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G8 is a Nighttime Sleep Formula manufactured by FINAFLEX. It is designed to be used before bed time. It promotes restful sleep, increases REM sleep and helps the body attain an optimal state for muscle recovery and growth.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

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  June 6, 2016

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to FINAFLEX for sending it out!)
Hello again, everybody! Hope all is well. Up for review today is Finaflex G8, a supplement that was getting a lot of attention when I signed up to try it, but that seems to have died down a bit. G8 is a sleep-aid, recovery, anxiolytic-type of product, and it is definitely effective; however, I'm still undecided for a few key reasons. Let's dig in.


G8 contains a lot of good stuff, definitely more than the typical sleep-aid/recovery formula. I see it as the "mad scientist" of this product category, way beyond your standard ZMA blend. There's a light helping of vitamins C and B-6, which I assume are included for their potential to aid production of certain neurotransmitters. The 3g "HGH Elevate-Restore-Recover" blend includes phenibut (the real heavy-hitter), GABA, L-arginine and L-glutamine. I like the inclusion of arginine; I do think it's much more useful in a recovery formula like this than it ever would be in a pre-workout. The dose is probably on the light side, however.

The 812.5mg "Mood Elevator" blend contains some fairly common nootropic ingredients, like phenethylamine, tyrosine, picamilon, and 5-HTP, all very reasonable contributors to mood and sleep quality. One of my gripes with the profile, however, is they don't use the widely-known names for these compounds; rather, they have the long scientific standard versions that are just annoying to read, e.g. 2-amino-3-(5-hydroxy-1H-indol-3-yl) propanoic acid. What benefit is there to labeling this way?

I also don't like the large blends, which is admittedly a fairly common industry practice but with ingredients like phenibut, which are highly individualized, potent, and dose-dependent, I think a bit more specificity is warranted. They could do it the same way a lot of companies label pre-workouts containing caffeine, and disclose the specific amount of phenibut within the blend. Even then, however, the powder doesn't guarantee you'd receive that exact amount with each scoop, as I found this powder to be less uniformly constituted than others. Aside from these drawbacks, G8 offers a very solid collection of ingredients.


I have seen some negative reactions to the Lemon Freeze flavor, but I thought it was excellent. Just enough tart and sweet, depending on the amount of water you use to mix, and I never got sick of it. Mixability was pretty good too. I often only had to swirl in a glass of water to get enough of a solution. Dosing is also easy and fairly accurate (if you are working with a level scoop).


As I mentioned previously, G8 seems to have a pretty widely varied effect from one user to the next, so keep that in mind. That being said, G8 is the most effective sleep and recovery product I've ever used. I would say about 90% of the time, I fell asleep quickly, easily, and DEEPLY right when I planned to. Any discrepancies in this pattern I would attribute to a possible un-even distribution of ingredients in the powder, or some combination of effects from other supplements I might have been taking. At first I only used half a scoop, and could definitely feel the effects. As I progressed through the tub, or if I were looking forward to a chance to sleep in, I increased to a full scoop. The interesting thing about increasing the dose was that it seemed to just lengthen the effects, rather than increase the intensity of the initial onset.

The combination of nootropics also seemed to increase the depth of REM sleep, as evidenced by more frequent and intense dreams. These included a career as a border-hopping cocaine mule, having my wallet stolen abroad and getting wrapped up in legal proceedings, being watched by a strange woman while I crapped you can check my most recent log for more details. Anyway, this was all a sure sign that I was sleeping more deeply, albeit perhaps with a more active unconscious mind. I also seemed to experience less DOMS while using G8, perhaps a combination of the glutamine, arginine, and deeper sleep.


Okay, maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, but this stuff really did mess me up pretty good on more than just a handful of occasions. Primarily, just in general, it took a long time to really feel "awake" in the morning. I'd often feel pretty heavy and hazy upon waking, sometimes accompanied by what felt like tremors that would calm down after an hour or so. This effect was greater with increased doses. I also woke up in the middle of the night once, full-on hallucinating a giant spider crawling across my ceiling (again, look to my log for more details). This was more a "whoa, that's weird" experience than something legitimately scary, but still.

Perhaps most troublesome were the effects I experienced when I finished the tub, rather than during its use. I've said this before, but it bears repeating - I wish I had done more research on phenibut before using G8, and you would be wise to do the same. That's not to say I wouldn't have tried it at all, but I definitely would have been a lot more cautious about finishing it, i.e. reducing my dose slowly over many days, rather than cold turkey. There were some very real withdrawal symptoms that I dealt with for at least a week, maybe more. These included anxiety, cognitive deficit, agitation, sleeplessness I certainly did not feel like myself, but thankfully things improved pretty quickly.

VALUE: 7.5

Just like a product's effectiveness, its value will vary greatly from one user to another. For how effective this was for me, and how long the 40 serving tub lasted, I think the price point is pretty solid. Because of the side effects, I'm not sure if I would purchase G8 again, but judging strictly from a price/longevity ratio, G8 ranks very highly.


G8 performed exactly as I needed and expected it to, but unfortunately it snuck some weird and uncomfortable stuff in as well. I would recommend it, with a note of caution, to anyone searching for a sleep and recovery formula.

Thanks for reading everyone, and have a great day!
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Improved Recovery
  • Anxiolysis
  • Longevity
  • Slight Hangover
  • Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Prop Blends And Nomenclature
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  March 22, 2016

Howdy folks, today i'll be reviewing Finaflex's sleep/GH release product G8. I would like to preface this review by saying this was without a doubt the hardest product ive ever had to review. I write down notes while im going through a tub of product, and at the end re-read them and compare them to other factors I deem worthy of considering, before I even start to write my review. G8 gave me the most conflicting information from start to finish of any supplement i've ever taken, in fact, if you just read my notes from start to finish you'd swear I was taking multiple products, not the same product all the way through. Anyway, let's get down to it and see if I can put together a satisfactory conclusion.


I decided to give G8 a try as I was looking for a sleep aid product mainly, the GH releasing and DOMS benefits were secondary. I am a big fan of sleep aid products that work, mass HGH from Lecheek being one that works for me. I was looking to branch out from that and from previous reviews G8 got me a little excited that I might be looking at a really good product for this space. During my run with G8 I was not taking any other sleep aids or GH releasers. My other supplements consisted of proteins, various pre workouts and some intra BCAA-based products.


