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Fade Out Reviews

By: Redcon1

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  February 13, 2017

  • No Grogginess
  • Great Value
  • Better Recovery
  • More Well Rested
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Fully Transparent
  • No Dyes
  • Amazing Dosages
  • Excellent Profile
  • Addictive
  • Withdraws
Introduction + Supplement Facts
I typically start off a sleep aid review by commenting something along the lines "I am not a stranger to sleep aids.." To which this was very apparent later on! I contacted Redcon1 at launch, and as many have seen their product line is very large and have great formulations! I was lucky enough to given the opportunity to review this product, anyways this review is long overdue as the product lasted such a long time for me.

This label is even more of everything that you could even want in a sleep aid, if you can tolerate Phenubit! 1g of Phenubit which is a very high dosage for products in this category yet some do hit this mark, but while this ingredient is extremely effective sleep component due to the ability to cross the blood brain barrier and it is highly addictive (read below for more information). 1g Mucuna Pruriens is velvet bean extract, which is great at reducing stress. 1g GABA! a relaxant that is very potent and effective. 1g Arginine which helps with reducing stress as well, does increase vasodilation and helps aid in recovery. 750mg Phenylalanine which helps increase dopamine promoting more relaxation. 600mg Valerian Root and 500 mg Theanine both found in tea, and used for its calm relaxation effects. 5mg Melatonin which is a staple for me when I am not reviewing a sleep aid product, but it will make you fall to sleep more easily (most people at least). 150mg Magnesium Citrate which is part of the ZMA ingredients found here, yet it isn't fully dosed compared to other ZMA products yet those products don't have this profile! This profile is very well rounded for a sleep and recovery product, and the dosages are really amazing. 7.5g serving size with no dyes wraps this profile up (plus a few miscellaneous vitamins). For a more in depth ingredient break down check the link below from Mike at PricePlow:

Taste + Mixability + Dosing
I received Orange for the flavor, and at first I was not enjoying it by any means.. but it grew on me! I did enjoy it for the 2/3's of the container, while it had a sticky taste if you took a dry shot and it bit gritty when mixed in water. Mixability was good though, with little to no sediment. I started off at 3/4 serving measured out, but eventually went to 1/2 a serving which proved to be my sweet spot. I had taken this product about 3/7 days a week, as I was trying to cycle it enough to not have any side effects.

Effectiveness 9.6/10
By far the most effective sleep aid I have ever taken! Working 12 hour shifts at a hospital can really wear you out along with your body, as time to time you will be 7-8 hours into a shift when you realize that you have yet to go to the restroom because you have been that busy! I know all my fellow nursing/medical workers can tell you all about that, and thus your body is put into a little more stress especially when you are on your feet all day. So nonetheless I have come home very worn out, but not always have I been able to fall asleep. There are many distractions that cause some of this, which can be using my phone or watching T.V. before bed. I have been working at developing better bed time habits in which I get rid of those devices or limit the use. I normally will take a 5mg Melatonin Sublingual Tab before bed, and in 20-30 minutes I start to get sleepy. I can fight this feeling and stay on my phone watching something, but eventually it can wear off if not asleep soon enough.

When I review a sleep aid I will discontinue the use of the Melatonin and take the sleep aid 30 minutes before bed. But once I started to realize I was starting to fall asleep within 15-20 minutes while using Fade Out, so I had to take it closer to bed time! I have had issues with Phenubit which I would have grogginess, but that was never the case with this product surprisingly. My guess is that this product is more pure, or those products had a lot of other crap not listed. For the greatest duration I was dosing it as 1/2 a serving, which gave me enough power to knock me out and allowing me to have the product last longer. I was also fearful that I would build up the Phenubit in my system as I had with Finaflex G8 and have a hangover for 2 days.. That never happened fortunately. At each time I took this product it would only be 3-4 times a week, and I normally would sleep for 6-8 hours but definitely could sleep longer. On my days off that I used Fade Out I would sleep closer to 9 hours which is plenty for me. I am so used to only sleeping 6-7 hours a night currently, and while using this product I would still sleep that amount of time but would wake up more refreshed. Ultimately this product was perfect in getting me to fall asleep faster, allowing me to stay asleep, waking up feeling very rested!

