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Tango Reviews

By: Redcon1

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Redcon1 for sending it out!
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  September 15, 2018

  • 7g Creatine Per Dose
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Ingredient Profile
  • Muscle Fullness
  • Awesome Recovery
  • Great Taste
  • A Little Expensive

Quick Summary

A solid creatine blend which has the normal creatine monohydrate and some extra creatine but you will pay more because of the other creatine ingredients included.


Big shout out to the people at Redcon1. It is always good to get a product that I use daily and to get something different from the same old, same old. I have always enjoyed grape flavoring, so I thought this would be a good one to try. I have used Redcon1 in the past and it was effective so this one was a no brainier for me.

Ingredient Profile

Tango has a creatine blend of creatine monohydrate 5g, betaine anhydrous 2.5g, creatine HCL 1g, creatine magnapower 1g, taurine 1g, and L-Ornithine L-Aspartate 1g. Creatine can work to improve strength, lean muscle mass, and muscles recover. Due to the boost from creatine, it can increase energy. Creatine is like protein but it is known as a "non-protein" nitrogen. Creatine is in our bodies, is in food, and supplements. Creatine monohydrate has benefits of increased muscle levels of creatine, increased work capacity and improved training, and greater increases in lean body mass. Betaine is an amino acid that has many benefits. It can help with weight loss, muscle growth, fight heart disease, and define the body. This is a good product with positive benefits. Creatine HCL or creatine hydrochloride is believed by some the best creatine available. HCL helps break down the creatine into a salt and because of this it will dissolve better and be absorbed into the body more quickly. Magnesium creatine chelate or what that call Creatine MagnaPower has creatine that will bond to magnesium which is different from Creatine monohydrate that bonds the creatine to water. Taurine is commonly available in energy drinks. Taurine comes from meat, fish and dairy and it's benefits include helping brain, eyes, heart, and muscles. Taurine is a conditional amino acid. L-OrnithineLl-aspartate or LOLA is a salt non-essational amino acids. It is to fight off fat with the growth hormone. All the ingredients are fine, so I give this a good rating.


I was able to get this in grape which tastes like grape and the taste was good. Mixability was good and the product broke down well. It was one scoop with 10-12 ounces of water or favorite beverage immediately after workout. The only thing I found that I disagreed with is it recommended a double scoop for greatest benefit. The last thing I want to do is get into a war about how much creatine you should take in a day, but I believe the one scoop is plenty for me but I do understand there are different opinions. Also, two scoops will go faster so you will end up buying more product. That is a very minor issue and do not think it should impact the rating. It was just something I wanted to mention. Everything was good and had no issues, so I give it a good rating.


For the most part, the Tango served its purpose of promoting lean mass, maximizes strength gains, and enhance recovery. I could not say that I had a huge gain in these 3 things, but do feel that creatine serves a purpose in weight lifting. I do feel that this was an effective creatine. I've had blends in the past and this was a great creatine blend. When using the different creatine together, I feel you are getting a more effective creatine. I also like the Tango because I like having a taste (instead of the no taste creatine) and it gives me water without having just plain, no taste water. I felt that my body was able to absorb the creatine and it gave me what I needed the creatine to do. I like having a creatine after a workout so this was a good product to try as Tango recommends doing it after a workout. This was a great creatine that was a very effective product.


Tango tubs contain 30 servings, and I was able to find it for $21-$35. The $21 tub will be $0.70 per serving. I believe this is not to expensive because it is a creatine blend with more than just creatine monohydrate but it is considerably higher than the most commonly used creatine monohydrate which sells around $0.25-$0.35 per serving. The Tango has grams of creatine monohydrate and that is the normal serving amount in most of my tubs. This means you are paying an extra $0.45 per serving. The question to ask yourself is if these additional ingredients are worth the extra cost. I will give this a middle ranking because I would normally buy this but if money was tight, I would absolutely go after the plain creatine.

Side Effects



This is a great creatine product. It has multiple creatine which is good. The taste, mixability, and dosing were fine. It was effective. The cost on it was reasonable, but it is a little high compared to the creatine monohydrate only supplements. No side effects. This is a wonderful creatine and I would recommend and try it again.
  • Grape: 10/10

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