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  June 17, 2013

The audacity and complete lack of customer service says AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Quite simply put use any other seller on Amazon or EBay or online because you will be burnt dont take the risk even if its an extra couple of pounds the peace of mind of not using this seller is worth it. PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW

I used this company through amazon they are called supplement offers on amazon and the company name is Muscle finesse. I ordered a set of weight training gloves when they came initially they had a rip in them before I tried them on. So i sent that set of gloves back and waited for the next set I left some bad feedback and the manager wrote back to me asking me to explain myself rater rudely which i did why i was dissapointed with their service. I was told a new set would be sent. Next day recorded so removed the feedback. The second set on the day it was meant to come and I made sure i was in then went missing in the DPD's post and I was informed a 3rd set would be sent.

2 weeks later 3rd set arrive with another rip in the glove. The manager pretty much avoided all my calls they when i got through to him laid down the law and said he wouldnt do anything for me i have to pay for another delivery of the gloves 3rd time just to get a refund. And even told me due to the size of his company I was lucky i got to speak to the MD.

Its cost me more in time than effort than any set of training gloves are worth use another nutritional company every single one of them will be better.

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