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Rep: +89
Trust: 94%
  February 26, 2017

I buy all of my supps online, and I am a bargain hunter, so I usually scour the web for the best prices whenever I need something. A1 is usually my go-to site.

They have a fantastic selection of everything performance related. Need a preworkout? A1 has not only the big-name brands, but they also carry some of the more unknown guys as well. (Usually the new brands, like iron addicts, etc.) They also carry all of the big name brand proteins, aminos, joint health, prohormones/pct, post workouts, and everything in between. They don't carry Nutrabio or Jym, so if you're looking for those, you'll have to go elsewhere, but other than those, they carry almost every brand I could think of.
They also have a nice selection of workout accessories and clothing as well. Though I've never ordered any of these kinds of items (Wraps, sleeves, belts, shirts, shorts, etc.) they seem to have a decent selection.
One thing to note, is that they have a huge selection of shaker cups and jugs, and are almost always dirt cheap. (~$2-5 each) I make sure to throw in one or two of these into my cart every time I order from the, since you can never have too many shaker cups.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
The site is very streamlined and easy to order from. You can have them remember your info so it will only take a few clicks to order if you want.

This is where they take the cake. Their non-special/non-clearance prices are very competitive with other online retailers, and almost always blow brick and mortar retailers out of the water. And that's just with the regular prices. They ALWAYS have specials for BOGO 50% off on several things, and BOGO as well. Occasionally they have some products on buy one get TWO free, so you can snag 2-3 months worth of pre workout or protein for ~$40. I regularly scan the specials section of their site, just in case one of my favorites shows up. (Last month I got 2 tubs of Hi-tech's Off the Chain DMAA aminos for $25!) They also do bulk discounts, but I've never opted for this, so I can't vouch for it. All-in-all, they usually can't be beat in their prices.
And, as stated above, they have dirt cheap shaker cups that are also often on BOGO or free with the purchase of a lot of products, so that's a really nice touch.

The shipping is pretty standard. I think they have a flat rate of $5.99 2-5 day shipping, but it could be cheaper depending on where you're located. (I'm in CA, and they're in TN, so I imagine it could be more expensive to ship it to me than to say, FL, or somewhere closer.) But they also offer priority shipping if you're willing to spend a little extra and get your supplements sooner.
The shipping is almost always as fast as advertised, if it doesn't arrive a day or two early, so that's just another thing I really like about A1.

I've never once had a problem with their customer service, even after ordering from them over a dozen times. They always send me confirmation emails immediately after ordering with shipping info and that sort of stuff. (I've definitely had a problem with this when ordering from other sites, but never with A1.) They also throw in samples most of the time, so that's nice, and I've got so many A1 stickers in my house I don't know what to do with them.

Overall, A1 is a great site to order your supplements from, and I definitely recommend them to anyone who regularly uses/needs performance supplements or even just general wellness products, like fish oil and multi vitamins.
Rep: +1,252
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 38
  October 29, 2016

Gilla buys supplements online, this is a review of one of those buy places.

The selection seems quite decent here. They seem to carry almost all products a person could want, including a lot of the lesser known guys who are just breaking into the game. I didn't specifically seek out a product as I opened an email and saw a special for a product I wanted to try.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
The website contains nutrition information for all products I poked around in. They also save your information in your account for quick and easy checkout processes. They let you know if inventories are limited, which is a nice perk and suggests they are on top of their tech game. The website layout is clean and I came across no technical errors when browsing.

The best part. I've placed two orders with them, as a bargain hunter. I don't remember the first as that was years ago, but this time, I bought Primeval Labs' "Adrenal Rush v2" for buy one get TWO free. I was able to snag three tubs of that stuff for $40. That's quite solid. I was skeptical thinking it would be close to expiration and crossed my fingers before it made it to me, but nope, it's good until 2018. Solid. They also send out emails every couple of days with more great BOGO style offers. It's never the same products either. It's usually a good 4-5 different product offerings at great discounts.

Shipping was extremely fast as well. I placed my order on Sunday afternoon and it made it to me from Tennessee by Wednesday. I didn't pick any sort of speedy option, just the cheapest and it got here that quickly. That's nice as well. I found it interesting that they offered both UPS and Fedex Shipping, with the same expected delivery times, but for different prices. I picked the cheaper of the two options (UPS), but they ended up shipping via FedEx. No issues with that, as it arrived quickly, so it's nice to get an unexpected... "upgrade" ?

The only place there was room for improvement. As a "lesser known" (sort of) retailer, I prepare myself for potential issues. There was no REAL issue here, just that I received no immediate email confirmation of my order. I like to know that my credit card gets a hole on it immediately and my order is processing. It took about 36 hours before the order confirmation came through, with the shipping confirmation just a couple hours after that, which is solid.

A solid option that also has a number of great sales on a huge variety of products.
Rep: +1,104
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 58
  August 12, 2015

I stumbled upon A1supplements when I was trying to find AX Supersize for a decent price. Before that was my go to store for supplements, however they did not have that product, so I had to check other websites.

They have a great selection of sport supplements as well as herbal supplements. Its a wide range of different brands and items. Usually if I can't find it on another site, A1 has it. That is definitely my favorite part about them is their selection.

-Layout and Ease of Ordering-(9/10)
Layout is clean and orderly, and purchasing a product is easy. They accept Paypal, which I love since Paypal is probably the most secure way to purchase online.

Prices are great, right now they're running a special on Blackstone Labs Dust V2 by one get one free. Its deals like that, that continue to bring me back, as you can't find that stuff anywhere else for such a great price. Other items are usually competitively priced as well, their specials are what make them such a great website.

