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Ranks #21 of 27 (better than 23%) of all Retailers

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  July 19, 2015

A first for the Expert Reviewer program: a retailer review! Special shout out and thanks to Legendary Supplements for taking part in this. For the most part, we all have our favorite retailers and rarely like going elsewhere. Something like this, however, can open the doors to new players and give us the customer more options to choose from.

Before I continue, it should be noted that I took extra steps to try and make sure they couldnt connect my order to my profile here at SR. I used a different email address, my sisters name, and I even waited a good while between accepting Legendary Supplements offer and placing my order. So, this review, to the best of my abilities, is of the normal shopping experience most of us would encounter. No special treatments provided, other than a couple of samples of a product I really had no interest in lol.

One of the things that interested me right away, was the offering of same-day shipping. If I recall correctly, there was even a countdown clock that showed how much time was left in the business day to have your order shipped the same day. However, since then it seems that feature was cancelled, though the promise of same-day shipping remains:
* FAST SHIPPING: 99% of the time Monday - Saturday you item/order will be processed and shipped out the same day from Legendary Supplements Distribution Center located in the heart of Arkansas, USA.
That being said, my order was not shipped same-day, despite being placed on a Wednesday, at roughly 11:30am (local time to Legendary). The tracking number provided indicated that the package was picked up and shipped the next day. Now 99% of the time is not quite a 100% guarantee, but you would have to be very unlucky to fall into that 1% margin of error. That being said, they do offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Seeing as how we were required to spend a minimum of $75 (reimbursed up to $90), free shipping wasnt hard to come by.
Still, email updates came fast and were plenty. Email for order completion pretty much right after I placed the order, email confirmation of package picked-up and shipped, email confirmation of package out for delivery, and email confirmation for package delivery. All, from Legendary Supplements. That aint half-bad by most standards, and I was certainly appreciative.
I am disappointed it wasnt same-day shipping, but the fast shipping time made up for it (2 days). Also, the extra steps they took to keep me informed was more than appreciated. Still, I really do get excited about same-day shipping (for better or for worse)

Overall their selection is a work in progress, to say the least. They dont carry most brands, but they do carry some brands youd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, especially when it comes to prohormones and all the necessary cycle/post-cycle support.
Going into this shopping experience, I was interested in two things: some on-cycle support and an intra-workout supplement (amino acids or carbohydrates).
For the on-cycle support, I was looking for LGIs Damage Control. Its a product Ive used before, a product I will continue to use, and a personal favorite. Unfortunately, the only product they have from LGI currently is N-Pept 10. Well, time to go on an adventure. I looked up all available on-cycle support they have, and began looking for a product that was similar to Damage Control. I ended finding one, and was quite pleased with the overall search results. I was able to find five different products that satisfied my own criteria, and walked away with what I felt was the best deal.
The intra-workout supplement was a bit more adventurous. I had one product on mind, ProSupps Karbolic. However, the products from Pro Supps offered was few. Seven products out of Pro Supps entire line. Second choice would have been Glycofuse from Gaspari. However, they dont carry a single Gaspari product. I was most interested in trying something new, so I ended up going with Blackstone Labs Resurgence.
To round out my order, I decided to give one of those Vortex shaker cup things a try.
The selection isnt good. Its incomplete in most cases, and there are more than a few companies represented by only a single product. I cant tell how long theyve been in business for, but I do feel like their selection will grow with time.

Legendary Supplements claims to be the leader in discount supplements, and based on this shopping experience that does seem to be the case. All the products I bought (save for the Vortex shaker) came in a couple dollars cheaper than my go-to site (which will remain nameless in this instance). It was only a couple dollars on average, but cheaper is cheaper.
They also offer a wide variety of shipping options. You can choose from the three big carriers (USPS, FedEx, UPS), and the shipping prices are as varied as the options. However, it seems its all based on weight. Options drop off the heavier the order gets, and the options that do remain are based off total package weight. So, depending on your order, it can be cheaperas long as its under a pound or so. Though, as mentioned earlier, orders over $50 ship free (basic shipping). Judging from the amount of supplements some of us use, that shouldnt be a problem achieving.
Cheaper is nice, free shipping is nice, and overall prices are nice. Nice.