I should start this off by saying I am reviewing the OG formula of G8, with 40 servings in the tub. I believe there is a reformulated version, but I am not reviewing that one.

I had to take some marks off for the prop blends. I am not a fan of these, and while at the end of the day if it works then it works who cares what's in it, right? Well that might be true for a pre workout, or even an intra, but a sleep aid that contains ingredients like Phenibut and Picamilon, well that's a pretty big negative in my opinion. I understand the reasoning behind prop blends, especially in products like these which have a bit of 'black magic' and proprietary blends to make them effective, but I just cant cop a prop blend on this ingredient listing. Finally with the ingredient profile, now I cant be sure but looking at where some of the ingredients are listed in the blends, I believe them to be underdosed, especially the L-Arginine and L-Glutamine. So while your first impression of the ingredient profile is wow this stuff has all the good stuff in it, digging a little deeper yields less impressive impressions. Pretty much how this product went overall for me, but let's keep on going.

TASTE - 9.5/10

I had the lemon freeze flavour and damn it tasted amazing. I was always keen to chug this one down before bed. Through the whole tub I never wavered from this opinion, it tasted amazing even when it was clumpy as all hell and hard to measure out.


Again, no issues with the mixing, the only issue was towards the end of the tub when the product would get incredibly clumpy and moisture-contaminated, then it took a little longer to mix in. I believe the reformulation with less servings and a different profile addresses this clumping issue that's due to too many servings in the container and the ingredients having a tendency to clump and absorb moisture over time, but for my reviewed sample from about half way through the container there was significant clumping. Good thing I have scales to weigh my servings out with otherwise it would have been really difficult to measure out accurately.


I dosed this product initially at 1/2 scoop, and for the first half of the tub this was about all I needed. On days when I was going to sleep >8 hours I upped the dosage to 3/4 scoop. Once I was half way through the tub and it was going clumpy I also found I needed to up the dosage (by this stage I was weighing my servings out on a scale). I dont know if the moisture contamination attributed to this, but it was certainly noticeable that 1/2 or 3/4 scoop wasnt doing it for me anymore.

EFFECTIVENESS - Beginning 9.7/10, by the end of the tub 6/10

OK so this is where it was hardest to review this product. When I first cracked it open and started taking it, OMG, this was without doubt the best supplement, not just sleep aid, that i've ever taken! It was amazing, you crack half a scoop of this, 20mins later you are sleepy so you head to bed and BANG out like a light for 8 hours. Upon waking i'd be groggy for about 30 seconds, then it was go time and time to attack the day. I thought this was amazing, not only is this stuff legendary in terms of effectiveness, i'm only using half the recommended serving size! So I am getting 80 servings. This is amazing.

Then, things started to change. Initially I was taking this 5 nights a week and having a rest from it a couple of nights. I found that if I took 1 night off I would still feel the effects of this product and have a great nights sleep. I should add at this point that I take 200mg/ED of 5-HTP to help ensure my anxiety is in check, on top of any other supplement. After about half a tub, I was noticing that I was sweating a LOT more at night than normal, and on nights I didnt take G8 I wouldnt sweat nearly as much. I also noticed that my sleep was becoming less regular, like instead of being knocked out for 8 hours I was waking up once, then twice or more a night. Usually just to go to the toilet and I would fall back asleep quickly, but it was different to before. It was at this point I felt I was beginning to develop a dependence on the G8, which was timely as I was going overseas for 2 weeks for holiday, so I stopped taking G8 for that time.

When I returned the clumping was getting quite bad, and I was having to weigh out a full serving size when taking them to have it kick in. Even then, it was no longer as effective and once again the sweating was increased as well as the multiple wake ups a night. I started to go 1 day on 1 or 2 days off with this, as I was still getting the after-effects of the G8 the night after taking it. It was at this stage that the product went from wow this is the best supplement ive ever had to when will this tub be finished, or do I even want to finish the tub off? I've never had a supplement, any supplement, switch me round like this.

In short, when it was working, it worked amazing. Deep sleep, amazing dreams, waking up feeling refreshed (as long as you respected the dosages), I also believe my DOMS were reduced. When I got below 1/2 a tub this all changed and it went to not working anywhere near as effectively and attributing to increased sweating at night and waking up multiple times. Did someone say Jekyll and Hyde?


I'm going to give it a bit of a score here because of 2 reasons. One was the increased sweating, which is never fun and means you're changing your bedsheets all the time. The second is probably more important, and it's the waking up 2+ times a night towards the end of the tub. A sleep aid is supposed to put you to sleep and keep you there, if you are waking up it's not working for you.

VALUE - 9/10

I managed to pick up the OG formula for $33 + shipping for 40 servings, which lasted me months. Being able to originally use 1/2 scoop and get results made the value even better. Apparently the new formulation has less servings, which is good because you wont have to worry about clumping, and is a larger serving size which makes it easier to weight out accurately, but is also more expensive. So there's the dilemma. Like I said earlier, I cant comment on the new formulation, but the OG formula is definitely quality value, if the effectiveness is like the first half of the tub.


This is really tricky. Finaflex G8 went from my favourite sleep aid, and one of my all-time favourite supplements, to something that I couldnt wait to finish and was seriously considering just throwing out towards the end. Would I buy this again with my own money? No, not without trying some other brands in this same space. Can I recommend this to others? This is really tricky. My honest answer is, I dont know. I am 50/50 on this one, but I would say if you want to try a sleep aid, you can give this one a go. It might work for you, it might work for a while, or it may not work for you. I cant comment on the new formulation, but the OG is so difficult to recommend. OK I cant sit on the fence. I'm tossing up too much on this so I guess that means at the end of the day I cant really recommend this product, as hard as it is to say that. There ends one of the hardest reviews i've ever had to do.
  • Better Sleep
  • Good Recovery
  • Great Taste
  • Good Value
  • No Dyes
  • Great Mixability
  • Inconsistent
  • Lemon Freeze: 10/10
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  January 29, 2016

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
(Thanks to FINAFLEX for sending it out!)
I received the new G8 from FinaFlex for review. I have really liked the FF products I have taken in the past and have varying levels of success with sleep aids. Thank you FinaFlex for giving me this opportunity.

