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Asked by Redrabitt // Posted 2 hours ago

Going to a party and want to be able to have a glass of wine or two. Stopped taking the supplement as of Saturday (it's Sunday) and the party is tonight. Had a cup of coffee yesterday since I figured I wasn't taking the supplement and felt a little anxious. Did the same thing today and a little anxious again. I honestly figured if you took one and then one six hours later 24 hours would be enough. I also have only been taking the product for about 2 weeks.
Asked by ledell80 // Posted 5 hours ago

Is it lactose free or somewhere above 95% lactose free?
Asked by msm67 // Posted 13 hours ago

I will be on my second cycle of Animal Cuts. Do you think I should also stack it with STAK and PAK? If so, how would you suggest I stack 3 of them?
Asked by supersteady // Posted 16 hours ago

I'm a hardgainer. I do workout with barbell, dumbell, resistance band & pushup at home. What is the bes way for me to use this product so that I can increase my body weight & muscle effectively? Thank you.
Asked by RichardEvnz // Posted 2 days ago

I was always told , you need 2.5x your body weight to grow in protein, and that's what I aimed for ,

Jerry Brainum says you need 1.2 to 1.7g Per Kilo to build Muscle. but does this include your bodies daily need for protein aswell , or 1.7g per kilo just for muscle building , and you will need another 0.8g per kilo for your bodies RDA. Obviously you your body needs protein without training , can someone clarify on this please.
Asked by RichardEvnz // Posted 2 days ago

Do you think taking this before bed would increase / help to boost protein synthesis while you sleep ? If you was to take these before bed ?

I mean that's what HMB and Glutamine are for right , for right after training and to stop cannibalism? or would you recommend these and a shake after training ? What's your input on This Nitro guys , is it worth buying and stacking with protein after a heavy session?
Asked by RichardEvnz // Posted 3 days ago

After you have taken the packet of tablets , does anyone know how long it takes to start working and more importantly what I really would like to know is:

How long does the effects of the Partitioning last , like is it 2 hours, 4 hours etc. I would really like to know.
Asked by Clifford // Posted 4 days ago

Sometimes when my eyes were still healthy back then,i felt my heart beat and it was faster after using the pump,is that normal?
Asked by Bvanb89 // Posted 5 days ago

I do residential carpet installation for a living, moving and lifting heavy furniture, constantly moving and lifting tons of pad and carpet all day, always sweating.. Im 6 ft 200 lbs.. If I drink this at beginning of the day, will i be energized, burning fat and toning up? Or will it strictly be mass that I'm gaining?
Asked by exxex // Posted 6 days ago

I did the loading of creatine monohydrate and now am just taking 5grams once a day after workout but decided to use Aftershock is it safe or a good or bad idea to still take the 5grams of creatine monohydrate or should I just leave the creatine and stick with Aftershock
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