But be warned, this sleep aid is a strong one that you should really take slowly and with enough time to sleep! I felt more rested in the morning with the lower dosages, more recovered from working out and general fatigue, and noticed some leaning out with hardening of my physique which would indicate an increase in HGH production as studies show for some of these ingredients. I did have some hard times with this product, but keeping the usage and dosing to a lower amount made this the most potent sleep aid I have taken and would definitely keep it for those difficult nights where I can not fall asleep!

Side Effects
Phenubit, it is a love and hate relationship for me.. And with this product it proved to be VERY addictive for me. At first and like most sleep aids I have reviewed, during the product I felt that it really wasn't addictive and there was a couple days after finishing the product at which I wouldn't sleep well.. But here I had partial insomnia when I didn't take this product, and not just after the completion but rather the days in between not taking it! Which would make me want to take it even more, thus giving a greater addiction. It took me a good week with no sleep aids including not Melatonin (wasn't necessary), which I had withdraws from it fairly bad. It was more difficult than any other product I had reviewed, and I was even using it at less than 1 serving most of the time.

Value 9.4/10
This product comes in a 30 serving tub, and I was able to find it regularly priced at $35 on or $38 on Lockout yet Priceplow did have a 5% off coupon code which brought down the price to $33.24. At any of these prices I feel the value is exceptional! For the price of $35 at 30 servings it costs $1.16 per serving, but if you take 1/2 a serving as I was doing it would bring the cost per serving down to $0.58! The ingredients and the dosages are worth every penny, and are greater than most sleep aids on the market.

Ratings (Just FYI)
I always rate my products the best way I can, and in terms of the overall score I typically calculate it best on the total from Effectiveness + Value. However, in a case which a product has side effects such as this one I will reduce the overall score to compensate. I look at the Overall rating as being the Recommendation value, in which is greatly and typically only influenced as mention above yet as this case it was reduced as best I could determine.

Conclusion 9/10
Wow, this product gives you a 1 hit knock out! I am really pleased and very impressed on how well this product worked, the value of the product is very great! The only issue with it was the side effects, which even at a lower dosage I still experienced. I can highly recommend this product to anyone having trouble sleeping, and if Melatonin alone isn't enough to get you sleeping. In addition I can recommend it for the better and improved sleep experienced, plus the fact that I did feel more recovered overall. Thank you Redcon1 and especially Aaron Singerman for allowing me the opputunity to review this product, and for it kicking my ass!

  • Orange: 8/10


  • Momo1
    Rep: +3,136
    February 13, 2017

    Great detail review bro!!!

    I have suffered from insomnia since a child and I have tried many sleep aid like Noxitropin PM from CTD, but they changed something in their formulation that it no longer is effective for me. This one seems that I need to jump on; went to lockout and placed my order!

  • MarsheS
    Rep: +1,532
    February 13, 2017

    Wow, what a nicely explained review, well done! Adding this to my list of products to try :)

  • kalans
    Rep: +5,441
    February 14, 2017

    Hey thanks guys! Nice momo1! Yeah if you need something to slap you then this is a great product, and it didn't have the grogginess that the version of noxitropin pm gave me! Amino pm was probably the least additive sleep aid I've reviewed but it didn't hit nearly as hard (no phenibut and different formulation all together). Let me know how well it works for you bro!

    Thanks Marsh! Yes it is a great one to try, but if you are new to phenibut start slowly :) best wishes and dreams zzzz all I have atm is some melatonin..

  • jslice777
    Rep: +29
    February 14, 2017

    a1supps is running a bogo right now if you purchase the redcon1 pre total war you get fade out free. the pre is definitely worth a try if you haven't already

  • kalans
    Rep: +5,441
    February 14, 2017

    Thanks for the heads up jslice, great deal!

  • pfajgen
    Rep: +412
    February 15, 2017

    Great review! I've just finished a tub of this product (i got two back when muscleandstrength was running a bogo). The orange isn't the best tasting, but I honestly do like the black current flavor so give that a try next time! As for the product itself, it really does knock you out. Within 20-30 mins of taking it I am out cold, even if i don't want to be...this product is responsible for numerous experiences waking up with my phone on my face/chest with texts waiting to be replied to lol

  • kalans
    Rep: +5,441
    February 16, 2017

    Thanks for the feedback pfajgen! Yeah the flavor got better, but I wish I could've had the black current! Is is like black cherry? Lol so true about waking up with your phone on your face!

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