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  May 27, 2013

So far I have only placed 2 orders with Puritan's Pride, but I absolutely will be placing more in the very near future.

Price: 10/10 if you are buying their brand, they have the best prices Ive ever seen, like seriously crazy-good prices. Most or all of their Puritan's Brand products are buy 1 get 2 free, buy 2 get 4 free, etc in that fashion and there doesnt appear to be a limit either. Whats better, for that price/deal you would expect there to be a small quantity in each bottle or low dosages, but thats not the case at all. You can usually find good deals on other brands too such as 10-60% off PLUS a buy 1 get 1 free.

My first order was 12 bottles of Raspberry Ketones (720 capsules total), whether they work or not is irrelevant, but I only paid $27 including shipping.

My second order, was 6 bottles of Double Strength Omega 3 Fish oil and 6 bottles of Cayenne. The fish oil had 90 softgels per bottle, each cap has 318mg of EPA and 204mg of DHA which is almost exactly the same as NOW Super Omega EPA, and the Cayenne has 100 caps per bottle with each cap being 450mg. I only paid $39 including shipping, the fish oil alone was a huge deal for that price.

Shipping 7/10 Not the absolute quickest but it arrives within 3-4 days of them shipping it out. The processing is what gets me as it can take 2-3 days as well. Still, a week isnt too bad.

Service 9/10 The second time there was a small issue, the 10% off coupon I was given from my last order didnt get applied. I called them up and in about 2 minutes she had the new total and an apology.

Also cant argue with receiving a 10% off coupon with each order.

Selection is rated in two sections.

Their own brand 9/10 they have a huge selection of their own product that you can order, its a lot like the brand NOW where they seem to have pretty much everything covered.

Other brands 4/10 this part they really suck at, most of the stuff I look for they dont carry, but their own products usually make up for it.

Bottom line: Do I recommend Puritan's Pride? YES! They have a customer for life.

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