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Rep: +46
Trust: 36%
  December 21, 2012

Ok, well lets just start things off with a bang shall we. Sunday will mark 30 days since I made my orders through and still have not received my supplements. First of I do in fact understand that I am FWD deployed to an FPO address and that it does take time for packages to arrive here but it has gotten past that time of understanding. I will explain my chain of events and the lack of information and customer support. I made this order mid current (past) cycle even to give it time to get here so that I would still be on that cycle and be able to get right on to the next (these orders).

23NOV2012- Submitted 1st order with a total of $244.44. All items were claimed to have been “In Stock”, and a second because I forgot an item for $30.39 again “In Stock” Through Immideiatly following my separate orders I contacted customer support to try and simplify things and conjoin my orders into one and received no reply.

24-25NOV No Confirmation of order

26NOV2012- Received confirmation that both orders had been “Processed and Shipped”, had all information for both orders but had no shipping/tracking number. Get on to check both orders history and order number 2 says shipped with a parcel shipping number that did not work. Order number one, no status. (Figured it just needs to take time to update no big deal)

28NOV12- Received an e-mail for shipping from stating that my shipment has been shipped with a different tracking number. (Wait what? Didn’t they ship on the 26th?)

01DEC12- Sent customer support an email to find out what the deal with my order was. (There must be some mix up, it’s all good)

02-03DEC No Reply

04DEC12- Send Peter, president of a very detailed email with my issue, trying to figure things out. Receive an e-mail back hours later from giving me an order confirmation e-mail that I had already got on the 26th saying that my first order has shipped. (WTF Mate!!) Get onto to see if anything has changed on their site but cant log in “my email does not exist in the system” (You’ve got to be kidding me)

05DEC12-No reply

06DEC- No reply. Send out another email to stating that I do not have a correct tracking number for order #1 and do not even have a tracking number for order #2. Also stating that my email apparently is not in there system to check my account orders. Got an email back saying my email was my email with an “X” at the end of the username part of my email address. (Huh? Ok.) Also that my first order was just shipped less the Animal pump because it was not in stock. (So my first order never shipped in the first place when you said it did on the 26th and you didn’t just send it on 26NOV without it because an item wasn’t “in stock” even though it said on the site it was. But you’re still sending it out on DEC06 without it?)

09DEC12- Email from saying that my Animal pump has shipped with no tracking or conformation number.

12DEC12 – Send email to “director of sales” to straiten things out explaining the problems that I had been having with customer support and the REAL status of my orders. No reply.

13DEC12- I send an email CC’ing just about everyone on’s contact list stating my issues that I am having and that there communication with me was absolutely terrible. Receive an email back from stating that everything was shipped on 28DEC and the rest 14 Business days later. Assuring me that my shipments should arrive soon (Again WTF…)

18DEC12- Send an email to, stating I still have received nothing, and that I will be requesting a refund if my orders or at least one of them did not come in by 20NOV. Received an email back from him saying that this should not have happened, but that he is “100% Sure I will receive my items” (That’s real assuring..)

20DEC12- Get to work, no package that I have been desperately waiting for is sitting there, no supplements no cycle, lack of motivation, hole in wall, and a big Benjamin Burn hole in my back pocket. Sent an email demanding a refund or compensation for my order that was “assured was going to be here”
If I do not receive an answer before Monday I have no other option but to process the paperwork I have submitted to my bank to go ahead and do an investigation to receive my money back.
All and all may be great in the states or other people but not FPO addresses or me. Customer support was terrible minus that tried to spear them the time but it never worked and was not assuring even though he made a great attempt at helping me out with this order. Even contacting the president of the company with my problem I was having I still did not get a reply. Even with their lack of customer support and help a may give them a shot again in the future back in the states, but the chances are slim. I am currently sitting in the desert couple thousand miles away, my day consists of eating, working, lifting, sleeping and repeating. I have no supplements because my only source is from online retailers and I have been duped. Take what you want from this review it is my first and it may be pretty steep and long but I think I got my point across. It's been many deployments and many problems that have been solved but this is the worst yet be far and has yet to been solved. If I had to say one thing about it is “Shop at your own risk”.

Prices: 8/10 - Great Prices
Selection: 9/10 - They had everything that I wanted that most other places did not.
Service: 4/10 – CS was not good at all, contact was limited, if and when they did reply
Overall: 3/10 – They may have a great selection and great prices but they did not have Up To Date quantities. Site said that all items were in stock when in fact they were not. Still Have yet to receive my orders.
Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  February 13, 2010

I recently bought a hadfull of products from illpumpyouup. When I first started my research I comparied prices for about 20 minutes and theirs were the overall lowest so that is why I went with them. The products that I ended up getting were USP Jacked, BSN Syntha 6 and Novedex XT. My order got to me in 2 day, which I was very pleased about. I've been taking my supps for about 3 weeks now and I'm seeing pretty good results. Overall I'm very happy with experience and will continue using them. Kudos illpumpyouup..
Rep: +29
Trust: 42%
  March 16, 2011

I have only placed one order from this company for 2 items: OEP and Methyl ECA (Sports One).

