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  September 13, 2015


I don't always hold a retailers selection against them... after all, it's a business. They keep a great deal of the brands that most supplement users are out there looking for, and even some below the radar. You can certainly depend on them for a lot of the commonplace brands. Options for some of the cult brands are listed but with limited or no stock (ie: MTS Nutrition).

Layout and Ease of Ordering

Here's the only thing I could consider a true con, their website layout. It's pretty basic. Their page format comes with a search prompt with a drop-down menu of all their brands; followed by a full list of categories to browse. The deals and items are listed icon/tile style in the body of each page. The remainder of the page layout has to do with basic shipping and retailer info... keeping the basic questions to a minimum. I can appreciate the simplicity of this layout because you know the shipping cost at all times. But for others, this may come off very mundane.

The problem with the layout is that the product descriptions are entirely text format, including the labels. The ingredients and their doses aren't aligned properly like we would see with a posted image of the product label. This comes off tacky. Also, lesser appreciated products will not have product images.

Ordering is pretty straightforward and simple. No pains with entering coupon codes or getting promos to apply.


Visually, it seems like their prices aren't a big deal, until you actually look at the prices... and that's BEFORE you see them on sale. The prices are pretty competitive with whoever you would like to name, even their 2-pack or paired stacks. Subscription to the newsletter will get you a code for "additional savings" the beginning of every week. The additional savings are up to 5% extra off your order.


At the time of this review, the flat rate is $5.95 for any order under 4lbs. Anything 4lbs and above will cost $7.95. Once again, simple. There's also a USPS option as well if your circumstances fare better that way. International Shipping is where you should actually take a peak at their shipping page. Everything is spelled out in detail there.

The retailer is based in Orange County, CA not far from where I live. This makes shipping quick for me.


I was genuinely surprised during the one instance I encountered their customer service. This was because THEY CALLED ME. They noticed that I was one click away from placing an order and left it there for a particular amount of time. It was to make sure nothing was wrong and see about anything that required help. Needless to say the customer service was proactive in that regard.

It would be nice if their website had a live chat though, adding to their already solid service.

All orders get an order email, receipt email and shipping confirmation with tracking info.


SBMuscle could stand to get a website overhaul. However, I hope it's done without any expense to their great service and overhead. Admittedly I'm partial to my California supp retailers, but I will certainly make an objective case as to why they should earn your business. SBMuscle is no exception.

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