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  February 16, 2017


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I am constantly on the look out for quality supplements that do not break the bank. Being from Canada,
this is much easier said than done. There are a few online retailers that offer shipping to Canada, but the price conversions are much too high. I have found that has some very good prices and free shipping for Prime members, but only if looking for basic supplements. Because of the free shipping, I keep coming back for my basic supplement staples.


As stated above, offers a very different selection from If you are looking for basic supplement staples like omegas, multis, green tea, Creatine and beta alanine, then you will not be disappointed with the selection. If however, you are looking for more specific/specialized supplements like pre workouts, sleep formulas and focus formulas, you really will not find much. Most of this is due to the fact that some ingredients in the supps, like yohimbe, dmha, dmaa, just are not sold in Canada, and/or are banned here.

Also, some of the American companies that do have their products listed on the Canadian version of Amazon, have an outrageous price attached to them. An example of this would be Nutrabio's whey protein isolate, unflavored 5lb tub. Looking at it right now, the cost is $245.74. So a lot of the supps that are available are just not affordable.

Layout and Ease of Ordering

In terms of layout, is what you would expect. It is the same as the .com version. The tabs at the top of he page make it easy for you to find what you are looking for, with an option to search by department. However, just by typing in your search selection, the engine is really good at bringing up the products associated with your search. At the bottom of the page, you will find quick picture links to your recent searches as well as recommendations based on your history, which is helpful.

Ordering is quite simple, especially if you are a prime member. There is a one click option, which can be used with your saved information and credit card payment info. It makes the process very simple. If you are not a member, it is just as simple as I putting your information and you are all set.


Like I said, on basic supplements, prices are pretty good. An example is Optimum Nutrition Optimen, priced at $34.11. That may seem like a lot, but here in Canada, that is pretty good. If you combine that with the fact that it ships free (2day) with a prime membership, that price gets better. Just the fact that you never really have to bulk order to get the "free shipping over $100" deal, is very important. If I find myself forgetting to order a supplement or need to order last minute, I don't have to worry about shipping cost.


Shipping with Amazon is always great. Prime members get free two day shipping on most items and priority shipping on others. Not only is shipping quick and free, but keeps you updated at every step of the process. You will receive an email to confirm purchase, to confirm processing, to confirm shipping(with a tracking link and eta), and to confirm delivery. You are informed through the process.


Although I have not needed to contact the service department all that much, on the 1 or 2 occasions that I have, they were very helpful and accommodating. Both times, I was inquiring about a package that was late, even though I was given a guaranteed date. On both occasions, they promptly apologized, assured me that the package would arrive soon (which it did) and gave me a discount on my Prime membership both times. So I can't really complain here.


I think it is obvious for anyone who have use Amazon, that is very helpful and easy to use. If you are looking for basic supplement staples in your stack, than there is no better place to get them. If you are looking for more specialized items, you are probably better off looking elsewhere.


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