Customer service was awesome, despite the hiccup concerning same-day shipping. Legendary Supplements themselves went the extra step above what most others would do, to keep me informed as to the status of my order.
Selection is lacking, though I do believe it will (or should) grow within the near future.
Prices are spot on. Products are cheaper (though, not by a great deal) and shipping options are agreeable and affordable.
Overall it was a good experience. The selection keeps me from grading the overall score higher, but everything else is spot on. Its an option you should checkout first on your next shopping trip.

  March 23, 2015


I'm power lifter / bodybuilder , I've been in sport for almost 25 years (Lebanese 4 times x- Champion in Shotokan Karate) , I have small shop in Beirut/LB and I've been in supplements for quite a while now for my personal use and recently for my store . . . Discovered this retailer after many searches on Google for pro-hormone during the last ban . As for how I discovered SR is by doing a lot of comparisons on Google and searching for protein / vitamins / supplements . . .etc


Mostly I selected the pro-hormones because I wanted to stock them after the ban .

Layout and Ease of Ordering

Its some how easy to pick up items and continue to checkout but for some reason their web didn't accept my MasterCard (thanks God for that) so I had to pay by MoneyGram transfer .


They have some good prices and other very low pricing make you suspicious , I bought 3 pre-workout (Muslcetech - Neurocore) all of them had humidity and the powder was stuck together like a rock (maybe they played with expiry date I don't know) , and the other items are more expensive than other retailers.


Here comes the worst part , they ship late (I only have received the first shipment) and by late I mean one week or so for dispatch (my first order was approx $800) , and when I received it , it was missing some items , packing was messy , samples was way out of date expired 6 months ago . They didn't include an invoice with the shipment and it was mislabeled so it was seized at the customs because it wasn't compatible with the box . So I had to pay a penalty to correct it in addition to the customs fees and taxes . (I payed more than I should usually pay becuase of their mistake).


No service at all . It sucks , and when they answer you after tons of emails they say it was because my email went to junk (yeah right :) ) . When I asked for a refund for the missing items they didn't send me back any cash but they credit it in the account . And I said its alright I'll use it next time . As for my second shipment it took more than 10 days to be shipped so I send my complaints again and again with no reply after that they said the same thing it was because of junk mail !!! Then it was shipped and waited for a month but didn't receive any , and I went to live chat ( as I always did in addition to emails) but they kept me waiting and waiting no answer saying "you are the 1st one on the list , an agent will help you in 4 min , waiting time between 5-10 min , thanks for being patient " and I kept waiting for more than 2 hrs !!! After 5 days or so someone answered me I told him/her the situation and told me to wait until it goes back to them and I waited for another month , now two months has passed and three days , not a single reply from them , I tried to contact them by phone but the answering machine is always there , and I tried on their Facebook page , and I also commented that they are Bogus and recommended others to be aware of them , they deleted my comment immediately .


As I said it on their Page and I'll say it everywhere until they either pay me back my money or they close I won't stop exposing those kind of fraud companies !

Untrusted company be aware . . . especially international customers . . . BE AWARE . . . BE AWARE . . . . Unless you want to buy and get nothing no refund / no reply / no support . . . . ZERO
Its just an advice . . . take my word , and its up to you !!!

  October 1, 2015

This is my first Retailer Review for along with the first Ordered/Scheduled Review that I have had the pleasure of doing for SR. This review is a honest review that is from my experience alone, not influenced by any other reviews or users. decided to take part in our Expert Reviewer Program for Retailers here on, which allows us Expert Reviews (just two of us this time) to purchase items off of their site with our money and we are completely reimbused the amount in full. This allows us the opportunity to come at the requested Website as a surprise, as we are allowed to purchase from them at our convenience. I used my secondary Paypal account that has no name tied to me along with a new email address, again with no affiliation with me. Just as deumcole I did not receive any special treatment by, which allowed me the opportunity to encounter an experience just as anyone else would.

Selection (6.6/10)
LegendarySupplements does not carry many brands when compared to other Online Supplement Stores, but what they do carry are products that you would not typically find on those other sites. Along with finding products not found on those sites, you will find products that have been discontinued or rather reformulated. In my experience I was able to find products that have been reformulated along with the old version of the same product still being sold there, which is something good to have as you have a reputable website and not have to purchase from ebay with the potential of the product being falsely advertised or being shipped out late. Needless to say you will not find the selection on Legendary to be the same as any of the top websites. I rated this section a bit higher due to the fact you are able to find other products here that you normally could not find elsewhere.