I rotate shifts so sleep is always a hit or miss with me. To be honest, it is a miss for 6-12 days in a row and then a 1 day crash. I have used some sleep aids in the past that helped me get that deep sleep even if it were only for 6 hours and feel refreshed. Sometimes a sleep aid has left me groggy afterwards and that's never good running on short sleep.

Taste 5/10

Lemon Freeze sounds great on the container. I thought a nice quick lemon burst before I lay down would really hit the spot. Unfortunately, this about had me sending it back up the first time I took it. I had used a moderate amount of water in a shaker to make sure it mixed well. It was gritty and the taste was more of a cheap lemon candy that didn't quite get it right. I was more prepared the next night and used more water. This did kill the taste a little but not enough. The 3rd night, I used as little water as possible. This was even a worse mistake because I had to rush to get more water to wash down the lemon mush left in my mouth. Eventually I decided to just throw the powder in my mouth and wash it down with a glass of water. This made it the most tolerable and had the taste stick around the least amount of time.

Near the end of the container, I did get back to using it in a shaker and could drink it without it gagging me. Not a fan of the flavor or mixing.

Profile 6/10
Other than the 50mg of Vitamin C and 5mg of B-6, the rest is split up into 2 blends. The first blend is 3g and contains Phenibut which is a controversial ingredient that was first developed in Russia. Phenibut is actually a GABA molecule that the Russians added a phenyl group to. This allows it to cross the blood/brain barrier easier and get into the nervous system. For medical use in other countries (it's considered a supplement here in USA), the average dosing is 1g twice a day with the top dosing being 1.5g twice a day. Seeing as this is part of a 3g blend with 4 ingredients, I would say this is right around a half serving a day based on that (pure speculation by me since it's listed first).

Next up in this blend is GABA which is shown to inhibit the signals coming from the brain. This should calm the nervous system down and put you at least closer to a state of rest.

The last 2 listed are L-Arginine and L-Glutamine. Being the last two listed in a 3g blend, I can't imagine there is enough of either of these to make that much of a difference. When I used these, 5g is a minimal serving for me.

Blend 2 is a mood enhancer. This is interesting because being in a "happy" state while going to sleep would seem to make sleep easier to attain. This one here is 812.5mg. It contains Phenylethylamine which is very interesting. On the surface it may help with some hormones such as dopamine being released. It is used to treat for depression so that all sounds positive but digging a little deeper, there may be more to this. It could possibly be unsafe for some people when taken orally because it is similar to amphetamine. I found that this seems to make a difference if you take too much which the amount they use for depression is supposedly 10-60mg. This being the first listed for the blend, I question how much of this is in there. Amphetamine is known to raise heart rate and blood pressure thus causing sleeplessness. Seems strange to me.

Tyrosine could possibly help reduce stress. However, if you take thyroid medication, you don't want to take this as it will decrease the absorption of your medication.

Picamilon is GABA and Niacin that has been shown to increase blood flow in the body especially to the brain and lower blood pressure. I also found this supposedly acts like a tranquilizer without the muscle relaxation or drowsiness (whatever that means). Also on 11/30/15 the FDA sent out letters to some companies using this telling them to stop. Go figure.
5-HTP works in the brain to increase serotonin, which has been shown to affect sleep. Because this increases serotonin, you shouldn't take this if you are taking anti-depressants since many of them also increase this. This doesn't have any evidence that it works by itself but has shown to be effective when used with GABA which is included in these blends.

Effectiveness 5/10

I was very saddened by how ineffective this was for me most of the time. I started with one scoop and didn't feel anything. In fact, I laid in bed forever just trying to go to sleep that night (I was on day shift). Maybe the Phen was doing this to me since it's the first time I really remember taking it? I don't really know but I had to stop taking it after laying there not able to sleep for 3 nights.

I started using it again the next week and I was able to fall asleep but not any faster than normal. I went about 5 days like this and never noticed any real difference in my sleep patterns or dreams.

Eventually I decided to go above the 1 scoop (which the label says not to do). I tried 1.5 and may have noticed that I fell asleep a slight bit faster. Still no change in sleep quality as I was waking up at least 5 times a night.

I tried 2 scoops a couple nights but would feel really groggy in the mornings so I went back to the 1.5.

Value 5/10

Looks like you can find this in the low to mid $30 range but finding this particular formula is difficult. Since there are 40 servings in it that comes out under $1 per serving which is good if it works for you. Since this is my review and it barely worked even at 1.5 scoops, middle of the road for me.

Overall 5/10

I considered bumping this up a hair because some people seem to like it but I really have to stop giving a product credit because some people like it. This was not for me. I didn't like the taste or mixing, it was ineffective for the most part, and the value isn't there for me. This isn't even listed on their website as a product (FDA?).

If you have some money to spare and want to try a new sleep aid, feel free to give this a try and hope that you get the results some of the other members got. I personally would not buy this and cannot recommend it. Thank you FinaFlex but this one was a miss for me unlike your other products. I will stick to the sleep aids that have worked for me.
    • Woke Up Groggy
    • Sleep Hangovers
    • Cause Some Drowsiness
    • Inconsistent
    • Bad Taste
    • Mixed Poorly
    • Not Effective
    • Lemon Freeze: 2/10
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      January 11, 2016

    Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
    (Thanks to FINAFLEX for sending it out!)
    Supplement Facts + Introduction
    If you follow any of my reviews you will notice that I really like reviewing sleep aids, because I know how effective they can be and how well it works for me in my life. As per my many reviews, I work 12 hour shifts where I wake up at 0505 to start getting ready and typically fall asleep before 2200. This only gives me on average 7-7.5 hours of sleep on work nights, where I wake up at 0705 to start my days off and fall asleep before 2200 as well giving me a average of 8.5-9 hours of sleep on my days off. I normally keep this routine very well as I am a morning person, but sometimes it is very difficult to fall asleep from the stress involved in my life as many of us have. That is where sleep aids come into play, but normally when I am not reviewing a sleep product for SR I am taking up to 5mg of Melatonin which works very well.

