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  April 25, 2016


I first found Predator nutrition whilst looking for the pump product Hemavol but I never could have expected it to have opened my eyes in such a way. Prior to finding Predator nutrition I mainly bought my supps from Tesco when they had a special offer on and after that at a newly opened supplement shop that was on the high street. Then while looking for reviews on Hemavol I found Predator and the way I bought supplements completely changed.


Predator stock a wide variety of supplements from the basics of Protein, creatine to the more advanced supplements such as topical and oral pro-hormones. Predator are also one of only two UK distributors of MTS Nutrition products which is a plus if you are looking for those products over here in the UK. As well as sports supplements Predator also stock fitness accessories, health supplements targeted towards general health and health foods.

Layout and Ease of Ordering

The website is easy to navigate with the drop down bar on the top of the page giving you various ways to find products that you are looking for be it by brand, category or the search bar if you want to be more specific. The ordering system is also quick and easy with the use of accounts to store addresses and keep track of your orders.


The prices that Predator offer overall are good across the range however some products seem very highly priced compared to others for example one brand of protein was 52.99 while another comparative product was 45.99. I'm sure that this could be an anomaly though and of course they can only sell higher than they buy. Also the pro-hormones seem very expensive but I don't have any experience in using or buying pro-hormones so these may be a reasonable price also. Apart from that however they are very reasonably priced across their product range.


Predator offer a wide range of shipping from the affordable royal mail tracked at 2.99 to the premium DPD Saturday delivery at 11.99. The royal mail service is not the best but that is no fault of Predators and the currier service is extremely good with traceable delivery straight until it gets to your door. As well as paying for deliveries if your order amounts to over 60 then the royal mail delivery is free which is a bonus if you order your monthly stack all at once. One small gripe I have is over packaging when a tub of pre-workout will come in a box big enough for a kilo tub of protein and full of bubble wrap, but at least they care about the condition of the product!


The service I have received with Predator have been very good. The only time I've ever had to be in contact with them was when I ordered the watermelon Hemavol with a free bag, when Predator sadly informed me that they had neither in stock but could provide me with either the Lemon of fruit punch Hemavol. Apart from that the service has been spot on every time.


All in all Predator Nutrition has changed the way I've bought my supplements from buying in shops with very very limited choice to a huge online store with great prices and an even better variety of products with constant deals on products. I would highly recommend this shop to friends and strangers alive.

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