Service/Shipping/Order Status (9.2/10)
When it came to service I was very impressed, as being a smaller company/website compare to the top selling sites you receive prompted shipping with updated tracking orders. I was able to qualify for their free shipping by purchasing over $50, which being in Oklahoma and their shipping location Arkansas I received my order in two shipping days. I had placed my order after 3pm which meant I would not receive same day shipping, but none the less the next day it shipped and two days later I received my order. Not only did I get prompted shipping, but I received several updates on my order during the process which was greatly appreciated. One email notified me that the order was about to ship, label printed and notified at 12am the day after the order was placed. Next I received an updated email that the shipment was on its way a mere 12 hours later, and two days later an update saying it was out for delivery. Not only were the updates given, but a delivery confirmation was also given as the package made it to me. So for one order I received 5 emails pertaining to it being shipped/placed, which also came with the tracking number but was not needed as I was given updates each step along the way. Also the "Same Day Shipping Timer" is active again, which should've qualified me for same day shipping but I guess they may deactivate it based on how busy they are.

In order to review their service and response time I decided to email them in regards to their free shipping, which I had received a response 24 hours later. I had planned on waiting for their response in before making my purchase, but decided to place the order anyways. It looks like their response was around the time that my order was marked shipped as well. Once I received my order I sent an email asking if I could return a product that I purchased, which their response was very prompt. Along with their communication via email they also have a chat box system powered by livechat, which gives you open communication within 5 minutes in my experience. They also offer text updates which I did not participate in, but is a service not many stores offer.

Price (7.6/10)
In comparing prices I looked at various products at different stores, using one of the Top Selling Sites and the Cheaper known sites. When you compare the prices to top sites you will find that LegendarySupplements comes out dead even, but if you are to compare them to the cheapest of sites you will be a couple dollars more expensive.. Nutrex Out Lift is $32 on LS, but is $2.50 cheaper on a different site yet is $3 cheaper than one of the top sites. Next I compared Finaflex Stimul8 which is $24 on LS, but on the cheaper site it is $2 more and not found on the big site. Lastly I looked for Pro-Hormones, which are not sold in many stores but came to the same price as the stores I found in most cases. The prices seem to be all over the place, but they were not the most expensive and matched if not lower in price to the big sites. They also offer promotional discounts which are posted on SupplementReviews along with their Newsletter, but in addition to that they have store reward points which will earn you discounts ranging from $4 off all the way up to $77 off which definitely help out.

Layout/Speed/Ease Of Use
The layout of the store is not very well thought out, nor is it user friendly but it does get the job done. The menus are off centered, along with many categories that have the same products listed in many areas (BCAA's, Amino Acids, Recovery). The main issue I had with the design/layout of the site was the fact that not many supplements have ANY product information nor do they list the ingredients. For the products that did list them it was in text, or they had images of the ingredient label. This was a big issue for me, as I have to search the product in google to figure out what it had unlike other online stores which list/show the ingredient labels. The speed of the site was very slow at times, which appears to be quicker on mobile although the site was messed up on the mobile end also. As I stated above, it does get the job done but it is more difficult for the end user to navigate and order especially since they would not know much about the product listed as well.

Buyer Beware
I want to mention something here that is "bonus" to the user reading, which you should be aware of. Some of the products for sale are not disclosed but are not allowed in a natural competition, along with the sale of certain products that are definitely not labeled as hazardous but truthfully are. Many sites do not sale substances such as Pro Hormones or SARMS due to being on the grey line, which will eventually be banned and do not want to deal with any potential lawsuits etc. That being said, if you are coming to this store to buy a PH I am sure you already know the risks and it really isn't LS's responsibility to tell you but it would be nice.

Overall (8.8/10)
I can honestly say that while the experience of making my purchase was up to the level of other online stores, that the service made the purchase better than what I can expect from other stores. I would like to see the selection of products continue to grow on along with the layout of the site be made more intuitive, but due to the various products they offer being more vaired and broader I would be glad to purchase from here again! I will keep LegendarySupplements on my list of sites in the future to purchase from, as I feel their service is unmatched with many of the other stores!

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