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  November 11, 2016

I am an adult male who works out with weights 3-4 days per week. I buy supplements usually 1-2 orders/month online from a small number of retailers.

The selection was good, prices were competitive with really good sale prices. The website is good. The basket emptied itself too often. I am a slow shopper and I had to refill my cart several times to complete one order.

The layout of the website is good and it is easy to navigate and order.

The processing took 24 hours, about average. Not as good as, DPSNutrition and a couple of others. But not bad. No complaints about order processing.

The problem(s) occurred after I received an email confirming order shipment and giving me a tracking#. I waited about 3 days and the tracking # was still NOT active. I emailed Customer Service and got a response in about a day: we are OUT of stock of one item in your 6-7 item order (it said in stock and ready to ship) . We will have the item back in stock by early next week. No problem, I was not in a hurry. The one week came and went, the promises kept coming and getting broken. Just a couple more days, it will ship no later than tomorrow or the next day. TEN DAYS later still no news. Then their Customer Service quit answering my emails for about 3 days! I finally (after 12 days) got another email saying it would probably be another week to even ship the order (it STILL showed "in stock and ready to ship" on the item they DID NOT HAVE). Then they had the nerve to inform me that in the 12 days that I had been waiting on them, they ran out of ANOTHER item on my order. So they then offered to refund the two "out of stock" items and send the rest (I had paid for the order 13 days before). I said no thank you and requested a FULL refund and cancel the order...which they did in just a few hours.

I completed the same order, for the same price (almost to the penny) from a competitor that same afternoon. I got a processing/shipping/and active tracking number all in a couple of hours from the competitor.

In conclusion: the prices and selection are fine, the sales are better than average, the website is good and easy to navigate (other than the quickly dumping shopping cart). The order processing was average, the customer service was either very poor ( and ignored my emails with a minimum of 1-3 DAYS to respond) or they were getting bad information from their inventory people. A HUGE concern to me is the "in stock and ready to ship" garbage on items they did not have for nearly 2 weeks (they still showed the item in stock). They never offered anything to "fix" the problem, only to refund the amount I had already paid for an item they said they had, and even showed they had shipped to me. Many of their items said "out of stock" and I, obviously did not attempt nor would their system allow, me to order them.

There are too many great supplement retailers out there for me to put up with this nonsense ever again. All-Star Health,, DPSNutrition, Best Price Nutrition, and Suppz, are ALL MUCH BETTER alternatives.


  • December 10, 2016

    I just ordered from this co. and I know that ready to be shipped doesn't mean anything Lol but they do have some amazing deals so I would recommend calling in your order to make sure what you put in your cart is in stock and if you get free shipping don't expect it to be delivered quick like other sites such as, or M&S but once you spend $70 you qualify for free shipping so be patient it could take 7 business days but again CALL to make sure what you want is truly in stock. I picked up some INCREDIBLE deals over Cyber Mon and a few days following when they were having a 75% sale on certain brands.

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