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  June 13, 2016

Optimal Nutrition, the name is very familiar... Maybe too similar to Optimum Nutrition, which is the delay for this review. I was given the joy of being a secret shopper more or less, which allowed me to purchase from this site and be reimbursed. I created a brand new email address and used false names in order to remain anonymous. I contacted them several times and ways in order to review their service. This review is completely unbiased, and in no way manipulated by special treatment etc.

Selection 7.5/10
When it came to selection, this site was continuously growing by adding more products daily. When I first came onto the site there were many products that you would not expect to find at a smaller retailer, but from that time I found they added new products daily. Sadly not all the products for every brand they had were added, which some of note would be newer yet some of a older selection as well. I did find product of older formulations as well, which are good if you are trying to find those products which were discontinued or reformulated. Ultimately I found the selection very adequate compared to some smaller retailers, and even some medium ones but not quite the same as those larger online stores. I did find some brands or products which you would not find on many sites, but do not appear to be in house brands.

Service + Shipping + Order Status 8.9/10
In addition to creating a fake identity with email and sending it to a different address, I contacted Optimal Nutrition in several different ways to see how well the service was. The first way and most often utilized was by email, which was pretty good at same day reply. There was once question that was not answered, and after a day I utilized the second method below. Method 2 was via their online chat, which proved to be the most appropriate and usable contact method. It appears that the online chat contacts the owner Tom directly to his cell phone, as I had to wait a few minutes at different times for a response even after hours (positive here as you typically do not get a response in these hours). Unfortunately I wasn't able to test the phone communication, as it would show up my name on the caller ID and thus did not want to chance it. Shipment was not an issue, with same day shipping for all in stock orders placed by 3pm which mine had been. I received the order confirmation almost immediately, with the shipment notification shortly after. The package shipped from one of their 6 warehouses, which is indicated by their shipping policy.

Price 6/10
It can happen to the best of them, and it certainly was an issue for me here.. Pricing was upscaled as much as $20-40 in my research depending on the product, which is upwards of 40%.. Tom the owner did offer to do online price match (due to me asking), which oddly enough it proved each time they were not able to go as low as some sites (even the most costly sites). Through my persistence (asking if they offered discount codes) I was given a 1 time 10% off code, but I would not account this to anything particularly. It does not appear that they had any incentive program or discounts currently, but hopefully we will see this change in the future so they will be more competitive in pricing.

Layout + Speed + Ease Of Use
The site had a very well thought out layout, being very user friendly. In each section you are able to select products by manufacture which proved useful. The speed was somewhat unreliable at times, but it appears to have been improved currently at the time of typing this review. Unfortunately the site is not very responsive when you search for products, especially when you try to show more than the default setting. In addition, the mobile site was not very well put together and proved to be more sluggish. This is not a rated section, but just an observation.

Overall Conclusion 7.5/10
There are many aspects to keep in mind when shopping online, which each person varies their purchase valued on different criteria. For me personally, service is great and a necessity especially so you won't lose your shipment or get the wrong order.. But ultimately price is the biggest factor for me, and this site just was not up to par even compared to the smaller or medium sites! Now selection can help, because if you can purchase two products on this site and it isn't available on the other thus having to order from two separate site vs this one you could save money on the ladder.

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