    In each FULL SERVING you have 5.7g of Proprietary Blends, and when it comes to a sleep aid that contains Phenibut (4-amino-3-phenyl-butyric acid)it is a very unfortunate thing.. For those not familiar with Phenibut, it is habit forming with withdrawal symptoms and psychosis. In other countries it is prescribed, and is given to those with mental health issues. Of course Phenibut is very strong, and when dosed correctly + taken correctly you can yield effective results without the need of prescription meds which could cause even more issues. So in the Elevate-Restore-Recover Matrix, there is 3g of active ingredients and low and behold Phenibut is listed first indicating that it is the highest dosed ingredient for this Matrix. Next up is GABA, Arginine, Glutamine, which you can read my other sleep aid reviews for more information on these ingredients. Finaflex also includes a Mood Elevator Blend containing L-Phenethylamine HCl (PEA), L-Tyrosine, 4-(pyridine-3-carbonylamino) butanoic acid (Picamilon), 2-amino-3-(5-hydroxy-1H-indol-3-yl) (5HTP). I feel the Mood Elevator Blend is a unique attribute to this sleep aid, and it seems to be dosed effectively as well.

    "Phenylethylamine is a trace amine and influencer of many of the 'happy hormones' such as dopamine and serotonin, -phenylethylamine is an important molecule in the brain with limited supplemental usage due to being rapidly broken down into inactive components."

    "Picamilon is a nootropic used for stress relief, improved mental performance, and anti-aging effects. Reviews often describe Picamilon as providing a stimulated calm feeling, which makes sense given that it was created by combining GABA and niacin. The chemical structure of Picamilon is 4-(pyridine-3-carbonylamino)butanoic acid or nicotinyl-y-aminobutyric acid and it was developed in 1969 by the All-Union Vitamins Scientific Research Institute in the Soviet Union. It is used widely in Russia for many different medical purposes such as treating stroke victims, depression, asthenia, migraines and types of glaucoma. Most nootropic users are interested in buying Picamilon to boost their mood, alleviate stress and improve cognitive energy and focus."

    Taste + Mixability + Dosing
    The Lemon Freeze is simply AMAZING in terms of taste! The flavor is not really describable because it tastes better than homemade lemonade! Mixability is fine, not perfect but will be fine is you gulp or swirl as you drink it as it does have sediment. Dosing was pretty difficult to find an effective amount, but initially I took 1/2 scoop as per recommended by Finaflex and other reviewers. I went onto 1 full scoop the next time, and then onto 1.5 and all the way up to 2 scoops which is not recommended by Finaflex nor by me. I based my dosing upon the effectiveness I experienced as going through the container.

    Effectiveness 6.5
    Starting on night 1 with only 1/2 a serving proved nothing more than ineffective in getting me to sleep, but it did allow for me to rest somewhat better yet I still woke up in the middle of the night which isn't uncommon but has been diminished when taking a sleep aid such as this. I went up to 1 full scoop the next night and yet had similar results, then on night 3 I tried 1.5 scoops and found that my quality of sleep was improved yet I didn't sleep any longer or fall to sleep sooner. After three nights of trying 0.5-1.5 scoops I went against the directions and took 2 scoops, which did in fact help me fall asleep sooner and kept me knocked out for a clear 11 hours. Obviously taking more is not always better, but in my pursuit of making this product work I decided to try it as I have done in the past before. I woke up severely groggy and wasn't able to sleep any longer, so I tried to get ready to goto the gym and as I started getting ready the grogginess worsened.. I spent that day practically laying down, trying to knock the grogginess off by taking a bath and soaking and eventually tried taking a stimulant which seemed to help for a while but eventually faded away unlike the grogginess! It was so bad that thinking about it as I type this makes my stomach and head feel sick, so I had to walk away from this review in order to finish it. The grogginess lasted for 2 whole days, and never started getting better until on the 3rd day. I kept hydrated and did not take any sleep aids at this time, and sleep wasn't very good due to this and I kept waking up throughout the night(s). I was so scared that I would have a relapse that I wasn't able to take more than 1/2 a scoop at first again, but eventually went back up to 1 full scoop and stayed there throughout the remainder of the container. In the words of one of the expert reviewers (Ron iirc) "Sometimes you wish that the product had fewer servings so you could finish it sooner.." and with G8 I certainly wish that it was the 20 serving product as described in the value section! Sleep was improved marginally, I didn't fall asleep any faster at 1 scoop for the majority of the container, woke up groggy even at 1 full serving on several occasions, and I feel that G8 didn't help me reach any of the claims "increased HGH levels, contributing to faster recovery time, increased sex drive, and overall feelings of well being". The mood elevated didn't seem to do anything noticeably, but possibly reduce some stress allowing for me to fall asleep.

    Value 7.5
    I always find it interesting that when I am looking up prices that I come across some sites selling this formula, and then that there is a different formula for sale. I checked Finaflex's website, but unfortunately they do not have this product listed.. Once more the "different/new" formula is only 20 servings, where this product in the review is 40 servings.. Delima? Well fear not, as we are required to review the product that we were given.. I was able to find THIS PRODUCT (40 servings, 5.7g formula not 11g) for $33, costing you $0.83 a serving which is a great value! The different/new version costs $36.50 for ONLY 20 servings, so I am not sure how long this review will stand to be correct as the formula I have is being phased out..

    Overall 6.2
    Overall I would recommend this product to someone whom is having a REALLY difficult time sleeping restfully, but only if you are able to sleep greater than 8 hours. Unfortunately this product wasn't something that I would try again, but rather try previous or new formulations by other companies whom either dose Phenibut on the low end or show the actual dosing. Of course I see and feel that Phenibut could be phased out of sleep aids, which I am in favor of! And I highly recommend that companies including Finaflex include Melatonin in their sleep aids to help that initial falling to sleep issue. Thank you Finaflex for this product in review, and I would love to hear what formulation is being produced and which is phased out.
    • Great Taste
    • Good Value
    • No Dyes
    • Woke Up Groggy
    • Sleep Hangovers
    • Inconsistent
    • Lemon Freeze: 10/10
    Rep: +813
    Trust: 100%
      November 17, 2015

    Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
    (Thanks to FINAFLEX for sending it out!)
    Big thank you to the folks at FINAFLEX and for allowing me to give this a go! This site is great because it gives consumers the opportunity to see real people using supplements and provide real feedback. Kudos to FINAFLEX, and others participating in the TROOP program, for putting their products out there for honest feedback.


