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Pro Xanthine 500 XT Reviews


  September 27, 2015

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Good Mood
  • Effective
  • Weight Loss
  • Fat Loss
  • Very Strong
  • Weak Appetite Suppression
Hello SR Community! I'm here to review FINAFLEX's thermogenic Pro Xanthine 500-XT, it's been awhile since I've reviewed a sup so bear with me eh? I stacked this product with Razor8 Blast Powder as my PWO, GreenMag as my creatine, and DAA as a booster. I was very impressed overall with this product and would most definitely see myself doing another cycle or two of this powerful and affordable weight loss agent! I'll be breaking down this review into a few different sections: Ingredient Profile, Effectiveness (This will include all of the claims that FINALEX makes on the front of the bottle.), Dosing/Value, and an Overall section. Well, let's get in it shall we?

Ingredient Profile: 8/10
Well, I'm assuming the rules of this site are the same as when I was super activemeaning that everyone still dislikes prop blends so let me start off by saying that it's a Prop Blend. However, look to the ingredient list on this page to see what each one is supposed to do, nice feature SR. There are two sets of prop blends, one for the thermogenic/fat loss and one for the mood elevator. The other reviews of this product have a detailed profile breakdown, look up FlashReborn's review for a more in depth review of ingredients.

Effectiveness: 9/10
The bottle makes the claim that this product will give you 5 effects: "prolonged appetite suppression, a concentration enhancement effect, antioxidants, hours of clean energy, and will reduce belly fat." I will break each one down and rate my results for each category, I'm also adding in a thermogenic category.

Prolonged Appetite Suppression: 5/10
I am a grazer by nature, I work on a farm and have access to a lot of raw food that I eat throughout the day. One of the main reasons I bought this weight loss supplement was to cut back on this grazing, however this was the only part of this product that did not deliver for me. I had no major appetite suppression to speak of. I am rating this section a 5 because even though I did not feel the effects of the appetite suppression that I was expecting (Comparing this product to OEP before it was discontinued where I had to force myself to eat) I have to believe that it did in fact work. I understand that that statement sounds strange but I'm sure it worked, just not as well as other appetite suppression supps I have taken in the past.

Concentration Enhancement: 8/10
I honestly felt like I could accomplish almost any task while taking this product. I had a sharp and keen sense of everything that was going on around me, my focus was on point on this. Being a part of this day and age focusing is difficult for anyone I'm sure, however it was much easier on this cycle. I felt like I was almost on cloud9 from the mood enhancers. The only downside in this section is that it took some time for my body to really get used to the product, it is very stim heavy and as such took a while to become accustomed to how it makes you feel.

Antioxidant Properties: ?/10
I didn't get sick, this section feels like a copout however really don't know how to rate it or review it, I felt fine this whole cycle and didn't feel run down.

Hours of Clean Energy: 9/10
As others have stated this product may work too well, this was the case for my first week or so taking it. I felt like a crack addict the first couple times I took this product, I was basically bouncing off the walls while working (good for my job but bad for others I'm sure). After my first week this reduced and the energy did indeed feel very clean. Again, it is a very stim heavy product and should be treated as such. I started with one cap in the morning and could feel the effects kicking in on my way to work, once I started working I really felt the energy kick in and man oh man it was great! I usually have 3-4 cups of coffee working long hours on the farm, getting up early etc etc, however while taking this I did not have to drink a single cup. I felt no real crash afterwards either. After a 2 weeks I upped the dosage and took a cap in the morning and one a little after lunch, I felt the rush and was bouncing off the walls for the first few days again until my body became accustomed to the stims, again still no crash or extremely jittery feeling after the first couple doses. One of the best products in my book for this part of the supplement!

Belly Fat Reducer: 9/10
Well as I stated in my opening I stacked this product with a few products I've used in the past and understand how all of them effect my body. Before my return to the gym (I started back up again around February) I weighed around 230lbs, much too high for my height 5'10 and build. I lost a solid 20lbs then the weight became harder to lose after the first few months. I bought and started my stack in July. Once completing this product I was under 200 and am sitting at a solid 195lbs. I lost a total of 15lbs while taking this, and most of it was in fact in my mid-section, hips, belly etc. It is remarkable once you start losing weight the difference you begin to see in 'old' pictures of yourselfmoving on. Like I said above I know and understand what most of the other products in my stack do with my body (all except my PWO) and the DAA is effective at losing weight as well, however I have to give this product credit for really pushing the weight loss to the next level. I have since kept the weight off and am looking to lose more.

Thermogenic: 10/10
Yep, that good. I love the feeling of a thermogenic and this product did not disappoint one bit. I sweat my a%^$ off. You could actually feel the product turn on and immediately you start to sweat more, it was great for me specifically. It was not an uncomfortable amount to be honest for me because of what I do. I sweat a lot from it, I see in some of the reviews that some users did not have the same experience I did from it.

Dosing/Value 9.5/10
This product lasted me a little more than a month. I started off by taking on capsule a day for about two weeks and then uped my dosage to two a day. I had no unusual side effects of problems in dosing and taking this product. I paid $25.99 for this product, in my mind that is a great deal for how well it worked. The price and effectiveness are well worth the $25 for a little more than a month's worth of product!!

Overall 9/10
While I didn't really experience what I thought I would in regards to the appetite suppression aspect of this supplement, the other parts of it more than made up for it. This product is great for anyone looking to lose those extra few pounds after months in the gym when progress slows, it gave me that little extra push to achieve my goal of being under 200lbs again. In my book this is a great product with some added bonus's including the mood/concentration enhancers that worked very well, for me, as well as the very effective thermogenic effect all culminating in lost weight. Without a doubt I'm already looking forward to my next cycle that includes this product. Thanks for reading SR and I look to become more involved again.


  • JayT
    Rep: +2,781
    September 28, 2015

    Good review. I did not notice any appetite suppression while on this either.

  • TigerJT
    Rep: +465
    September 29, 2015

    Great review! Looking at this !

  • ron
    Rep: +5,387
    September 30, 2015

    No appetite suppression but a 15 pound loss from the thermal effect wow! On my radar for sure. Excellent review!

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