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  January 28, 2017

Time for another Online store review, this time from the owner(s) of Best Price Nutrition and their new store whom contacted Tommy for the anonymous store review, which as always I tried to keep it as anonymous as I possibly could. I created a brand new email address and used false names in order to remain anonymous. I contacted them several times in order to review their service. This review is completely unbiased, and in no way manipulated by special treatment etc.

Selection 3.4/10
From what I gather, they have only been open for 7+ months which means their selection is somewhat limited.. Really the selection of products were not very vast, nor are the brands that they carry. In addition to some brands such as 5% Nutrition not being in stock, as I type this I only count 15 different brands which their entire selection is absent and such lines as 5% are out of stock. From the selection that is available I would say it isn't ALL the premium good stuff, but they do carry some solid brands and products. I wanted to get a protein + pre workout + amino product, but of their selection on protein I really only saw one product/brand that I would trust or had a decent protein quality + amount.. I tried asking if they were going to get anything new in stock, but they never answered that question. And based on their less than active social media account (Instagram), it doesn't seem like new products are their focus. Last thing is that they do have some new product from the market, but not a great selection.

Service + Shipping + Order Status 3.8/10
Next up I tested out their service, which I utilized the fake identity to pursue them with a few questions. I wasn't answered on the same day ever, but I did have a response typically by the next day except in one instance which I had to contact them again to get a response. Now I didn't try calling them which is their best form of communication listed or appears to be their preferred way, due mostly to not wanting my caller id showing up.

When it came to shipping, well they sure do advertise free shipping on orders over $50 which mine was but of listed their forms of shipping are "UPS Ground, USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Mail" yet mine was shipped with UPS Sure post which is slow even slower than USPS Media Mail. Well it took about 7 days counting the weekend with only 5 being business days, and while the label was printed on the same day, it wasn't actually shipped until the next day. This could be due to one product being out of stock and thus they refunded that amount, and they do in fact state most packages reach 90% of the country in 2-7 days. Being in the central part of the US I am shown on their map to receive it within 3 days, yet it really took 5 business days. Hell I should've received it on Saturday when I ordered Wednesday morning! They do offer you to tell them a preferred shipping method even if not listed, which I would had I known it was going to take longer than expected. Free shipping I shouldn't complain, but I receive better shipping speeds from practically every online store yet those I typically pay (even AllStar, which I'd gladly pay that price to get it sooner).

I received a email once I placed my order, when the tracking/shipment notification, when the refund for the out of stock item was given, when the delivery date changed (by 1 day), when it was out for delivery, and when it actually was delivered. Updates on Order Status was excellent, but I would have liked a personal or reason that I received the refund etc as I thought maybe the entire order was being refunded.

Price 4.6/10
Being I am not a machine like Tommy I was not able to check all the prices for each item, but from what I observed I found that the pricing was on point with many other sites. That being said the products listed aren't very vast, therefor there isn't a whole lot of products to stay competitive wifh. I purchased a few things, and of them each were appropriate in price with no huge margins.. Or so I thought! One item I purchased was cheaper than on their own BPN, but failed by $6 or close to 20% compared to Amazon which that particular item has free Prime shipping! Another product I ordered was priced $3.50 more than cheaper places or close to 10%, which many items seemed to have this pricing difference in my search. Now the final product I purchased was protein powder, which the price was consistent to other sites. I essentially paid a difference of $9.50 in my order (your experience may vary), but I was given free shipping which is almost enough to compensate.. At almost $10 I could've gotten a better shipping speed, so in a way you are paying for that free shipping if you purchase over $50 but if you don't then you are paying a marginal price difference and having to pay for shipping.. They do offer you the ability to contact them and have them price match another online store, which I wasn't able to test. They also offer a discount when purchasing multiples of the same product, just like BPN.

Layout + Speed + Ease Of Use
The site had a very well thought out layout, being very user friendly even on mobile with quick loading throughout the website. Categories are ok and most of the time appropriate, but the menu is practically hidden which took me a moment to actually figure out. The listings were excellent containing plenty of useful information, directions, pictures of the product (not ingredients), ingredients listed in text, and faq/Q&A. This is not a rated section, but just an observation.

Overall Conclusion 7.5/10
There are many aspects to keep in mind when shopping online, which each person varies their purchase valued on different criteria. For me personally, service is important and a necessity especially so you won't lose your shipment or get the wrong order.. Now selection can help, because if you can purchase two products on this site and it isn't available on the other thus having to order from two separate site vs this one you could save money on the ladder. Yet they really were lacking in selection enough that you would even wonder what is the point of going on that web store? But ultimately price is the biggest factor for me, and this site just was not up to par even compared to the smaller or medium sites! Obviously this isn't a replacement for BPN, nor is it treated as such but boy it just was not the best site to order from and I really wouldn't be able to suggest ordering from them nor would I do so myself..

Bottom Line: This web store is not horrible, but it isn't even on the list for a store that I would begin to check or compare prices with. Service could definitely be improved, and I would assume they are quicker to respond on BPN and being more helpful. Prices stink in what I have seen or checked, and shipping was not well in my experience. Lastly, wow the selection is really poor even compared to some smaller sites!

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