    I am a 37 year old dude. At the point of this review I have just been back into the gym/lifting/physical fitness for about 10 -months now after an extended hiatus. This is the first sleep aid/growth product I have ever used. I am an okay sleeper - I get 4-6 hours pretty regularly and can function at a pretty good level with that amount of sleep. A few months back I bought a new bed because my quality of sleep was suffering and that made a big improvement on how I felt. When G8 came up for the TROOP program I figured I would see just how good this crazy sleep thing could get...

    Ingredient Profile

    You will see that the Value and Effectiveness of this product get 10's but the overall gets a 9.5 - and this is why... The fact that this stuff is a big prop blend is bothersome. You may say, "Hey, no way dude, that isn't fair! If it works great and is a good deal, why not just give it a 10?" And I would respond with - Some times, there are some things, that you just need to know how much you are taking into your body.

    G8 has one of those products... 4-Amino-3-phenyl-butyric acid or PHENIBUT... Phenibut has been found to be addictive in some cases. If you do some internet research you will find plenty of information on it and I will provide a few links for you to peruse: ( (

    So FINAFLEX does a good job of noting on the label to limit how long you used this stuff. I am guessing part of it is because of the potentially addictive properties of Phenibut. Again - with this being a prop blend and the phenibut being a component of that blend, we do not know how much we are getting here. I would advise you to know yourself, head the dosing suggestion on the label and be careful.

    One of the other ingredients in here is Picamilon. This is a nootropic, it crosses the blood brain barrier (BBB) and makes you feel GOOD! The original purpose for developing this supplement was to increase the levels of circulating GABA in the brain. Because GABA itself cannot cross the blood-brain barrier, this necessitated either changing its structure or combining it with another substance. When GABA was combined with Niacin to create Picamilon, an ideal formula for stress relief and energy boosting was found. ( Recently the government ruled that Picamilon does not fit any of the dietary ingredient categories and is currently being removed from many supplements. We will see where this leaves G8 in the long run.

    There is a lot of other things to note in here but I figured I would focus on these two because I thought they were the most noteworthy/controversial. Prop Blends stink because you just don't know how much you are getting of what you are getting...


    10's across the board on this one. The lemon freeze flavor is awesome. It mixes pretty good. There are some floaters but they go down easy.


    I started it at a half dose and stayed there most of the time. For me, I get 4-6 hours of sleep a night. I go to bed between 10-12 and wake up around 4-430 am each day. When I did take more than a half scoop I knew I was going to be able to get 6-8 hours of sleep. And I would need that much time to be able to wake up and not be groggy. DOSING IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THIS.

    In fact I got closer to 70 servings out of the 40 serving container sent over. I would take this prior to getting a shower before going to bed. I would be in the bed for no longer than 15 minutes before I fell asleep... I had to take a break, as recommended on the label, after 45 days of using this supplement. There was a noticeable change in my libido, recovery, and sense of well being during that time...

    One other note - this stuff did start to clump up at the very end. I think that the little moisture pack just started to fail after the 90 or so total days this container was open.


    If I could give it an 11, I would. This stuff worked as advertised. Here is what FinaFlex alleges you will get out of this:

    Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Levels*
    Mood and Feelings of Well-Being*
    Sex Drive, Libido, and Sensation*

    --> I did not get tests done so I do not know about the raised levels of HGH. I can speak to the mood and the libido and I did experience both. When I didn't fall asleep within 15 minutes after taking this I was ready to go and felt much more relaxed.


    Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF-1) Levels*
    Dopamine and Serotonin Levels*
    Self Confidence*

    --> Again, no tests done so I cannot attest to raised levels. I did feel more self-confidence during the time I was supplementing with G8. I noticed a sense of overall well-being. In fact, when I was taking a break from using this supplement I could feel a difference in the overall recovery and sense of well being.


    Heal Sore and Damaged Muscle Tissue*
    Engage in Deep Restful Sleep*

    --> I feel like this contributed to my recovery. As I stated I get between 4-6 hours of sleep during the work week and my sleep was much deeper and I awoke more refreshed each morning while using G8. I did not have to hit the snooze button to get out of bed in the morning and I awoke energized and on point. Now if I took a full scoop and tried to get up after 4 hours of sleep I was definitely groggy and it took a while to get going. You need to pay attention to how you are reacting to this supplement and adjust accordingly to get the most out of it...


    You can find this stuff online for about $33 for a 40 serving container. If you dose it like I did that is between $0.50-0.85 per serving. This is a steal for what I got out of this product.

    Side Effects

    You will be very sleepy if you take too much of this and do not allot yourself enough time to sleep.

    Outside of that, I didn't experience any negative side effects.


    You have got to try this stuff if you like to recover and get awesome sleep. Be responsible, do your research and try this out. Without a doubt, this is the best supplement I have ever used (to date). FINAFLEX - please include the amounts of certain items on your labels. Things like phenibut and other items like caffeine, people just need to know what they are getting and how much they are taking in...

    Enough of the soap box - get this stuff and give it a run...
    • Better Sleep
    • No Negative Side Effects
    • Great Mixability
    • Next Day Mood
    • No Dyes
    • Increased Libido
    • Good Value
    • Increased Energy
    • Great Taste
    • Good Recovery
    • Deep Sleep Mood Elevator
    • Woke Up Groggy
    • Lemon Freeze: 10/10
    Rep: +1,834
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 56

      October 23, 2015

    Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
    (Thanks to FINAFLEX for sending it out!)


    Huge thanks to Finaflex for letting me take a tub of this "G8" Recovery powder. I'm a big fan of Finaflex, and also of getting good quality sleep- so naturally I was very excited about this supplement. I've used melatonin for a number of years, taking it a half hour before bed and continued using my staple proteins including casein before bed, fish oils, creatine and trained anywhere from 4-6 days a week while using this product.
    I've also tried in the past: other sleep aids (ie. Antihistamines), OTC sleep products(ie. 5-htp, herbal supps, etc.), and many moons ago some prescription sleep medications.
    All of the aforementioned have provided vast differences in: their ability to help me fall asleep at times I wanted vs. when my body naturally wanted to, the way I slept, the way I felt when I woke up, and the overall quality of sleep I felt I received.
    My main goal for using this sleep aid was not to skimp out on sleep, but rather maximize the potential of my body to recover while getting the proper amount of Z's. I tend to fall asleep between ten PM and midnight most nights and sleep usually for 7 to 8 hours on weeknights and days that I don't work I might sleep upwards of 12 hours. I have a delayed onset of the later stages of sleep, but I still don't have myself on a schedule that suits to those issues, so I like to make the most of what I can get.

