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  March 4, 2015

Hi everyone i have never done a review before but after dealing with the guys in i had to. I have only started back training after a few years and said to myself sure why not go the full hog this time and use supplements this time. I looked at a few websites and most of them where going to charge a lot shipping costs so i decided to try a Irish company that's when i came across DS. i found the website very good.It gave me lots of information on all the products and even had a pop up live chat on it. I was chatting away to one of the lads and told him what i wanted to do. He gave me great advice and recommended some great products. The site was so easy to use and I placed my order before 3pm and it arrived the next morning at 10am.The gave me some great samples free a water container for training and a shaker for my supplements all free. What great service. I have been back to the website a good few times now browsing and always have a chat with the lads on the live chat pop up. They have always been there to advise me not only on what supplements to use but how to use them and what to do to get the most out of them. There selection is very good. Maybe they could get more products in but i am not sure what the restrictions are here in comparison to some of the stuff offered on the American sites. The lads gave me an alternative supplement that is just as good anyway. I found the prices to be very reasonable compared to other sites. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great service and great prices and also great advice. I will definitely be using them again

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