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Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  June 20, 2010

After waiting a MONTH, I still have received no shipment from nutricity. After several emails trying to resolve this problem, Lauren (nutricity Customer Service Manager) just totally stopped responding to any of my emails.

Apparently they have no records as to what is shipped to whom and when. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

I had to dispute the charge on my credit card to try to get this resolved.

AVOID this web site, unless you want a lot of headaches and no product!

I would not recommend to anyone!!

Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  September 17, 2010

Horrible customer service! And their statements are LIES! It states that if orders are placed before 1PM MST that they will be shipped the same day. So since I placed my order on a Sunday Sept 12th I knew it wouldn't ship until the following day Monday the 13th. I got a confirmation email the day of my order the 12th stating the order had been processed and it would be shipped FedEx. So finally Friday rolls around the 17th and nothing has been delivered and no further emails from the company. I shoot an email to them asking for a tracking number, low and behold the package wasn't shipped until the 16th! I never got any email saying anything was delayed/back ordered or anything. The lady I talked to Lauren made no sense in the emails at all, better yet I will just copy and paste them here for everyone to read:

My Order is #17970 I was just curious if there is a way to track this? I expected to have received it by now. I see in the email you sent me on the 12th that it was shipped FedEx. Thank you for your time.


Hello Drew,
I show this order was sent out yesterday the 16th via FedEx and the tracking number is #*&128#$%7&*%$#@!^ the items are being sent out and can be tracked on
Thank you,


Hello Lauren, I am a wondering why my order didn't get shipped out until the 16th? I placed my order on the 12th which is a Sunday so it should have been sent out the following day Monday the 13th. I never got an email saying anything was back ordered or delayed for any reason. The only email I got on the 12th said that my order was received and it was going to be shipped via FedEx.

This is a direct copy and paste from your site: "Orders ship the same day if placed before 1 PM MST (Monday - Friday) and if all items in the order are in stock."

I am wondering why this was not the case with my order?


The items were ordered on the weekend, and we did not process any order until Monday so the order was not put in the system until Monday. I am not sure why the order did not go out until the 15. We do take 3 to 5 days to process orders, and this order was placed on a Sunday.


Yes I ordered it on a Sunday, and it states on your site very clearly that if the order is placed before 1 PM MST it will be shipped out the same day. So since my order was placed before 1 PM MST on Monday it should of been shipped out Monday. It says on your site that as long as the items were in stock, well they were in stock because I never got a delay/back order notice. The order was sent out on the 16th not the 15th... As far as the 3 to 5 days to process an order that makes absolutely NO sense at all because it goes against the shipping statement that is on your site, here it is again a direct copy and paste: "Orders ship the same day if placed before 1 PM MST (Monday - Friday) and if all items in the order are in stock."

I understand that the order was placed on a Sunday but the order was still placed WAY before 1 PM MST on Monday therefore per your shipping statement on your site it should have been sent out Monday. Please respond with why my order was not sent out until Thursday.


We are not open on sunday, the order was not sent out for many reasons, if the product was expired and we needed to re order, if there was an issue with the order.
The product sent out on Thursday and I am sorry.
Thank you


I know you are not open on Sunday! That has absolutely nothing to do with why my order was not shipped out on Monday. I ordered on Sunday which is BEFORE 1PM on Monday so the product should have been sent out MONDAY! It's obvious that I didn't expect it to be shipped out on Sunday because nothing ships on Sundays. It just upsets me that if there were "issues with the order" or you had "expired" products and needed to get new ones, you should have sent me a email to let me know. That way I could have canceled my order or you could have refunded me my shipping costs etc... Don't false advertise on your site that the item will ship the same day (well the next day in my case which gave you even more time to get it together and ship) Then you ship it out 4 days later!

You guys sent me a email stating my order was processed on Sunday the 12th and that it was shipping FedEx... That right there makes the customer (ME) believe its going to be shipped at the latest the next day after I got the email, not 4 days later! Not to mention once again it CLEARLY states that if the order is in before 1 PM it will ship that day. It upsets me that you try to pull the "it takes 3 to 5 days" to process an order, where does it say that!? and HOW could you say that when you say that it will ship the same day if ordered before 1PM!? Sounds a little contradicting to me...

Honestly I think it is sad that you couldn't of just came out with a straight answer as to why my order was delayed with no emails to let me know. I understand things come up, and things can go wrong but keeping the customer informed is a basic rule of running a good business (in my mind at least). I have never dealt with a company that is so inconsiderate to the customer, and thinks it's alright to delay an order without any notification at all. Sad real sad.

Very Disappointed,
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  March 3, 2013

I ordered 3 items from Nutricity about a month ago. They seemed to have good deals on what I was looking for. Unfortunately, I didn't get any kind of confirmation of my order for over a week afterwards. When I finally received my package 2 weeks after ordering, one of the 3 items was missing. I emailed them and got an automated response, but no other follow-up email telling me why I didn't get my third item. Now, a month later, I'm not buying anything ever again from them.

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