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Asked by Gurjit // Posted 14 hours ago

my weight 70 kg
Asked by Megdadd // Posted 3 days ago

Asked by AdamRay // Posted 3 days ago

I've recently decided to try Sarms out. I will use LGD4033 and will be taking a liver support AAS. I also have Arim-RX for a PCT and on cycle therapy to help smooth out the end. So 8 weeks of LGD and AAS with the last 4 weeks a light dosing of arim-RX before I do 4 more weeks Arim-RX as a pct. what are you ideas?
Asked by Greenmile60 // Posted 4 days ago

I started with the required amount of two a day for 2 wks I really didn't feel a difference 3rd I up to 3 a day and Lord, Thank you Jesus the heavens opened up God blessed me with power and stamina bench 325 3 sets 10 reps
Squats 525 3 sets 5 reps (pyramids 25,20,15,10,5) deadlifts: 565 (pyramids 12,10,5,3) but I ran out of osta Shreds too soon , so am I safe to do the other 2 wks. I really would love to do my full 6 weeks
Asked by Kanwal // Posted 4 days ago

Asked by haziq2611 // Posted 7 days ago

Hi.Im 15 and im 35kg.I bought the serious mass to gain some weight.I just want to know how many times should i drink it a day and what is the best time for me to drink it?Can i just drink it without doing any workout?
Asked by tboyd3089 // Posted 12 days ago

I've decided to do a d pol animal stak and arimistane but I have a few questions about it.

1) I haven't seen when people take each supplement. It seems all three are to be taken prior to your workout. That seems like a bit much especially since I'd like to continue taking my PWO (pre jym) When should I take each supplement?

2) I saw most advice is to start d pol two weeks before adding arimistane to the stack. My questions regarding this are do I start animal stak and d pol for the first two weeks then start arimistane or d pol first the add animal stak and arimistane?
And lastly I'll be out of d pol and animal stak if start them before arimistane, so it is fine to finish arimistane by itself right?

I know that's a lot but I really appreciate any advice! Thanks!
Asked by tboyd3089 // Posted 13 days ago

I'm 28 years old and I have a good workout routine and decent diet. I have a little puffiness in my chest and my stomach isn't where I want it but at 6'4 230 I'm in pretty good shape. I've had blood work done twice to check my testosterone and both times it was in the low range. So after some research I've seen that many people have had good results from d pol so I've decided to give it a try. I know test boosters aren't miracle workers but I saw some people used animal stak with d pol with even better results which I'm obviously intrigued by. And then of course people added an estrogen blocker to further enhance results. My question on a basic level is, is this worth the money for this stack especially since I'd most likely have to add a joint supplement since joint pain is a problem when using an estrogen blocker. I'm trying to see the best results without have my hormones all out of whack. Any dosing advice for this would also be greatly appreciated.
Asked by Kflash // Posted 2 weeks ago

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