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Rep: +3,547
Trust: 100%
  November 20, 2011

I was very impressed with First of all, I placed a fairly large order on veterans day when they offered 11% off your order. They have premade stacks so I picked up 2 cycle assist/erase combos and 2 ultra/tren combo. With the discount each cycle cost 120.00. Orbit nutrition offers free shipping on orders over 100 dollars and have continuously running sales on everything from $5 off $100 order to $50 off $800 order.

Another thing that greatly appealed to me was that they accept paypal payment along with credit cards. This adds to my trust in the site because paypal payments can be easily revoked if your order is not received.

Shipping speed was also magnificent. I placed my order on Veterans day (friday) and received my order in full 5 days later.

One weak point is while I was surfing the site, quite a few products, prohormones especially, were out of stock. I don't know how long they were/will be out of stock, but there were quite a few of them. This place also doesn't have quite the selection of products as or others but they have a pretty decent selection overall.

Prices are decently comparable to my other sites, im sure some products are cheaper elsewhere, but free shipping and discount codes make up for it a lot of times I'm thinking.

Overall, I was impressed with the speed and prices of the products I ordered, they were packaged very well and I have no hindrances from ordering from them again. They very well could be one of the two primary sites I'll use from now on.
Rep: +1,060
Trust: 100%
  November 25, 2009

I have used Orbit Nutrition recently because they were the only place I could find that still had what I was looking for. I have since been pricing their site and found it extremely comparable (and often cheaper) than the bigger sites like and I ordered from them on a Friday afternoon and got my package weds morning. (Shipped from Washington state to NH). I would definatly recommend using this site as they seem to be growing. Their site is constantly being updated with new products and new layouts meaning they are active in keeping up to date. I highly recommend this site to anyone looking for a good back-up.
Rep: +6
Trust: 0%
  August 31, 2012


I had never ordered anything from this company before, but after reading some positive reviews, I decided to check-out their website.

I was impressed. Their prices were lower than most, they only charged $5.95 for shipping, and they had a good selection of products including many pro-hormones. This was enough for me to give them a try.

I placed an order for which included 2 bottles of pro-hormones (Ironwmag Labs Super DMZ 2.0)

I have been ordering supplements for years now, and usually, the company ships the order in less than 48 hours. For this company, it was over a week before the order was even sent, and this was only because I sent them an e-mail asking if there was a problem. They responded (after 2 days) with: "No sir we are just waiting on tracking from our sister warehouse to update.

When the order finally did arrive it was sent in two separate packages, both with different shippping companies (UPS and the US Postal Service). I was never told of this fact.

When I opened the packages, I found that I had only one, of the two bottles, of Ironmag Super DMZ 2.0. The price of a bottle was $44.00.

I e-mailed the company, about this problem letting them know I was short a bottle of pro-hormones. At first, I thought the problem was going to be corrected, because I received the response: "Hello Michael, Im sorry about that, we will get another bottle shipped out asap."

I waited 10 days, and when nothing arrived, I sent them one last e-mail asking if the bottle had been sent. I never received a follow-up e-mail.

Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  February 5, 2013

I ordered a bottle of triazole on 2/2/13. I immediately received confirmation of my purchase. On 2/5 sent orbit an email inquiring about my order, and received a response within five minutes with a tracking number. Never have I had such a quick response. The prices that I have seen are really competitive, with only a five dollar flat shipping fee on all orders. Also there are discount codes depending upon the size of your purchase. What else can you ask for in a retail company? If there is a better company out there, I don't know about them. Orbit nutrition rocks.
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  February 13, 2014

I placed an order with Orbit Nutrition on February 4, 2014. I immediately received a USPS tracking number which to this day (February 12, 2014) is of no use since it only confirms Orbit requested one. I cannot track my order. I have placed orders at various other on-line companies and have received my order within 3 to 4 days. After four days I emailed the company to find out what was going on. I received two emails. I followed the link sent by the company as directed and received the following message; "What is your order number? Your trying to check it in the complete wrong way and starting to freak out over nothing." I had followed their directions to a T. I received a second message two hours later. It said"Hi Michael,

We will try to find out what the delay is with your package. We will contact USPS and see what is going on with it. Sorry for the delay.

Thank you,

Orbit Nutrition Customer Service Team".

Obviously the second was much more customer friendly. However, I have yet to receive any notice not solicited by me. The notices I have received keep sending me back to a link with a tracking number which the USPS indicates it has no additional information.

I am wondering if anyone knows of a way I can get a refund if I do not receive some informative response or my product by next week?

I would gladly re-post to indicate I have received my purchased products if they were to be delivered in a timely manner.

By the way, they were very quick to get their money. Only wish they were as prompt or responsive with my products or a response.

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