Their shipping is flat rate $5.95 and its not Amazon or fast, but you usually get your products with in a week

Service is good they communicate well the entire way through the order. Any problems you have, they handle them promptly without delay.

Overall A1supplements is one of my top 5 online retailers to buy from, with Amazon being my favorite(because of Prime). They have a great selections with competitive prices and specials that make them great for someone looking for a deal on their favorite supplements.
Rep: +135
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 16
  April 29, 2016

Found out about SR through general curiosity about many products i was interested in, and y'all delivered as usual with everything i could ever need to know. Writing this review because this is one of my many go-to's, and for good reason!

Selection on this site is pretty nice. Id say only a handful of things ive looked for i havent been able to find here but as far as the main supps and just about everything else they're good to go.

----Layout and Ease of Ordering----
Ive never had a problem with many sites, mainly cause ive visited them so often and know what im looking for. But this is a very easy to use site giving the option to search by category or brand, shouldnt need much more than that. A big feature of the page is the option to view "Bogos & Deals", and let me tell you, this a beautiful page that seems never ending and chances are you'll either find what youre looking for or something close to it. Ordering is simple, once you have an account set up its no more than a minute to get from cart to finished ordering. Cant ask for much more.

This is where this site SHINES. Getcha shades boys. Im a college student and have about the money you would expect a college student to have. The deals on this site are unparalleled. The bulk of my money goes towards supps, the B1G1 & B1G2 deals they have keep me coming back. As far as general prices, they fall in line with just about every other site, but being able to get things like Multis, Carnitine, Bcaas B1G1 keep me coming back and being a loyal member. Its also nice when they have a sweet deal on a good preworkout.

Shipping says 2-5 days, and they've done so every time. Spot on in the shipping department.

I've never had a problem with their service. Every time ive gotten the exact products in a timely manner, cant complain a bit.

to wrap it up, this is a great site and one that equals or beats just about any other site. They come in clutch when you make bulk purchases of all your more inexpensive supps with their deals, and for those who are balling on a budget like myself, it's a good place to fill your supplement cabinet for a good price without skimping out on the things you want. Definitely recommend this to anybody shopping for supps!
Rep: +32
Trust: 57%
  March 16, 2011

I had been a loyal customer for a few years. Money has been tighter lately, so I decided to shop around. A1 seemed to have much better prices, and cheaper shipping. I sprung on the opportunity of a 20% off entire purchase coupon to convince me to leave my safety bubble and venture to a new reatailer.

I placed my ordered. At the time, it stated all items were in stock. Little did I know, they were not. I received a confirmation email stating my order had been processed. 4 days later, I received a second email stating they were waiting on an item to become in stock in order to complete my order and ship it out.

This upset me. Not only was I misled that the item was in stock, they waited 4 days to notify me that it was out of stock. Additionally, they held my entire order for one product. I would of preferred them to ship the partial order out, and send the backordered item separately.

I am glad that they kept me in the loop, but am still disappointed. I'll still be trying them again, since I tend to order my supplements in advance before I run out.
Rep: +32
Trust: 54%
  August 7, 2009

I had no problems with these guys. I ordered Prime,Powerfull, and some NOW vitamins. The prices are decent, not overpriced, but not the cheapest either. Although the NOW products have some sweet prices I got my multivitamins for 3.99! As for the shipping I guess i can't judge, cause I did the express for like 3 bucks more, it arrived when they said it would (2-3 days) I got 3 bucks off with my purchase over 90 bucks. Which realy isnt anything, some sites off 5% off, they threw in a free product I got to choose. I chose a T-Shirt. All in all they are reliable, and have a good variety of products. I'm gonna go through them again.
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  August 28, 2009

I ordered 2 bottles of Hydroxycut that were voluntarily recalled by the manufacturer. I never received notice from A1 which is kind of understandable. I found out last week about the recall so I called the number on the box. A message said something like "there are too many calls to answer, please return the product to the store you bought it from for a full refund". I called A1 and they said I missed the cutoff date. I asked for contact information for MuscleTech/ Iovate and was told it was private. The girl I talked to was rude and short with me. I asked to speak to someone else and she put me on hold and then picked back up to tell me that there was nothing the company could do for me. She didnt let me talk to someone else. I called back and someone else answered, I told her about my situation and she put me on hold for the same girl to handle it. I dont really care about losing $50 but I do care about customer service. And A1's customer sucks.
Rep: +6
Trust: 0%
  October 4, 2009

This place is one of the best retailers i have used from many. They usually carry the prohormones longer than anyone else to after the stupid FDA knock them off the shelve even at the discounted prices. It only took 2 days for my order to come in. Their prices are great most the time comparable or cheaper than competitors. I got confirmation emails in seconds of order will def. use again.
Rep: +14
Trust: 25%
  February 18, 2010

I tend to buy my stuff from these guys because of the great selection and low prices. Often times they send me emails on specials and coupons. So far they have been good about shipping my stuff in a timely manner...and the shipping is one flat rate(I think $5.95). Ive seen slightly cheaper places, but they tack on extra for shipping based on weight. I've never had to deal with their costumer service reps so I don't now how they are. They have some great deals on multi vitamins and other misc. supplements as well, and you get a free gift with a minimum purchase of I think $90. I have ordered with A1Supplements 3 or 4 times and will probably do so again.
Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  June 26, 2010

First time purchasing from A1. Took 2 weeks before i received the item. Gave them negative feedback, and they blocked me!! What?! They were going to provide a refund of $110 due to 2 items they were not able to send (out of supplies). since they've blocked me, havn't received the refund (this has now been 3 weeks), and they have not bothered to response to process the refund.

I AM VERY ANGRY. Next Step is the ACCC.

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