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Zig Pulse Reviews

By: Reebok

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Zig Pulse is a Workout Accessory manufactured by Reebok. It is designed to be used in conjunction with your workout routine to assist with specific exercises or goals.

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  June 4, 2011

  • Looks Cool
  • Zig Zag Sole For Flexability
  • Good Grip
  • Comfortable
  • Synthetic Mesh For Breathability
  • Expensive
so i thought i'd write a review on something different other than supplements. a few weeks ago i bought a pair of Reebok Zig Pulse's, so i figured hey why not write a review on these? so here it is.

i first saw these shoes on television ads, sponsored by professional athletes like alot of other products out there. i thought they were maybe just another over priced shoe and a gimmick. last year my dad bought two pairs of these shoes, he started getting into running/working out and said how great they worked for him. so i decided to give them a try.

Style/Look/Design: initially i thought they were kinda weird and goofy looking and most of the colors were kinda bright and stood out which isn't usually my thing; but they do make some colors that are less "flashy". the sole of the shoe is wavy/zig-zag, which is different from your traditional flat, or arched sole. after having the shoes for about a week i grew to like the way they look, i think it's unique and cool.

Effectiveness/Comfort/Feel: looking at the shoes they look like they're really heavy, when actually they're alot lighter than i thought they would be. the shoe is made from Synthetic Mesh which allows for better breathability of my foot and cushioning.

these shoes make my feet feel less sore over longer periods of time, this is due to the "zig-zag" style sole, which helps absorb impact and helps reduce stress on leg muscles. the style of the shoe also helps promote foot flexability. i felt like i got good grip on my shoes whether i was doing exercises like squats, lunges, treadmill or any other exercise. these shoes also seem like they work good for your feet just for every day use also.

Value: these shoes are going to cost around $99.99, which i think is expensive for any kind of shoe. i was lucky enough to snag a pair on a brief sale at my local mall for $49.99! that's a great deal for these shoes IMO. i'm giving it a "8" on value based on average/original price, but if they were normally $49.99 i'd rate the value a 9 or 10.

Overall: these are probably the best pair of running/athletic shoes that i've ever bought so far, if you can find a pair on sale definitely grab them. these are the only shoes at this moment i think would consider worth paying full price for.


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