    Ingredient Profile

    This is not specifically marketed as a "sleep aid," but rather as a "HIGH PERFORMANCE HGH + MOOD ELEVATOR." I really just take that wording as a sleep enhancer. The claims of increasing HGH are really exciting to see on the bottle, but I don't know that I believe an OTC supplement could have that great of an affect on boosting HGH, so a bit skeptical.
    I like a good looking supplement and Finaflex nailed it with this label. It's catchy at first glance, but then you rotate the little tub and to one side of the logo is your tiny printed ingredients (prop blends) of most ingredients I honestly can't pronounce and had to Google because I had no idea what some were...then you rotate to the other side and "BAM!"
    OK more space is used for the WARNINGS of this product than the ingredients it lists and that is kind of concerning. it holds a bit of a mysteriousness when it has THAT many warnings listed, but also concerns me a bit. If the supplement needs that much caution to be using, should I be using it? and Hoe safe is it really? OR on the flipside are these just some gimmick to think you are totally going to bro out and get huge from this HGH booster?
    Most of the ingredients appear to be mild, as vitamin C, B6, some aminos, but the one that I know I have not tried in any other supplement was the "4-amino-3-phenyl-butyric acid" or commonly known as phenibut. Phenibut is supposedly a more bioavailable form of GABA which the body can use for mental clarity and overal well-being among other claims to improve health. This was also something many fellow SR users messaged me asking about the addictive tendencies the body might have regarding needing this substance after chronic usage for falling asleep, and is also allegedly talked about to be so addictive that it can cause addictive sleep decpency as strong as true pharmaceuticals.
    That was a concern of mine, but a risk I was more than willing to take. For comparison I just so happened to have been prescribed opiods for a number of months after I fractured my elbow a few years ago and would know what true chemical dependency for sleep from that type of drug could do. (It's terrible by the way, and nothing that I would recommend anyone experiencing).
    See effectiveness below....


    The flavor of this was "Lemon Freeze" and it was GREAT. It reminded me of the powder form of Gatorade I used to have in the green cylinder as a kid growing up.
    The flavor wasn't too tart being lemony and I noticed no weird aftertaste.
    Mixing wasn't an issue. I usually just put this in water and a few swirls in the glass and it was mixed well enough to shoot down. There was minimal grit left in the glass.
    The biggest issue I had with taking the supplement was with the dosing. The serving size seemed to vary so much for other users (and I scoured this website to read up on how EVERYONE ELSE took it..and how it affected them based on that dosage). I started with a scoop and experienced a HUGE sleep hangover, then I went with half, then started measuring out the powder on my gram scale to make sure I wasn't over doing it. Each time I used the scale I knew what I was getting. But my issue was that I never found a good amount for me to take at night. If it was half a scoop or even a quarter of a scoop then so be it, but because there is such a huge range of effectiveness for every user it is a downfall of this product, because half or one scoop was way too much for me and many nights might be needed to dial in what's best for you.


    The effectiveness of this product to help me fall asleep was absent. The effectiveness of this product to make me feel rested after waking up was also absent. In fact, this product didn't make me feel like it improved my rest and training recovery at all. That was the point of me taking this and it was disappointing.
    Trust me, I didn't give up trying though. I found the half to one scoop gave me the worst amount of negative side effects. The just under half a scoop gave me less grogginess and less GI issues but still very tired feeling and some violently negative dreams.
    I didn't notice much if any effect on what I think was 1/4 scoop, but I tried that most nights start I found that my body just wasn't tolerating this product too well. Even at a lower amount nightly I still didn't feel more recovered.
    I was just as sore from training, no stronger, no bigger, and if anything worse off from taking this because I was so sore and out of it in the morning.
    To comment on the huge fear of chemical dependency to fall asleep with the phenibut, there was none. I had some hefty side effects, but I did not feel that I could fall asleep or stay sleep any less easily without using this supplement. I also found that I could choose random nights not to try taking it and those nights I would not have the weird side effects that I experienced in comparison to the nights I did take this.
    I also did not notice any issues with "withdrawal" like a true chemical addiction causes when you stop taking abruptly.
    Unfortunately I also have NO way of knowing is this affected my HGH levels, but I did not turn (sadly) into a real-life She-Hulk.


    One 40 serving tub can be found for $54 on the Finaflex site and 20 serving tubs $32 on most major retailers online that sell Finaflex products. One bright side about the varying doses for users is that most people don't actually need to use one entire scoop, so you might be getting more servings than the bottle contains based on one scoop servings. That's a huge bonus.
    And in actuality, most people would probably pay a pretty penny for enhancing their night's rest. So in a hypothetical setting where this product delivered me with 40 nights of improved recovery I would buy many more tubs of this and have no complaint about the pricing.
    Even though it didn't work great for me I still don't think they are too out of the realm of decent pricing for this, but you are certainly better off looking around and avoiding using Finaflex's site to find a better deal. It might be useful to try other even cheaper sleep/recovery products, and perhaps something else with phenibut in it to see how your body reacts before committing to buying an entire tub of this product, but that's just my opinion.

    Side Effects

    Other than the fact that this didn't provide me with the recovery goals that I was hoping for, I did have some negative side effects.
    Headaches and morning grogginess would be my biggest complaint for side effects.
    The gassing out and stomach cramping i'd get from this, as well as a notable increase in heartburn would be my second complaint.
    I also had some of the WORST NIGHTMARES post my life on nights I used this. I usually recall a few dreams every night and most of them tend to be pleasant in nature, but while dreaming on this I was chased, shot at, attacked by aliens, abused, arrested, choked...and all very vividly. If I had mostly nice dreams I wouldn't think that this altered them, but I almost never have nightmares so I'm sure this effected the nature of my dreams.

    Something else that happened a few times from this that I never do on my own, was sleeping late. I've trained myself to get up to my alarm on the first ring and with this I'd be lying in bed for up to 15 minutes before I consciously awoke and realized I'd been hitting the snooze button.


