles of OEP and 1 bottle of Jack3d can fit in this. I was RIGHT! It only had one of each in it and my receipt. Now the receipt said it was inspected not by one but by two different people. That's beyond me how two people can miss it. I am thinking that each "Inspector" just looked at the fact that there was only two lines so there must have only been two products rather than looking at the quantity section of each item.

MY PROBLEM: I immediately emailed customer support when I got my order which was Saturday morning. And I never got a response from them. I had to email them once again this morning to make sure they received my complaint and I finally got a response to which I will post below for your amusement

"Hello William, I am sorry, but I am having a hard time with this one at the package was obviously checked by two people before it left our facility. I see that this was shipped in a white padded envelpope. Was there any damage to the packaging."

Now this is a legitimate question, but I had already thought the same thing. I replied no there wasn't and wanted to understand that it could have been a simple mistake by both his inspectors. It happens and I would be happy with him sending me the other bottle I paid for. His response below

"Hey William, I'm not questioning your integrity, be WE DON'T MAKE MISTAKES since we have the orders checked by two people before leaving. I've been doing this a long time. Let me get with my crew and double check our inventory. I will be back with you shortly"

Now why in the HECK would you have to double check your inventory if you "Never make mistakes"

I don't even care about the rest of the review. Just know that there prices are good but they aren't that good and this companies customer service blows like a hooker on the first of every month!

P.S I had an issue like this with and they not only sent a great apology letter and my left out supplement they also sent a free t shirt and 7 different samples of things they had in the warehouse. That's the RIGHT WAY!
Rep: +2,619
Trust: 100%
  May 2, 2012

When ordering supps online there are a lot of places to look. TFsupps is one of my go to sites for several reasons.

Selection - 9/10
They have just about everything your looking for. What I really liked was how very easy it is to find what your looking for.

Site User Friendly - 10/10
This is one of the great things about this site. For new users a site like can be overwhelmed with the forums, and the bodyspace but TF is quite easy to use that even the everyday gym noob can navigate without a problem.

Service - 9/10
I have not had any issues here at all. I have ordered quite a bit off stuff from here and not had any problems with orders or billing either.

Price - 8/10
The prices are pretty darn good here, sometimes you have to watch what your buying cause some of the dirt cheap stuff is recently expired.

Overall - 9/10
Overall no one can really complain here, the service is great, the prices are cheap, and you have a big selection to choose from. This should def be one of the sites your browsing when looking for supplements.
Rep: +1,104
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 58
  July 31, 2015

Well I started out buying supps at GNC, and that got pretty expensive even with the Gold Card. From there I went to which is a probably the king of retailers for sports supplements and info, however their prices tend to be on the high side as well. I found TFsupplements while searching for Athletic Xtreme Supersize, and ever since then I've got supps from them for the most part.

They have a good selection of supplements, but nothing that great. I think for the prices they have, and if they have your products you can't go wrong.

-Layout and Ease of Ordering-(9/10)
Nice, clean layout with no frills so its easy to navigate. Ordering is simple, just add what you want and check out.

They have really good prices on a lot of different things, some are similar to and others are really good deals especially the bogos.

Shipping is fast, its my favorite part about buying from them. Depending on what time of the day I order, the ship it out the same day.

They have great customer service, any question you have or problem with an order and they are quick to get it resolved for you.

Overall I love dealing with TFsupps, great prices, fast shipping and great customer service make them my go to for supplements.
Rep: +459
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 25
  May 5, 2012

1-st Retailer Review: Been buying a bit lately (DOD is killing me) and this has been a site I have used a lot! About time I did this.

Prices: 9
First off this is what got me; even when not a DOD this was on point. Always a good price; very comparable to other sites. When I even seen a product on another site I came back here to check theirs. So that is nice and effective.

Ease of use: 9
Was easy to find what I was looking for. Didn’t notice any weird loading issues or errors on page issues to slow my browsing, like I have had on other sites. So this was nice.

Shipping: 9
Received my order quickly and undamaged. Also got a sample with an order which is great; keeping me trying a new supplement to bring back business is

Overall: 9
This delivers what I need /want in a supplement store online. I will keep using it and consider it to be among the best sites for the business it is! Keep shipping it fast and sending us samples with an order and I bet everybody will keep coming back to for more. I will!
Rep: +32
Trust: 57%
  April 6, 2010

I ordered on 4/01/10 around midnight and a couple minutes later I got two confirmation/receipt email. I was confused first because I thought they would send me two times the same order and charge me for another time but a couple minutes later I got another email that said that the items are shipped. I got a tracking number for UPS and from there it said I will get my order on the 4/06/10. I was nervous since it was the first time I ordered from TFSupplements but my friend ordered a week ago and he got his order in just 3 days. I got my order on the 4/05/10 and I was happy that it came earlier. It was perfect, no wrong shipment or flavor. I'm really excited and I can't wait for lifting some weights. I would recommend everyone TFSupplements, they have great prices and selection and shipping is not too expensive.
Rep: +933
Trust: 100%
  April 14, 2010

I've been ordering pretty frequently with but decided to give this place a shot with their low prices.

I compared a great deal of products between TF and BB, and for the most part, TF had lower prices by a few bucks; and on top of that, their "Blow out" sale was really worth the order. I scored 2 containers of Myogenix After Shock for $20 each, which would've cost $32.95 each at

I sent an order from TFsupplements and BodyBuilding on the same exact day, just minutes apart on a Saturday. Both orders were received, but the one from BB was shipped out that same day. The order from TF supplements was completed and shipped on Monday. On Tuesday I received my order from BB, and didn't receive the package from TF until Friday. So I'm giving their service an 8 because it took a few more days than BB. Also, TFsupps doesn't send free stuff like BodyBuilding, but with the prices I'm not complaining.

They have a pretty good selection of products; missing some flavors on some though. But their prices are a definite look into. I say if you can wait a few extra days for your supplements, it's at least worth checking out.
Rep: +620
Trust: 100%
  May 9, 2010

TF is a decent company that usually has great prices. Their shipping time is sometimes good and sometimes not so good. I have gotten orders quickly in the past and other times orders have taken 10 days to get. They still carry some of the more hardcore bodybuilding supplements, which is a plus and something that sets them apart from other bigger companies.

I will definitely use them again for the hardcore products they carry and their prices. Just be prepared for it to take a little longer some times.

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