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By: Redcon1

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Redcon1 for sending it out!
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  August 9, 2018

  • Incresed Focus
  • Increased Hydration
  • Great Taste
  • Great Ingredient Profile
  • Good Value
  • Clinical Dosing
  • Strong Flavor
  • Leftover Residue
  • Pricey As An Add-on

Quick Summary

Big Noise has a great ingredient profile that boasts high quality supplements that are all geared towards improving vascularity and overall blood flow with fairly reputable clinical studies to back up its claims! It's made by a company that has an excellent track record at an honest price so if you're in the market to either add a little "umph" to your preworkout or are a total stim-sensitive gym rat then look no further!


RedCon1 has literally taken the supplement industry by storm over the past year with products slowly growing into just about every nook and cranny the supplement world has to offer in terms of categories so it's no surprise that they decided to create a pump/non-stim preworkout supplement like Big Noise. Since this product has literally been creating "big noise" as of late I had to give it a go and see if it lives up to some of the other high-quality products that RedCon1 has become quite known for. Let's see how Big Noise stacks up!

Ingredient Profile

Glycerol Monosterate (3g): Also known by HydroMax in many products, though this is not technically HydroMax since it's likely a generic form of glycerol monosterate with a lower absorption percentage compared to HydroMax. Glycerol Monosterate is a supplement that I feel should be the backbone and foundation of any good "pump" product because it literally works to maximize water absorption into muscle cells to provide optimal hydration and skin busting pumps that fuel our motivation and drive within the gym. It's dosed fairly well too especially compared to other supplements that like 1MR Vortex that specifically highlight it as a main ingredient with a significantly lower dosage! Props to RedCon1 for keeping dosing high.
Astragalus Membranaceus Root (1g): A somewhat new ingredient that has been seen popping into just about anything and it's because Astragalus or AstraGin for most, helps to enhance the effects of most workout supplements to provide a much more potent and effective overall product.
Agmatine Sulfate (1g): Becoming one of the most common "pump" ingredients next to citrulline malate, Agmatine is one of the few products that actually has some significant clinical research studies to confirm it's effectiveness at providing vasodilation and improved bloodflow to the musculoskeletal system during a workout and Big Noise also contains the clinical dosage of 1g!
Huperzine A (200mcg): Huperzine is currently used in medicine as a supplement to help treat Alzheimer's Disease due to it's cognitive enhancing capabilities, which would likely categorize it as a nootropic. The combination of nootropics in pump/pre-workout supplements goes kind of hand-in-hand though since it really enhancing a stim-like focus without actually providing any real stimulants to your supplement stack!


I had the pleasure of testing out the Sour Gummy Bear flavor for Big Noise and I must say that it also includes "big flavor". They hit the flavor profile very well if a sour gummy bear is to your liking but you may want to add additional water to your shaker in excess of the recommended 4-6oz to diffuse out the taste since it may actually be a bit too sour for a majority of people's liking. It mixes fairly well but due to the inclusion of glycerol monosterate it seems that it frequently leaves some residue that requires additional flushing to finish off. It's dosed with a regular sized pre-workout scooper and is easily setup for anyone with a regular sized water bottle.


For the first week I used Big Noise I used it solely by itself to test its effectiveness as a sole pre-workout product and I must say that for a non-stimulant product it does very well. It provided great pumps and even gave me some focus that I swear would be from a caffeine source but is likely from the Huperzine A. I never had to the dose the product with more than 1 scoop to get optimal pump during my workouts and I was very satisfied with its overall effectiveness as a stand-alone product. Now.... as a booster product to enhance a pre-workout.. it's on a whole other level to be honest. Everything is pretty much magnified if used with a decent pre-workout product to the point that you really wonder if your wasting a lot of product since you're likely maxed out on "pump" if that's even possible haha. I personally enjoyed using it as a booster to my pre-workout but would likely not pay for it at full price to be used as such since it's around the same price as a pre-workout to begin with and any preworkout beyond $1.25 per scoop is usually a little too rich for my blood. Though I must say that it is very effective when taken as an add-on.


I was able to find a tub of Big Noise on Amazon for about $28 which would calculate to just south of $1 for each serving. As a stand-alone product this is a great price but if you plan on using it as an add-on then it's a bit pricey. Either way you are definitely getting what you pay for from the product's ingredient profile.

Side Effects

I personally experienced no significant side effects from using Big Noise.


All in all, Big Noise is an awesome choice for anyone looking for a non-stim preworkout product. It has an excellent ingredient profile that utilizes clinical dosing down the line and is fairly affordable for the average consumer! Though if you plan on using it as an add-on, you'll like be looking at around $60 for a pre-workout/booster stack which is fairly pricey BUT is still extremely effective. If you have the extra money to blow and want to try something really premium for once then by all means give it a go and use Big Noise as an add-on supplement but to consistent pay for it is a big of a steep price for me personally and since I absolutely love stimulant heavy pre-workouts I don't think this stack is gonna be one in my future. Overall, great product from an awesome up and coming company! Cheers Fellas!
  • Sour Gummy Bear: 7/10


  • dmf8625
    Rep: +1,961
    August 10, 2018

    FYI -- In regards to your Glycerol Monosterate section in the ingredient profile, HydroMax is a patented version of the ingredient but this product does not include that version. According to the label, this product just uses a standard generic version of Glycerol Monosterate and we do not know how concentrated it is like we would know if the HydroMax version was used.

    You may want to edit your review so not to confuse anyone or give them the idea that the patented version was used for this product when it was not.

  • Wade419
    Rep: +1,150
    August 10, 2018

    oh wow good catch, I don't think I actually said it was HydroMax but most people would know it as that but the fact that generic glycerol and hydromax have a significantly different absorption percentage and that they're not technically the same thing i should note that better - thanks brotha!

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