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Asked by sergiosays // Posted 2 hours ago

Just curious if certain PH demand specific PCT cycles, so what would be an ideal PCT for this product?..and bonus if its budget friendly.
Asked by vike16 // Posted 3 hours ago

Whats in it that got it a prop 65 warning, is it a big deal to worry about it?
Asked by mrfake // Posted 16 hours ago

Its my 1st time trying this product. Shld i start with half serving or 1 serving on non workout day. Workout day 1 serving is ok isnt it?
Asked by Prashdp // Posted 2 days ago

Did anyone get mild pain in the abdominal area....Especially in the left lumbar region. I have been using m stack for almost two weeks now
Asked by Volla1 // Posted 2 days ago

Hi Guys,

I just bought ripped freak, had my first tab this morning and im nauseous as hell... then I realised that I forgot that I had my gallbladder removed a few years back

Would this pose to be a problem? Should I rather not use it or could it be safe to use?
Asked by Mike_MC // Posted 2 days ago

Hi guys,

I am 1.7m, 63kg and mostly I'm working on a desk all day, no more than 3k steps per day at work. Usually I go to gym for around 90 minutes 5 days/week working all my body with regular weights, nothing fancy since I'm looking to have the right balance between lean/mass.

Based on my info, will it be okay if I will have a morning shake with 2 scoops of Pro Whey Gold Standard, then a few cereal bars/crackers, lunch around 12pm (chicken/fish), gym around 5pm, 2 scoops of Platinum Hydro after gym, a dinner snack (i.e. some toast/tuna) and then 1 scoop of Casein before bed?

PS: Also what should I have on my off days?

Cheers guys.
Asked by hussein // Posted 4 days ago

also if i mix 1 scoop with a banana, 500 ml milk and 2 spoon of peanut putter and bland will it give good result of losing bell fat and gaining muscles.
Asked by snehil-raj // Posted 4 days ago

When I have to take the pills,I m doing workout in the evening, I also take bcaa suppliment for my dietary,is it ok to use bcaa with animal cuts please help me I m totally confuse,please tell me the right timing and process to take this animalcuts suppliment
Asked by sunil-sk // Posted 5 days ago

Asked by Alishareef13 // Posted 7 days ago

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