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  October 17, 2014

  • Vastly Improved GI Health
  • Possible Boost To Recovery
  • Versatile
  • Fully Dosed Ingredients
  • Disappears Fast At Higher Doses
  • Gas And Bloating
  • Container Design
I want to begin by thanking Snagency and the folks at Finaflex for giving me a shot at logging their new product, Muscle Fiber. This is the “maiden voyage” of what I hope will be many official product logs and reviews.

As displayed on the product packaging, “Muscle Fiber by Finaflex combines a blend of two muscle preserving and strengthening ingredients with a Prebiotic Soluble Fiber. Muscle Fiber features two categories of ingredients that are often taken separately into one complete and novel dietary supplement.” Sounds like a win to me. Product claims include preventing muscle breakdown, increasing muscle strength, and making fiber intake easier. Let’s dig in…


Serving Size: 1 Scoop (7.5 grams)
Servings Per Container: 60
Calories 5
Total Carbs 3g
Dietary Fiber 3g
Soluble Fiber 3g
Vitmain D3 500 IU
Fructooligosaccharide 2.5g
L-Glutamine 5g
Other Ingredients: Silica

This is a simple product with a clearly defined purpose. The benefits of each ingredient are well-documented, and even at 1 scoop/day the doses are clinically effective. Glutamine and D3 both aid in various bodily processes, and FOS is a unique prebiotic agent with many benefits aside from digestive health. What MF is supposed to do, matches perfectly with what’s in it.


The powder is unflavored, but not tasteless. FOS is a mild sweetener and it shows when mixed with water. There’s nothing unpleasant about it, though it doesn’t “mesh” particularly well with certain beverages (e.g. I didn’t like it in my coffee, which I usually take black). When mixed with any number of other supps, like BCAAs or protein, the subtle taste is unnoticeable. This makes it extremely versatile. It also dissolves very well when stirred, as the directions indicate. If not drunk immediately, however, the powder does tend to fall out of solution and settle at the bottom. Not a big deal, as the concentrated paste is actually quite tasty. In a blender bottle, it mixes fully – you won’t even know it’s there.

The amount taken daily will depend heavily upon your needs. If you already take a multi and BCAA supplement, you likely won’t need the extra glutamine or D3. But if you’re taking other supplements that mess with your GI health, as I was, you may up your dosage for more FOS. Since this is so versatile, it isn’t hard to find the time or place to take it, so the maximum dosage of 4 scoops/day really isn’t overbearing.

One thing I do want to mention is that the tub is way too skinny. Once I was about half way through it, I couldn’t fit my hand in to get the scoop easily. To their credit, as I understand it, Finaflex was already working on correcting this when I mentioned it. A minor inconvenience.


This drastically improved my GI health and regularity, which was a much needed change in light of the side effects I was experiencing from some other supplements. I went from going twice, sometimes 3 times a day at unexpected intervals, to one large, triumphant morning elimination. Consistency was also, well, consistent. I no longer lived in fear of wandering too far from a bathroom. I could trust my farts again.

I can’t overstate how much I needed this product when I got it. If any of your supplements give you issues, as many pre-workouts, test boosters, thermogenics, protein powders, carb supps, etc. tend to do, this will help you. This did even more for me than daily intake of acidophilus and Greek yogurt.

My recovery might also have been quicker while on this. Vitamin D3 and Glutamine could both be credited with that effect. D3 and FOS have also been shown to increase absorption of many important nutrients, so that can’t be dismissed.


The best part about this is also the worst part. What I mean by that is, while it helped with regularity and consistency, it SEVERELY altered and intensified odor. Just like I could depend on the morning movement, evening flatulence was an equally regular occurrence (much to the chagrin of my poor wife). I admit, I let the dog take the blame for some of my worse gaseous deposits, but what could I do when they smelled like a dog's anyway? And a dead one at that. This change, I gather, is due to the gaseous and acidic byproducts of FOS metabolism by gut bacteria; a tolerable effect in light of this product’s benefits, but still quite pungent.

Also, because my bathroom visits were less frequent, I would tend to feel “heavy” and bloated at times. Thankfully, this only became noticeable into the evening hours when it didn’t matter much. But if you were to try lifting while this bloat and heaviness were present, it might become bothersome. I was lucky enough to have a perfectly timed “cycle” for my schedule.

At best, Muscle Fiber seems to hover in the $25-30 range with most third party suppliers. Whether or not this is a good price depends heavily upon how badly you need it, and how many servings you take per day. In the state I was in before I got Muscle Fiber, this is a price I would readily pay for the relief I saw.

Granted, I took 4 scoops/day on most days to make darn sure I would stave off those squirts, and at that clip it would only last a little over two weeks. But I imagine most people would do well in the 1-2 scoop range, which would be well over a month’s worth of product.

Still, with how cheap these ingredients can be in bulk (even at high quality) I can’t justify giving too high a grade here. The value in my eyes is above average, but not great, especially considering how quickly one could go through a tub at the high end of the recommended dose.


Here I will implement Finaflex’s requested rating scale (1=Strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree, 3=Neutral, 4=Agree, 5=Strongly Agree).

1) This product improved my recovery: (3) – I thought at first that the additional ingredients were helping in this area, but I began to change my mind after continued use. Plausible, but not easily discernible.

2) This product improved my sense of well-being: (4) – At the very least, GI regularity made me a much happier man. The extra kick of Vitamin D may have had something to do with this as well, but that’s hard to say.

3) This product had a positive effect on my digestive system: (5) – Absolutely. Muscle Fiber made me the conductor of my GI train, whereas before I felt like Chris Pine in Unstoppable (i.e. if I don’t do something soon, people will die).

4) This product improved my overall physical performance, including endurance and stamina: (3) – Like item 1, this is possible due to additional ingredients, but on top of my other supps they were more likely superfluous.

5) I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to friends and family: (4) – This can make a big difference for anyone struggling with GI regularity, even more so than the typical remedies. It might not be necessary for everybody, but it seemed to be for me.

This is a solid product from a solid brand that does what it says it will do. It contains a unique blend of very beneficial ingredients, and I saw a great deal of success in the areas it is meant to improve. I would like to see a container redesign, both in shape and size, to have a more cost-effective option for someone who might need a bit more of this than the average consumer. In summary, this is a product I would use again and recommend to others. I think Finaflex has done a great job bolstering dietary fiber, the unsung hero of the supplement market.

Thanks for reading, everybody!


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