    I highly recommend reading many other reviews on this product before you take it to judge where you should start off and what to expect from it. It seemed to work great for the majority of other users and just because my experience was not so great I wouldn't still consider using this product. Personally, I also think that this is another product that might be better suited for males, and that might be part of why it didn't treat me the way it's treated the guys. Compared to other sleep/rest/recovery powders I've used this one is the easiest to mix and tastes the best, but it worked the worst.
    • Great Mixability
    • Tasted Great
    • Woke Up Groggy
    • Sleep Hangovers
    • Cause Some Drowsiness
    • Cause GI Upset
    Rep: +914
    Trust: 100%
    TROOPer Level: 38
      October 20, 2015

    Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
    (Thanks to FINAFLEX for sending it out!)
    Hey there everyone. First and foremost, I'd like to apologize for this review being a bit late. I'd also like to thank the folks from Finaflex for giving me the chance to try and review what would end up being one of my favorite products ever used. On the the review:

    Profile: (8/10)

    Nothing really flies off the label when you read the ingredients for G8. Finaflex has it broken up into 2 blends for 5.7g total per scoop: The G8 HGH Elevate-Restore-Recover Matrix and the G8 Mood Elevator Blend. The Arginine and Glutamine are surely underdosed but the presumably big dose of Phenibut in the first blend is what likely gives this product this potent knockout power.

    The Tyrosine and Tryptophan make for nice additions in the second blend as mood enhancers.

    Taste/Mixability: (9/10)

    Lemon Freeze appears to be the only flavor available and it was absolutely delicious. I heard this was a big problem with the original formulation so it's good to see they were listening and made an adjustment. My only complaint is that on certain occasions, this was actually TOO sweet but that was only a few times.

    No problems whatsoever with grit or residue on the bottom of the glass and no foaming problems either. A real winner in this category.

    Effectiveness: (8.8/10)

    Taking this as what it was designed to be first and foremost, a sleep aid, I was extremely pleased with G8. I've never used a more potent and consistent sleep aid before. I would take this about half an hour before going to bed and my eyes would get extremely heavy every time after consumption. Next thing I knew, I was awake and ready to start the day. There were some instances of sleep hangovers, but these were too few and far between to be a real issue.

    As for their secondary claims (increased sex drive, recovery and mood) I can't really say this made a difference. Perhaps an overall enhanced feeling of well being before falling asleep due to the mood enhancing blend, but that's really it. I'm not going to knock this for failing to come through on these claims since it performs so exceedingly well in its main purpose.

    Value: (8.6/10)

    Lowest price I found for G8 was $39.99 on This works out to $1 per serving, a price I would have no problem paying again for a truly effective sleep supplement were I to need one in the future. Highly recommended even at this price. I find it particularly valuable since I didn't feel the need to use this every single night.

    Overall: (8.7/10)

    If you're in the market for a good sleep supplement with some possible extra benefits, then look no further. Some of the better nights of sleep I've had lately were thanks to the help of G8. Well worth a try.
    • Better Sleep
    • Great Taste
    • Good Value
    • No Dyes
    • Great Mixability
    • No Negative Side Effects
      • Lemon Freeze: 9/10
      Rep: +2,000
      Trust: 100%

        April 30, 2015

      Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
      (Thanks to FINAFLEX for sending it out!)


      Finaflex doesn't hold back in their product development. When they introduce a product into a category I've found that they make it both strong and effective. There may be an exception or two here and there, but with G8 they got it all right.

      For all the details on the ingredients included in the proprietary blends used in G8, get it straight from Finaflex here:


      G8 is a powdered product and the flavor I had was Lemon Freeze. I hate lemon flavor generally but this was certainly palatable. I actually began to enjoy it over time. Mixing was never an issue, not clumps, powder balls, etc. The amount of water used varied based on my dosing (which I'll speak to more below) but the flavor never dramatically changed for the better or worse.


      This was a very effective product for me. I rely on sleep aids a lot (3-5x per week) and have always had trouble falling asleep. The many stressors in life has my mind racing non-stop and I have an extremely hard time trying to kick back, relax and just sleep.
      G8 never really knocked me out (nothing does but Nyquil or a similar pharmaceutical) but it would make me tired. Where its effectiveness lies is in its ability to put you into a deep, uninterrupted REM sleep all night long. There can be a sleep hangover effect associated with this which I'll cover in more detail below but it never really bothered me (I kind of liked it as you'll see).
      Dosing was varied throughout my use of this product. Due its strength, I believe you can't find a better deal on a sleep aid of the same caliber. The container literally seemed to be unending!

      The various doses I used were:

      1/4 scoop: If I had to sleep and it was getting late for me (after 10:30pm) I could only do a 1/4 scoop. I would also use this dose earlier in the evening if I knew I needed to sleep well and couldn't afford a sleep hangover the next morning.

      1/2 scoop: The staple dose. Taken anywhere between 9:30-10:30pm I would get a great nights sleep. My normal waking time is 6:30am. A 1/2 scoop taken too late would result in a hangover effect.

      3/4 scoop: This gave an incredible nights sleep. Taken no later 9:30pm I could fall asleep anywhere between 10-11pm and wake up at 6:30am with only a mild hangover. Lot's of vivid and memorable dreams at this dose.

      1 scoop: The Big'un. Saved for those rare occasions when sleep was required regardless of the outcome. I found out early on that this was a powerful dose and had a substantial hangover effect for me. Keep in mind that I'm of your average athletic build at ~185lbs. This dose would yield deep, uninterrupted sleep with vivid dreams and make it hard to get out of bed in the morning. The hangover would last easily until noon the next day.


      The best value in a non-pharmaceutical sleep aid I've found. For right around $26 online, this will last you for months. Yes, months. There are 40 single scoop doses in each container and if you use it with a varied dosing protocol like I did you too will experience the 'never-ending-tub' phenomenon. Regardless of dosing schedule, the per serving cost ends up being well worth it in my book. Even if you used this 5 days per week at a full scoop dose, you'd still get a solid 8 weeks of use out of it. Less than $0.50 per serving?! Can't beat it.

      Side Effects

      The sleep hangover effect can be strong with G8. There are a couple of specific side effects I consistently experienced from the 1/2 scoop dose on up.

