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  July 14, 2013

I want to get a couple of things out of the way before I actually review this site. First of all, I know there have been some pretty significant issues over the advertising payments between here and BBE. I believe this is a serious issue, and I completely understand why Admin is ***ed off. Additionally, I'm not a fan of bombarding the site with reviews from new users to boost the rating of the site. I understand why BBE wanted to do it, but I'm not sure they knew how those reviews would make their site look to long-time users of this site. That being said, while my rep isn't as high as many of yours, I hope that my previous reviews will hold some merit with this review. Again, I do not agree with the way BBE has done some things recently, but for the purposes of my review, I am acting as a neutral party and only focusing on my experience with their site.

Selection (6/10):
This site carries some of your standard products (pre-workout, creatine, weight loss, etc.), but for my purposes I've always used them for their selection of pro-hormone and cycle based supplements. I've ordered from them since 2009 when they carried products like M-Drol and more recently for some Iron Mag Labs products like Halo Extreme and Osta-Rx. While the selection for your standard products isn't bad, it isn't going to be as high as you would find on some other sites. Their pro-hormone selection is pretty good, and while they don't carry every brand that is out there, you can usually find the compound you are looking for under a different brand name.

Price (7/10):
Because my experience is limited to their pro-hormone selection, prices are based on comparisons to other sites that carry pro-hormones. I wanted to look at some other sites to do a quick comparison between prices, and in some cases BBE is better while in some other cases they aren't. For example, as of 7/14/13, Super-DMZ Rx 2.0 is $59.99 on BBE while it is $54.99 on Lockout. BBE has free shipping on orders over $50, and you would have to pay some shipping on Lockout, but overall the prices are going to be somewhat similar. One of my most recent orders with them was about four months ago for Osta-RX. I ordered it from them because it was on a special price of $79.99 for one bottle, $69.99/bottle for two, and $59.99/bottle for three. At the time, the best price you could find it on other sites was about $99.99, so when you added in the free shipping it was a no-brainer. Overall, their prices are competitive with most other sites that sell PH's, and the free shipping is nice if you hit the $50 mark.

Service (9/10):
In terms of overall service I've always had a pretty good experience. I usually get shipping confirmation within a couple of hours of placing an order and the orders have always gotten to me pretty quickly. I did have to get in touch with them for an issue with the Osta-Rx order I mentioned above because I didn't receive the special discount I was supposed to (ordered two bottles, but both were $79.99). I was contacted back quickly, and my card was credited back for the mistake within a day or two.

Overall (7/10):
Overall I've always had a good experience with these guys. They don't have a ton of general stuff, but the PH selection has been good and I've been able to find what I've wanted for a competitive price. Again, I don't agree with what has been going on recently, but from my experience it is a good site to take a look at if you are looking for some good PH supplements.


  • Handy
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    November 12, 2017

    I ordered from them Nov 2, 2017 and I still have not received my order, I emailed, texted, and called. they said I looked suspicious and gave me a very hard time, they took the money very fast but I still am waiting for my product. If the product works I might order again or maybe not. I believe in good customer service and I don't like being treated badly. I hope they don't screw me over and I lose my money.

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