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Mass 550 Reviews


Mass 550 is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by FINAFLEX. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
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  April 22, 2018

  • Builds Muscle
  • Libido Increased
  • Increased Strength
  • Blends
Thank you to the crew here at SR and Clippy for hooking up this product up to try out. Test boosters are a great addition to most workout regimens and a great way to bust through plateaus and make them glorious gainzz we all seek. A good test booster is like a good ace in the hole.


2 pills taken about an hour prior to workout

Ingredient Profile (7/10)

The profile on this product is a little obscure to be honest, it features two blends. The first blend is a 120mg blend and is described as a "Lean Mass Matrix" which consists of an ingredient called "Letrosterone", which appears to be a plant extract of some sort. All the googling I did on that leads you back to this product. The other blend is a "Testosterone Matrix" at 550mg consisting of D-Aspartic Acid and Fenugreek. No matter how you slice it the DAA and Fenugreek are just throw ins and nowhere near where a clinical dose should be. So the staple of this is the Letrosterone, which is a relative unknown to me, and the internet too it seems. So the profile itself from the outside looking in doesn't look very impressive.

Effectiveness (9/10)

With the underdosed and unknown elements of this product, I didn't have very high expectations of this product. However I was very pleasantly surprised. My strength shot up noticeably while on this product, pretty much every lift and exercise I did I was able to either up the weight or up the reps on the weight I had capped out at prior. It was nice to get PH-ish type strength gains without having to run all the support supps and PCT. All the good things you experience with a good test booster were also there, more energy, higher sex drive and so on. Although I would categorize this product as more of an anti-estrogen product than a test booster due to the lack of adequate test boosting ingredients, but whatever was in this it worked well for me. I also did not experience any adverse side effects while using this as well.

Value (8/10)

The best spot to grab this from is Amazon at $29.95 for a 30 day supply, or roughly $1 a day. I would gladly pay this to experience more of what I did in my first go around with this. So although it does not appear as much, I think it's holds it's value well with it's performance.

Conclusion and Verdict

Mass 550 from Finaflex is a solid test booster/anti-estrogen/natural anabolic product that will deliver strength and performance gains and help you blast through a plateau. Although it doesn't appear to be much from looking at the label with underdosed and obscure ingredients, it packs a punch when you use it. It's reasonably priced for the results you will experience on this, and is a product I look forward to running again. I give this a big thumbs up and Shinndigg Seal of Approval!

  June 25, 2014

  • Libido Increased
  • Good Recovery
  • Solid A.I
  • Builds Muscle
  • Blends
  • Too Expensive
Good afternoon SR disciple? Today I want to drop a review I have been working on for a while now and just haven't had the time to complete it till today! I was lucky enough to run MASS550 from Finaflex as a Beta-tester and I have to give a big thank you to My Man Montego for picking me. MASS 550 is a new breed of natural anabolic, it has a solid anti-estrogen effect and also minor test boosting effect, but MASS 550 put together with an up and coming compound that increases protein turnover and aids recovery as well as promotes lean mass gains can this be the next best thing? I will let you decide after reading the review!


Dosage 8/10


The directions on the bottle state take 1 to 2 servings a day with food. A single serving is 2 pills and since this was a beta test I ran the 30 day protocol of 2 pills upon waking for the first half of the trial and then split 1 pill upon waking and 1 pill 5-6 hours later with next meal. I feel this was easy to take and no matter how you dice it take it with food simple boom!


Effectiveness 8.0/10

I was very impressed with this product and I might have been even more impressed if I used two servings a day instead of the one. It was quickly noticed my hunger increased pretty rapidly within the first week. After week2 I started to notice a recovery increase I was less sore after each workout, I will chalk this up to a couple things recovery from an injury and starting to rework muscle groups that were slightly atrophied rebuilding from the cells inside getting the protein and work they have missed and the fact that maslinic acid increases protein uptake so your body can easily use it more efficiently. By the end of week 3 I started to notice a drier leaner look in areas of my body that contained less body fat and also my libido was starting to rise. Since there is not much of a test booster and more of an anti-estrogen with the letrosterone this is the same compound found in other strong A.I such as triazole from driven sports. As your body slowly decreases estrogen it allows your natural testosterone to fulfill is job and boost mood, libido and speed metabolism.

By the end of this run I noticed that my recovery was considerably up, my libido was back on point well where a 30yr old male should be, my metabolism was working well I was hungry and able to drop .5" with moderate cardio and pretty consistent training weight stated about the same +/- lb or two.
Now the reason for 8.8 I was pretty rugged before my injury and I can't place 100% of my results on this alone nor do I feel a supplement is magic you need to work and follow diet and exercise regiments to see results, but this product helped for sure when added to my routines and diet.


Side Effects 2/10

On a scale of 1 being next to none and 10 being im writing this on my death bed this got a 2. I noticed that the product caused a pretty dry effect on my joints especially my shoulders. By week three my shoulders felt achy all the time I had to up my fish oil and add a joint support which relieved the pain and uncomfortable feelings. Normally I don't get this feeling from an A.I but this one caused it for sure.


CONTENT 8.0/10

This is a unique blend yes blend but it's a small one. The main concept and idea of MASS 550 was to make a revolutionary natural muscle building compound, Finaflex decided to go with an A.I with a bit of DAA and fenugreek but the compound that sets this off is olive pomace oil (malinic acid)
My biggest question with the compound is it states that it is 70% standardized maslinic acid and from what I have researched and found is that anything more than 30% standardized is typically impossible to create since it is so fragile in nature.

Let's look at the full content
Serving size 2 caps
1600 iu of D3
Lean mass matrix 120mg
Inside is the goodies
Lestrosterone (brassaiopis glomerulata) this is the Natural A.I product
Olive pomace oil (standardized 70% maslinic acid tough to believe but maybe)
NARINGIN helps with absorbing other compounds

Test matrix 550mg
DAA and fenugreek

Does the DAA and fenugreek serve a purpose at this dose? Well it does help a bit with libido and since this is a powerful A.I a little extra test boosting to work with your natural can't hurt I guess.


Value 7/10


MASS 550 seems to be bringing in 45-50.00 per 60 count bottle. This seems a bit high but I do realize the compounds are quite exotic so this may be the case. As for expectations to results I would say it is worth the go around with the product. If you're looking for a strong A.I with a unique exotic compound that creates a pretty high amount of protein turn over and really good recovery this may be worth the extra coin. Keep in mind I feel that you may want the two bottles for the 30 day run.

Overall this is a well above average product that brings a unique twist to natural anabolic products. It is very easily dosed 1-2 servings a day, I would have loved to run 2 servings a day which to me would more than likely give the greatest results but 1 serving will get you by. This product hits pretty well and you will notice how effective it is by week 3 once it is fully into the system. The compounds work even in a blend my only question is how did the people at finaflex get a 70%standardization of the maslinic acid? Price is a bit steep which hell could explain how they got the 70% maslinic acid, but this product was better than I expected and deserves value. I would buy this if I find some extra coin under the sofa. I will give this a full HULK SEAL OF APPROVAL!


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