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Total War (Old DMHA Formula) has been reported as discontinued.

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Total War (Old DMHA Formula) Reviews

By: Redcon1

(30 sv) - [$1.07/sv]

Lucky Vitamin

(30 sv) - [$1.33/sv]

(30 sv) - [$1.33/sv]

Muscle and Strength

(30 sv) - [$1.33/sv]

Ill Pump You Up

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Redcon1 for sending it out!
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  April 17, 2017

  • Increased Energy
  • Extreme Focus
  • Great Value
  • Clinical Dosing For Ingredients
  • Great Pump
  • Great Endurance
  • Great Dosages
  • Good Taste
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Can Cause Insomnia If Taken Close To Bedtime
What up ladies and gents? I'm here today to tell you what I think of Redcon1's Total War preworkout. I took this product while in the heart of a cut. I knew going into a cut that I would need some serious energy in my preworkout so when I saw offering this to the TROOPers I thought it was some kind of fate :) I saw the ingredient label and knew immediately that I wanted to try this so that I could compare it to the others that look to have some similar ingredients.

Ingredient Profile

NO PROP BLEND....That alone will get you two thumbs up in my world. Throw in 6g's of Citruline Maleate and you are speaking my language. There's your basic solid preworkout ingredients like caffeine, Taurine, Beta Alanine, and Agmatine Sulfate, and then there are a few that make me pull up the old Google and read about....

N-phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate, better known as eria jarensis. N-phenethyl dimethylamine citrate is a class of PEAs that helps with mental focus during training and helps you feel good long after your workout is over. I can attest to this... I felt a really good focus and a great mood when finished with my workouts. I'm sure the endorphins and the clean eating had something to do with it as well but I felt "better" at the end of the workouts than I have in the past.

2-aminoisoheptane is a stimulant that is said to boost energy levels and appetite suppression. It is said to be derived from a plant species known as Aconitum Kusnezoffii, however, it's most likely synthetically made. It is a relatively new stimulant that has begun to appear in a range of pre workout supplements and is said to be a suitable replacement to AMP Citrate as well as the banned stimulant DMAA.

Higenamine HCL is derived from a wide variety of plants and works on the body as a stimulant. It has the dual purpose of targeting muscle areas with companion effects, meaning it causes some muscles to slow down their contractions and others to speed up their rate.

It contains a few other common preworkout ingredients. I posted a picture of the label for your viewing pleasure if you want to checkout the doses of each individual ingredients.


Taste- I received the Strawberry Kiwi flavor and it wasn't bad at all. I actually prefer strawberry flavored preworkouts over most flavors.

Mixability- It seemed to mix just fine for me. No clumping. There was a little grittiness with the last swallow but that's a given for just about any preworkout.

Dosing- I just hit one scoop with about 8-10 oz of water about 20-30 minutes before I hit the gym. My wife tried a couple of scoops as well but she takes her preworkout in the form of a shot (no more than 4oz of water) and she said it seemed a little to sweet with just 4 oz of water.


I loved my time in the gym after taking Total War. I felt really good throughout the workout and after as well. The energy was sustainable and did the job to get me through several hard leg days. I was thoroughly surprised that when I took it on an empty stomach I didn't have bathroom issues like I do with other preworkouts. May have been the extremely clean eating I was doing but... who really knows


$35-$40 for 30 servings seems about right when you compare it to other preworkouts that offer much of the same ingredients and doses. A little over a $1 a serving seems to be about what the others are at as well. I don't mind paying for what you get and with no prop blend I know EXACTLY what I'm getting.

Side Effects

Surprisingly NONE


In conclusion, I really liked Total War and plan on trying the other flavors they offer as well. The label shows you what you get. The flavor tastes fine. You get a great pump and good amount of energy from taking it and it helps give you the focus you need to complete the tough workouts. Thanks to Redcon1 and for this opportunity. It means a lot to people like me that our opinions are valued and trusted.
  • Strawberry Kiwi: 9/10


  • kalans
    Rep: +5,426
    April 17, 2017

    Great content, but lacking on details for effectiveness.

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