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Tango Reviews

By: Redcon1

  November 18, 2017

  • 7g Creatine Per Dose
  • Muscle Fullness
  • Good Ingredient Profile
  • Builds Muscle
  • A Little Expensive


38 years old, active duty Army, and I lift 4-5 days a week with some light conditioning thrown in. I always enjoy keeping a Creatine product in my stack, it has become one of the proven supplements out there that actually does work. I remember the old days of Creatine freaking everyone out because people were not drinking enough water daily. Luckily those days are gone. This was part of my REDCON1 stack I ran in the last month or so, and is my 4th review of the 9 products I took. Lets see if this Creatine made me want to do the Tango!

Ingredient Profile

As with other REDCON1 products the label here is fully disclosed, which is always a nice thing. There are no wasted ingredients in here, making this a simple and effective Creatine, which in reality is what you should be looking for in a Creatine. Overall, Creatine is a molecule that can rapidly produce energy (ATP) to support cellular function. It also exhibits performance-enhancing and neuroprotective properties. Creatine is well-researched and remarkably safe for most people. Thats where the name of this supplement comes out the T in ATP and in the Phonetic alphabet we say Tango for T. Since this is the first review on this product, lets do my normal breakdown of ingredients and turn this ant hill into a mountain.

Creatine Monohydrate (5g):This is the most common form of Creatine, and typically the default of most creatine products out there. It has decent intenstinal absorption and is typically the standard when comparing different forms of Creatine. This is the form of Creatine where you typically need to load, but over the years that seems to be more of a myth than a reality. I did not load this product and we can talk that in effectiveness below. The dose here is a nice start, someone at my size requires around 8g Creatine daily, so happy here.

Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g):Betaine (trimethylglycine) is an active metabolite of Choline in the body and a component of beetroot. It serves a vital role in methylation in the body alongside folate, and is an osmoregulator like Creatine. Betaine is also a possible ergogenic aid. Recommended dosing here is between 2.5 - 6g, but according to Examine 1.25g taken twice daily aids in Power output. With the 2.5g here that hits the minimal mark, and really what we are using Creatine for, so i am good with this dose.

Creatine HCI (1g): A form of creatine characterized by the molecule being bound to a hydrochloric acid moiety. It is claimed to require a lower dosage than creatine monohydrate, but this claim has not been tested.

Creatine Magnapower (1g): Also known as Magnesium Creatine Chelate, this process bonds magnesium to creatine which means it is absorbed via a different pathway compared to creatine mono. The idea here is that using a different transporter to get the creatine to the muscle cells, less is lost in transport and broken down into waste product creatine. Also, using magnesium creatine chelate can lead to greater absorption of creatine into muscle cells with less bloating and side effects associated with creatine mono. (

Taurine (1g):Taurine is an organic acid which acts as a lipid/membrane stablilizer in the body and can aid various anti-oxidant defense systems. Recommended dosing here is 500mg - 2g daily, and not to exceed 3g. We have a nice dose of 1g here.

L-Ornithine L-Aspartate (1g):Ornithine is one of the three amino acids involved in the Urea cycle, alongside L-Arginine and L-Citrulline; these amino acids appears to reduce elevated ammonia levels when supplemented, and preliminary evidence suggests an ergogenic role due to this. In the end, ornithine looks somewhat promising for reducing ammonia concentrations in the blood and thus enhancing performance of prolonged exercise (45 minutes or more) which is in part due to it being elevated in the blood for a few hours after ingestion despite exercise. Dosing here vaires depending on the form of Ornithine, for this particular form 3 - 9g would be suggested since this is 50% Ornithine. So this is a bit of a small dose, but since this ingredient has potential I thought it was a nice inclusion.

One dose gets us 7g of Creatine, which is very close to what I would need daily and this is more Creatine per dose than I am used to seeing in the Creatine products I have taken. Not real sure how I feel about the Ornithine being included, but its a new ingredient to me, and it goes aid in performance, so it seems to be fine included here. This is at least a more unique approach to a Creatine profile that I have seen.


Taste: I got the Grape flavor and it tasted pretty good to me. It was a simple grape flavor and not sweet. I basically chugged this anyways, and the flavor was well suited for that method.

Mixability: This mixed easily in my shaker, but like just about every REDCON1 product I have had it left small grit on the bottom of the shaker. No big deal, as it washed out easily, but just something to note. I mixed this in about 10oz of water, that usually is my water level when I mix supplements to get some more water in me and for mixability.

Dosing: Creatine dosing is always a hot topic and varies depending on who you ask. I decided to take this post workout since that was the suggested use on the directions. The directions call to take up to 2 scoops a day, but for me 1 scoop was fine. Even though they are touting this is a post workout recovery drink, I can see this working pre or intra workout with the ingredients included.


The reason I take Creatine is to get that muscle fullness look and for it to aid in my strength and recovery. Recovery is very hard to judge here since I also take BCAAs, and for strength I take a PWO and was taking HALO alongside this. The muscle fullness I experienced on Tango was pretty great. Within a couple days of starting this, I saw the muscle fullness. My strength also increased while taking this but I mostly chalk all that up to a consistent lifting regimen, as the gains were not mind blowing, they were consistent. As far as the recovery aspect goes, it may have helped but I really did not experience anything outside my ordinary recovery times. This could be based off timing of the Creatine, but who knows.

What I really like here is getting 7g of Creatine per dose, and not having that bloated feeling. Products I have taken in the past that have less Creatine, I did experience the bloated feeling when I would doubl doses. Tango really did not just throw on water weight here either, as I did not lose size, if at all, when I ran out. I have been off this for a few days and I do think this helped teach my body to maintain that muscle fullness. I am not experiencing as much fullness being off it versus being on it, if that makes sense.

There are no real big label claims to go off of, however Tango is designed to be taken Post Workout according to its description. I am not real sure it makes that big of difference recovery wise as you would find in a recovery type supplement, but as a Creatine this works great.


I bought this from REDCON1 for $34.99 for 30 servings. That comes out to $1.17 per serving. So that is super expensive for a blend that is mostly Monohydrate. However, you can find it cheaper on A1 Supplements for $24.99 for 30 servings coming out to 83 cents a serving. So once again, I managed to pay a higher price for this product. So since you can find this at a better value than I did I will rate the value based off 83 cents a serving, which is not that bad, still a bit up there, but at leats it did not breach the 1 dollar per serving mark.

Side Effects



Overall, I was happy with my run of Tango. This was one of the most effective and smoothest Creatine Blends I have run to date. It tasted fine, went down easy, and gave me some good results in the muscle fullness department. Find this on a sale or buy it cheaper (basically, don't buy it from REDCON1's website) and you have yourself a nice Creatine blend. Yeah it is mostly Monohydrate, but you are getting 2g of other forms of Creatine and some Orthinine and Betaine. If you are in the market for a Creatine blend, then give tango a shot!
  • Grape: 8/10


  • jamesjsix
    Rep: +527
    March 18, 2018

    Hey i saw your log where you ran this with the big 9 product stack from RC1, did you ever try it pre by itself? Its advertised in a stack on RC1's website along with MRE and RPG to take 20m prior and I'm a bit curious if anyone has run that yet. As always, solid review.

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