      First, typically only with the 1/2 scoop and rarely with 3/4 scoop dosing, if I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom my world would be spinning. It was a very unsteady walk to the bathroom and standing there required additional support. Since I can't remember many return trips, I imagine I was probably asleep even before I crawled back into bed. A full scoop dose would have me sleep all the way through the night so it didn't even have the chance of happening then. This was never really troublesome because I barely remember it as it is and I was always back to sleep before long anyway.

      Second, the sleep hangover could be intense and long lasting. Upon waking, I would be groggy after a full scoop dose. My normal routine has me downing ~180mg of caffeine within 5mins of waking so that would kick in and make me normal in a short period of time. By the time I got to work however, I would often have a this really nice, trippy, relaxed feeling that would go on until about noon. Sometimes it was even hard to complete thoughts and sentences together. It would be inconvenient if I had meetings or other responsibilities that required my attention but if not, I really enjoyed it and felt awesome! There were a few occasions where I purposely took a full scoop dose at the top end of my "time threshold" the night before so I would be super chill the next morning.

      Exercise caution with your personal dosing regimen and ensure you dial in what works best for you.


      The best non-pharmaceutical sleep aid I've used to date. It's that good. It's that strong. It's that good of a deal. If you need help getting a good nights sleep, you owe it to yourself to use G8.
      • Better Sleep
      • Deep Sleep Mood Elevator
      • Good Value
      • No Dyes
      • Next Day Mood
      • Great Mixability
      • No Negative Side Effects
      • Sleep Hangovers
      Rep: +1,327
      Trust: 100%
        August 2, 2014

      Good afternoon SR community. Next up is Finaflex's G8. Thanks again to Finaflex for sending this out. G8 is a sleep aid and this is the new version where the ingredients were changed up a little. I was excited to give it a go, but was mainly left confused and wished it could've worked out a little better.


      Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 50mg
      Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine Acid) 5mg

      HGH Elevate-Restore-Recover Matrix 3,000mg
      4-amino_3-phenyl-butyric acid, 4-aminobutanoic acid, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine

      Mood Elevator Blend 812.5mg
      L-Phenethylamine HCI, L-Tyrosine, 4-(pyridine-3-carbonylamino) butanoic acid,2-amino-3-(5-hydroxy-1H-indol-3-yl) propanoic acid

      Almost identical from the old version. Not sure why they took out the mucuna pruriens. L-dopa has always worked well for me.

      The lemon freeze wasn't the best or the worst. Kinda tart. I do enjoy the fact that is had a taste and not pill form. I take enough pills during the day. Some new flavors would be cool.

      Not perfect. Never quite dissolved all the way, but didn't clump up and didn't really effect much.

      Easy to dose as it's a sleep aid so just take it about 30 minutes before bed. I started out with one scoop and ran it like that for about a week. I eventually went to one and a half for a week then ended up running two scoops for the rest of the run.

      As the title states, it worked ok but just inconsistent. The main benefits I got from this was that I stayed asleep and woke up somewhat refreshed. It seemed to do absolutely nothing for helping me fall asleep, which was a let down because that seems to be my biggest issue with sleep. There wasn't really a huge difference in recovery but I usually don't have any problems recovering. It seemed to stay on par. As far as mood, well, I guess the fact that I felt good the next morning put me in a better mood but that was about the extent of it. I will add that I was somewhat stressed throughout the run so that may have skewed things a little but I never had that problem with say Resurrect PM or MassHGH. I would say that G8 cant hold a light to those two products.

      One thing I liked was the fact it came with 40 servings. Finaflex gets a plus in my book as they seem to like to do this with Stimul8 as well. This made the value a tad better because it this ends up working better for you, and at one scoop, then the value would be hard to beat with a tub ranging anywhere from 28 to about 35 dollars.

      Again, I wish I was able to get more out of this. I love Finaflex as a company and they usually hit the nail on the head, but this was a let down for me. If you were to read the other reviews you are going to see that this works for most people so I am going to go ahead and say to give this a shot because you never know. I think it is worth a shot still. Thanks again Finaflex!!
      • Better Sleep
      • Deep Sleep Mood Elevator
      • Good Value
      • No L-dopa
      • Inconsistent
      Rep: +87
      Trust: 100%
        January 7, 2014

      I've always been a pretty light sleeper, I usually take some

      melatonin or other supermarket sleep aids. These have minor,

      if any effect. I tried a few other supp-market sleep aids, but

      nothing close to G8. I already ordered two more tubs, I can't

      wait for them to arrive!

      The tub lasted about six weeks (forty servings, didn't take it

      every day) during which time my squat went from 275x1 to 275x5

      1. This product helped me fall asleep -- 4/5

      G8 helps you fall asleep without PUTTING you to sleep. It

      really feels like it just relaxed me a bunch. I took it about

      twenty minutes before I went to sleep, but if for whatever

      reason I had to stay up, it was no problem.

      2. This product provided deep, restful sleep -- 5/5

      This was what sold me on this product. Not only getting eight

      hours, but getting eight GOOD hours of sleep makes all the

      difference. G8 relaxes you so much, you're not just asleep,

      you're totally out.

      3. This product enhanced my recovery -- 4/5

      As much as it helps my sleep, it helps my recovery. Recovery

      obviously depends on plenty of things, but sleep is a critical

      part of the puzzle. I always got a good nights sleep to fuel

      me in the gym.

      4. This product helped me relax -- 5/5

      Man oh man did it ever. Like I said it doesn't knock you out.

      It just makes wherever you are very comfortable. I kind of

      reminds me of the foodcoma you go into after a huge delicious


      I'd say the standout aspects of G8 are the relaxation and mood

      elevator effects. Sometimes I'd down my G8, then forget to go

      to sleep, grinning like a moron on the couch with my girl.

      5. I really enjoyed this product and would recommend it to

      friends and family -- 5/5

      I would recommend this to anyone who wants to sleep better at

      night. PWO's and creatine and BCAAs I would only recommend to

      other gymrat types, G8's I would recommend to absolutely


      Even if you're not trying to recover from a day of heavy

      squats, G8 will give you great nights sleep. It was really

      helpful as the semester came to a close and I needed to

      capitalize what little sleep I could get.

      Overall - Awesome product. Did exactly what it's advertised

      to do, and less than thirty bucks for a forty+ day supply.

      Also, tastes awesome.
      • Better Sleep
      • Deep Sleep Mood Elevator
      • Good Recovery
      • Great Taste
      • Good Value
      • No Negative Side Effects

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