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Tango Reviews

By: Redcon1

  August 19, 2018

  • 7g Creatine Per Dose
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Ingredient Profile
  • Muscle Fullness
  • Great Taste
  • Awesome Recovery
  • Woah Those Pumps


    I have to admit, I've been a little bit of a Redcon1 fan-boy as of late. What started off as a love simply for the packaging, has turned into my supplement cabinet littered with their products that I'm eagerly awaiting trying out over the next few months. Tango was a no-brainer for me, a creatine blend consisting of three forms equaling a total of 7 grams, with a few added ingredients for recovery? I'm all about it. I've tried so many different brands of creatine products, from the simplest monohydrates to ridiculous blends, and always find some sort of success with it. It's rare though that a product turns out to be as beneficial as Tango is, as my recovery time seemed to nearly be cut in half & the fullness I felt outside of the gym made me feel much bigger than I really am. While actual strength gains were undiscovered because of my current training style, I just felt better in the gym, bigger and healthier feeling pumps and a real noticeable increase in muscular endurance that had me killing one training session after the next.

    What makes Tango stand out though? Let's dig a bit.

    Ingredient Profile

    Tango features a fully transparent ingredient label consisting of seven total ingredients. I just have to take a second to praise Redcon1 for these fully open labels in 2018, it's such a beautiful thing. Brings a tear to my eye.

    Creatine Monohydrate (5g): Monohydrate is the most universally accepted form of creatine, it's the most basic and to most people seems to yield the best results with almost no negativity attached to it's name. Playing a massive role in increasing protein synthesis, creatines biggest role is cell volumization within the muscle or in other words, increasing the amount of water volume which can play a massive role in muscle building and strength increases. Redcon1 nails it on the head here with a perfect 5g, the recommended dosing of creatine monohydrate.

    Betaine Anhydrous (2.5g): Studies showed Betaine Anhydrous playing a large role in strength increases in all subjects using 1.25g dosages, and it did that by not only increasing protein synthesis but also increasing the bodies natural ability to create creatine. These studies also showed all test subjects taking Betaine post-workout, which makes this added ingredient a key role in the overall effects of Tango.

    Creatine HCL (1g): Another widely used form of creatine, HCL is a widely much more absorbed form of creatine. With a proven faster absorption rate than any other form on the market, and dosed at a much lower amount, it seems to be just as high up there in effectiveness as your typical Monohydrate, and tossing a gram into this creatine based post-workout is a nice touch to boost absorption in the body.

    Creatine MagnaPower (1g): In much simpler terms, it's creatine binded with magnesium. This binding with magnesium can actually allow for further ATP production within the muscle, being proven to allow for bigger muscular pumps & contractions than any other form of creatine. As a fun little bonus, Magnapower also increases carb metabolism, meaning that insanely needed post-workout meal has the potential to be absorbed better and actually put those carbs to good use.

    Taurine (1g): Taurine, as we all know, is an amino acid mainly shown to increase cell volumization, which lends a huge hand to muscle recovery and an increase in nitrix oxide, aka, blood flow. Working hand in hand with creatine & glutamine to pull more water into the muscle, teaming it up with all of the creatine in Tango can increase muscle size and muscular pump.

    L-Ornithine L-Aspartate (1g): Acting as a pre-cursor to nitric oxide, this combination of amino acids increase blood flow to the muscles and can play a huge role in muscle pump and recovery.

    As we see here, Tango is pretty loaded up. You can really feel the three grams of creatine every single day taking this product, and especially after passing the two week mark. I love this blend of products, and the dosing is exactly how I'd do it, ya know, if I owned a huge supplement company and had expectations to match.


    Taste: Between the few flavors available, I eagerly grabbed Grape & had huge expectations for it. I'll put it this way, I looked forward to mixing this up after every training session. The taste was damn near perfect, not strong enough to push you away but that perfect flavor profile that I actually missed when it was all gone.

    Mixability: My prior experiences with creatine products made me watch carefully when drinking Tango, as creatine has a reputation for not mixing too well, and some of the products I've tried have been absolute hell to mix. Tango exceeded my expectations, only settling at the bottom when I let the bottle sit for too long, which was very rare. It's very smooth, never dealing with a mouthful of powder or the feeling of "pebbles" in my teeth after each sip (which is more common than I ever thought), and never felt the need to re-fill the shaker bottle to clear out the rest of the powder.

    Dosing: This was the only real struggle I had over the forty-some days I was using the product. According to the label, maximum effectiveness is at two scoops per day. At that rate, you're only looking at 15 days worth of product. I decided to start off with a single scoop post-workout and in the morning on non-training days, and after a week and a half, jumped up to two scoops per day. I noticed a huge difference in the way I felt after bumping this up to two scoops, but I won't debunk using a single scoop instead of two. Using a single scoop you're going to get the full 30 days out of the product and still reap major benefits at that dosing.


    As I had mentioned before, I used a single scoop of Tango on non-training days and post-workout for the first week and a half. That first week, I noticed some small changes in recovery time but that could also be from my BCAA product or diet. It wasn't until I bumped up to the recommended two scoops per day that the big changes kicked in. My recovery time felt nearly cut in half, and halfway through I even cut out my BCAA's to try and simplify final conclusion, and my recovery remained just as great as it was before. In the gym, my muscular pump & endurance shot up tremendously, I noticed full pumps within just a few warm-up sets and this was even on days I didn't take a pre-workout. The entire duration I used the product, every workout just felt so great, and as somebody who loves achieving the most ridiculous pump possible, this did the job for me!

    Outside of the gym, I noticed huge improvements in muscle fullness & hardness every single day. I noticed more size in my shoulders and arms the most, and my shirt sleeves felt a tad tighter passing the 2-3 week mark of consistently using Tango. I always noticed a general change while on creatine, but something about this just felt so much better. I felt like I always had a decent pump, and glancing in my reflections while out shopping became more of an enjoyment rather than a fear of mine. Of course, there's a lot of factors for me noticing these changes, but for the last week off of the product, I've noticed a very slight decrease in the changes I noticed most. Just the feeling I had everyday from being on Tango is worth the price alone & I already miss it.


    Tango has a price range from $24-$35, the higher price seeming to be the average at retail stores. At single dosing, the thirty servings are worth the slightly over $1 per serving asking price, and doubling up on that I don't mind paying the $24 lowest asking price I found. You can snag a good creatine monohydrate powder for much less than this but if you've never used a creatine blend before or just really want a high end product, I'd pay anything within the general range. No complaints there.

    Side Effects



    Tango is killer, as I move on to my next creatine product, I can't help but think about the giant shoes it has to fill. It's worth trying for much more than just the killer pumps you get in the gym, but the recovery time increase and the fullness you get outside of the gym, as it just feels so damn good. There's no proprietary blends, no extra junk or fluff, and the taste is awesome. Try taking this and not looking forward to drinking it after a hard training session, you look forward to it! In my opinion, another killer addition to Redcon1's already awesome line-up of products & an absolute stand out product on the shelves at your local retailer. It's time for companies to step up their game & get on Tango's level.
    • Grape: 9/10

    COMMENTS (3)

    • Diesel656
      Rep: +247
      August 19, 2018

      Those are some solid results from a creatine mix!

    • shae2311
      Rep: +1,323
      August 19, 2018

      Yeh I don't see any reason to go with 2 scoops there's only so much creatine your body can take in and use and I feel like 10g of monohydrate would be just pissing away +\-5g

    • August 20, 2018

      Great review! Your ingredient breakdown was especially helpful.

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