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Rep: +9
Trust: 0%
  March 29, 2012

I placed my order on Feb 28th, 2012. It's March 29th and I have not received my order. My credit card was billed March 13th, 2012........The 800 # provided sends me to a general voicemail box that states it cannot take my message. What the heck? When I (2 weeks ago) finally received an email stating it had been shipped was a farce! I checked daily and the shipping company continued to state a label had been generated and when they recieved the package I would get an update. If they're busy because they carry Dr. Oz recommended products they need to be up front with backorders. The so called "Live chat" doesn't work either. It's as if this company has done everything possible to keep negative publicity out of it's site. Even IF I ever get my order I will never re-order with this company. The lack of communication leads me to belive it's a scam.
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  August 10, 2011

Bestpricenutrition is one of my tried and true online supplement companies. I have used them for several years and they have always been good! Receintly I ordered a preworkout from Sirovi...Hypercell extreme. Unfortunately when it arrived it was rock solid, not a powder as it's supposed to be. I was very frustrated so I emailed them and they promptly mailed out a replacement FREE of shipping and FREE of charge! Love these guys! Awesome company!!
Rep: +8
Trust: 0%
  August 10, 2011

From when I started buying supplements to where I am now it is like night and day. I used to go into gnc buy what they said was good cause they fed me a good line. But ever since I have used best price nutrition I have never looked at another supplement store. They give you the best prices and service but one big thing that sets them apart, is they know what the hell their selling. Their videos explaining supplements and each ingredient are so helpful for an athlete or beginners because people usually don't know what their really ingesting in their body, and with the helpful ingredient rundown videos you know each ingredient your taking in and what it does to your body. that's why best price nutrition is number one, because they care.
Rep: +1
Trust: 0%
  September 13, 2012

I ordered a couple of products from this website about a month ago and I couldn't be more pleased with the shipping time as well as their customer service. Best Price has a wide selection of products that will suit most nutritional needs. Their prices are decent and competitive with other sites and they have a ton of stacks. They are very interactive with their social media and are always giving away free products. I have recommended several of my friends to this website and will continue to recommend many more. I have tried other supp retailers but I plan on sticking with this one for all my future purchases.

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