Lowest prices for the items I purchased, which is why I chose them.

Here is where I had a problem -- after 1 week they had not shipped my order because one item (the Methyl ECA) was not in stock even though it was listed as in stock on their website. I did not receive a call or email informing me of this and only found out when I called. Once I contacted them, they shipped my OEP next day air at their cost.

Initially, the service was poor because they didn't notify me that one of my supplements was not actually in stock and they held up my order for a week. On the plus side, they were very apologetic and corrected the problem immediately when I called and shipped the other product overnight at their own expense.

I would recommend them because they have good prices and they took immediate corrective action to fix their lapse in initial service. I will buy from them again.

Happy Training!
Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  April 2, 2011

Ive bought from this site a couple times now and have had no issues. The selection is great and their prices seem to be the cheapest online... Usually when a site is really cheap you think, ok well the service will be slow or bad... But that's not the case. I get an email either the same day or the next day when my order is ship with the tracking number. And my package arrives a few days after that. Overall I like them and would recommend them to a freind or family member.
Rep: +215
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  February 19, 2012

I order almost all of my supps from this site and have had nothing but positive experinces so i figured id share my experiences.

Service: (9/10)
In everyone of my 10+ orders ive recived my products within 3 days of purchase with a complete invoice of my entire order. The one time i did not recive my complete order i called and they overnighted the missing supp that day and had it by 12 the next day.

Selection: (9/10)
One of the best online selections that i have found, all of the major supp lines as well as the smaller/less known companies. I have yet to find a supp i want to try not on the site.

Prices: (8/10)
There are a few sites out there that can beat thier priceing one time, but with an automatic 5% discount from this site plus another 5% for being a frequent customer the prices cant be beat for me.

Overall: (9/10)
IMO one of the best online retailers i have never had a problem with them and i will continue to order from them because of there continued excellent service and competative priceing
Rep: +51
Trust: 80%
  December 2, 2009

Service is just down right horrible. Just HORRIBLE. I placed an order on November 12th and received it December 1st. That's about 18 days worth of waiting. What happened was I ordered a tub of Serious Mass, Green Mag and Casein. What happen was, someone had just placed an order for their entire stock of Serious Mass right before me. There's no way of them telling me that it was back-ordered until it was too late. BUT, they never did. I had to e-mail them on the 17th and ask where my order was, and they were like "Oh, sorry we didn't tell you, Serious Mass was back-ordered so we had to wait on our own shipment." I'm like WTF? You could have told me, I wouldn't have been waiting. They finally sent my order out on the 18th, and it took another 12 days to get to my house. I know back-orders are unavoidable but they didn't even bother to let me know that it was back-ordered.
Also, they didn't even give me my UPS tracking code until I asked them for it.
They told me I will get a 5% discount on all of my future orders plus a shaker and a T shirt for free.
They're trying their best to make it up to me but their service was just off putting.
Their selection, information they give on their supplements is great though. It's like supplements for dummies. Service however, was bad for my first experience.
Rep: +57
Trust: 94%
  August 28, 2010

Great website, I usually use Prosource but I wanted M-Drol and this site had it at the best price. I gave the prices an eight and not a 9 or a 10 because even the supplements were the lowest prices around the shipping was almost $9 and it wasn't UPS is was just regular priority mail (not a big deal at all). The selection was a 10 in my opinion simply because they were one of the few companies who sell M-Drol. Service was a 10 it got to me in three days I really can't complain about that. Overall a really good company they send you a tracking number and everything so they def. have my business.
Rep: +792
Trust: 10%
  December 2, 2010

this place delivers. every time i order online i use or these two places seem to work best customer service is great shipping is always fast and on time and selection is second to none. carries competive edge labs for prohormones has the best selection at very low cost the only reason why i gave them price and service is their shipping is a bit expenssive.if your looking for powerful prohormones at a rock bottom price please try these guys you wont be upset
Rep: 0
Trust: 0%
  March 19, 2011

I've been ordering supplements online for years now and these guy deliver each time. When I order, I order a lot - ON 100% Whey (Strawberry Banana), USP labs Jack3d (grape Bubblegum), Novedex, Aftershock Orange Avalanche (who doesn't like orange sherbet? Mix it with orange juice and it's like a dreamsicle!) I've searched online all over. When you buy as much as I do you have to find the best deal. Illpumpyouup IS THE BEST DEAL!

As for service, I've delt with a lot of crappy sites, granted most sites these days are a lot better, but with this site I haven't had any problem. My package is on my door step within 2 day.

These guys are good with me and that is why they are now my regular store.
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  April 9, 2011

Have only dealt with them once so far but that one order has put them on the top of my list for future supplement needs. Unfortunately, their selection is a little lacking, but that said, their prices are almost universally lower than everywhere else and the service / shipping are unbeatable. I placed my order at 4 am and had tracking information in my inbox by 6:30 am. Product was in my hands, from Florida to California, two days later.

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