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Total War (Old DMHA Formula) has been reported as discontinued.

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Total War (Old DMHA Formula) Reviews

By: Redcon1

(30 sv) - [$0.93/sv]

Muscle and Strength

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Fitness First USA

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(30 sv) - [$1.33/sv]

Ill Pump You Up

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Redcon1 for sending it out!
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  March 17, 2017

  • Great Endurance
  • Great Dosages
  • Good Taste
  • Great Pump
  • Increased Energy
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Clinical Dosing For Ingredients
  • Great Value
  • -the John Rambo Effect
    Introduction + Supplement facts
    Huge thank you to RedCon1 for their support of the SR Troops and the program. The first time I heard about was the article about the company on When Redcon1 put total war up on SR I had to try it to see how good this stuff really is and it does not disappoint.
    Total War is a full disclosed label so you can see everything you are getting. Now reading it on the other might be hard you will need pharmacy degree to figure out what the hell they are saying. First you get a nice dose of citrulline malate at 6g for those crazy insane pumps. Then comes the crazy endurance of beta-alanine of 3.2g. Next is another pump ingredient which is agmatine sulfate at 1g. Taurine at 1g for another pump agent. Then you have caffeine at 250mg. Then you get Eria Jarensis at 125mg but for some reason they use the chemical name which good luck trying to pronounce it. Then you have DMHA at 125mg. Theobroma cocao extract seed 50mg, and finally higenamine hcl. Apparently Aaron Singerman personally formulated total war.
    Taste + Mixability + Dosing.
    The flavor I received was sour gummy bear which was f**king amazing s**t I could drink a gallon of this stuff. I'm love anything that's really sour this was spot on for the flavor. Mixing was really easy didn't have any issue at all. Dosing was your standard mix 1 scoop 30mins before workout with 8-10oz of water. I usually did more because I really enjoyed the taste. Now if you took two scoops total war holy s**t watch out because the intense focus and energy is crazy. You will feel like John Rambo telling all the fake make-up ladies to get the f**k out of my way.
    Effectiveness 9.0/10
    Wow total war will make you feel like you are in a war with you, the weight and the annoying fake gym people that just show up to look good. This stuff is crazy good with focus, energy, and pumps. You get a nice amount of citrulline malate for those pumps that people always talk about. The eria jarensis extract in total war worked really well. The intense focus and energy was amazing I was in the focus zone myself, weights, sets, and my reps really good. I've had similar products with eria jarensis in it but the effeteness wasn't nearly the same as total war. The intense energy and focus from total war was straight crazy. Total war took my workouts to a new level of intensity. I was doing more sets, more weight, and more reps. I was going John Rambo on the weights with heaver sets then before along with a more intense focus. The pumps were really crazy too after doing a warm-up chest fly using a superset of two different variations my chest was full as f**k. And this was after the first warmup set which I don't count. When I got to my first working set I could barely flex my chest because of the pumps. Even the people at the gym I got to were noticing my John Rambo insanity. When people asked me what I was on my response was total war now get the f**k out of the way. Total war really surprised me with how effective this stuff really is. It's not super crazy with the caffeine but man does this stuff pack the focus, pumps, and energy. Total war did a killer job with even the days were I was short on time and I had to get it done total war delivered.

    Value 8.8/10
    At you can get a 30 serving tub of total war for 31.75 which is a 1.05 per serving. Pretty good deal.

    Side Effects

    The John Rambo effect


    Total war is a pre workout that will deliver a punch each and every time it was solid from start to finish. One of the best products that I've had in a while. It's a product that I will be buying again.
    • Sour Gummy Bear: 10/10

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