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  July 13, 2016


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This is my third overall review:
Chances are that as you are out running your daily errands or shopping near an outdoor, retail strip center, you are going to come across a new Nutrishop location in your area. This retailer now has over 200 locations and strategically place them near the competitors close to an indoor mall or high traffic shopping area.


I was not overly impressed with the selection offered on my first visit. Not that it matters, but most of the brands that the store carried I had never seen or were familiar with. Not that I am hooked on name brands, which is why I use this site and value the opinion of it members, but I thought I least I would see some of the products of companies that are staples within the industry. My second time around, I did notice some brands such as Optimum and others.

I quickly realized that the goal of the representatives is to find out what products you normally use and/are looking for, and then convert you to their private label products. Most of the products carried are made specifically for Nutrishop, and are only carried by their store. EvoChem for example is one of the main brands. As you enter you will see their blue containers spread throughout the store. If you are looking for Whey protein they are going to recommend their Hydro-Pro, or another brand that begins with an S and is in a large red container. Looking for a fat burner, Thermovex is what you will be lead too.

Layout and Ease of Ordering

If you want a particular product it may be hard to find. I am guessing there were 5 to 6 other brands carried at my local store. Their website advertises much more, but you cannot purchase off of the site and the information is very limited!


In my opinion, their pricing is not competitive. They, like other companies, will push the quality of their products and premium ingredients. The day I stopped by, they were offering samples to try. Their protein tasted well, but was close to $45 for a small container. I felt like they were pushing a private label Isopure Zero Carb product. That is when I was reminded of the old GNC model with their above average prices on private label products.


Not much to add here. You have to buy direct from the retail store, or they will order the product if offered and contact you when it arrives.


The two gentlemen I spoke with were very nice, very prepared, and very well trained. They were able to answer all of my questions, but when you brought up a question about how something compared to another brand, there was a slight hint of arrogance. I chose well represented companies in the market to ask about. They did not bash the competition so much, but would "indicate" what they were lacking and why "our" brand would better suite your needs. When I asked about certain ingredients in a pre-workout and what the latest studies said, it was like a telemarketer with a cue card ready to counter the objection. Even if you pointed out facts, the product always worked well for them and they obtained great results.


My experience was not a poor one, but I just was not sold on their business model. Many of my friends have tried and like several of the Nutrishop's products but have yet switched due to cost and the ability to find a comparative product at a better value. The store was nice, modern, and clean and was average size for what you would expect. I would like to hear your feedback if you have shopped in one of these stores, and see if you experience was either similar or different from mine. I also noticed that a few of the EvoChem products they stock have low ratings on this site, and that they do not participate in having their products reviewed. Thanks for reading!

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