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Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  January 19, 2012

So here is my take on max muscle. First off, they have there flyer kid put out fliers EVERYWHERE with dirt cheap prices on the most popular products out. When I say dirt cheap I mean like cheaper then you could probably buy this stuff at cost with a business license. So I arrive to max muscle (flyer in hand mind you) and everything listed on that flyer just so happens to be sold out... im talking like 15 different products... then the employee tries to push the MM brand upon me which is marked up WAY TOO MUCH imo... then I ask him if he can match the prices to the stuff they had out of stock. By the way I came to buy N.O. xplode for 23.99 and nitrix... the big bottle for 34.99 dirt cheap right ? anyways he says no but he can give me a discount on the MM brand.. i decline. then he tries to push prohormones on me ! "If you wanna get big just take some of this" I've done one cycle of PH and it messed me up so I told him i'd rather not deal with all that BS again... I left... irritated and went to a local shop called nutrition 4 less where I got the house brand for almost half of what I would have paid at max muscle.. this place is good if you want some dirty roids (PH) will not be going back anytime soon.
Rep: +2,024
Trust: 100%
  April 25, 2010

If you were my worst enemy on earth I would still not send you to a Max Muscle store. Their claim of hiring nothing but certified nutrition specialists causes a false sense of security among its patrons. They take a one month course which is more of a run down of how to pimp their over priced store brand crap than an education in nutrition. These are the guys who brought Tren Xtreme out to the market and the same guys who have sold countless bottles of it to uneducated people who have no idea what liver prep, cycle assist, or PCT's are. To sell such a toxic and potent PH without educating people on how to do it properly is criminal in my opinion, but they only have their eyes set on making money and could care less about who they hurt doing it. Their store brand products are shoved down your throat and are just crap and expensive at that. They don't care about your best interest at all, they care about getting as much out of your wallet as possible and that is it. Can't believe I am saying this but, you would be better off at GNC with a guy who knows nothing and doesn't bother you than going to Max Muscle and being sold crappy and potentially harmful products that you didn't really want in the first place. Buyer beware of these stores!!
Rep: +5
Trust: 15%
  October 20, 2011

Max Muscle is sooo expensive! I cant imagine who can afford their stuff. And the worste part is that their products are nothing special. I went into a MM and asked why their whey protein was better than optimum's 100% whey they game me some made up crap about how optimum's doesn't absorb and how MM products are better... Did I mention the two products are identical but Max's was $34 more. they have a very high pressure sales staff that doesn't know anything. It is probably better than GNC but other than that stay clear unless you want to get sales raped!

Also a side note my friend is the manager at a Max Muscle and he showed me how much they pay for their "premium products" and let me say they pay $19 for a jug of protein that they sell for $75 and $12 for a preworkout that they sell for $47. Stay clear if you like your money.
Rep: +58
Trust: 92%
  November 28, 2011

By far worst prices in the industry. I work at GNC and laugh at our prices, but when I go into the nearbye MM they make our prices and selection look like the wearhouse lol... Guys that work there are cool, but give lame reasons that their 2lb protein is $50. One guy told me because it's free of "lead". Only reason this place is still open is because they sell prohormones, which are even more outrageously priced. They sell $30 products for about $80 then say they will "hook you up" for $70. This place SUCKS, go to vitamin shoppe or nutrishop if you truely want selection and good prices.
Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  November 29, 2011

The store Max Muscle has the Mercedes Prices without the Mercedes Performance and luxury. I do not want to bash every MM out there because of course I have only been to the ones in Sacramento, Ca. Thats all it took and I booked. I went in and this ***y SOB was on his cell phone for at least 10 minutes after I came in and was chatting to his girlfriend or his boyfriend who knows? I was thinking to myself wow fantastic service. Then he proceeds to bash most of the supplements in the store, doesn't recommend anything besides over priced Max Muscle Products meanwhile he is not even looking at me and is texting on his phone. I have been to this an other MM stores in Sacramento, Ca. And have been given this same Shi** Service.

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