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Asked by Isaki // Posted 11 hours ago

Asked by Bobo1 // Posted 2 days ago

Why on my botle some ingredients missing?
I bought it from europa?
Is it fake?
There is no hagenamine synephrine halostachine and hordenine?
Asked by Dilqncholov // Posted 2 days ago

Hi. I just bought my 3rd pack of it and theres pieces of somethink black and i dont know if its biscuit piece or a mice poo . Smbd had pieces in it?
Asked by Bobo1 // Posted 3 days ago

Hello can you tell me please if this product
5150 pre work out is doping free please
Asked by Jlayton01 // Posted 4 days ago

The pills are a little large. Do women really need to take 3, 3 times a day? I am 5'6" tall, right now I weigh 135 and want to lose 10 pounds. I'm fairly active, want to lean out and lose some weight in my legs and waistline, my clothes are a little tight. I wear a size 6.
Asked by Mike_MC // Posted 8 days ago


I recently started to take ON Platinum Hydro post-workout (3 scoops) and I can say I feel a difference in less-soreness the next day (yet to see the visual effects).
I was thinking in also taking ON Creatine post-workout too (3-5 grams) - mix it with hydro powder -

Do you think this is a good mix? Would it help my muscle gain?
Asked by FitLife4Me // Posted 9 days ago

Also I was wondering as it says gain 16 lbs in five weeks how can one do that when in a two pound bag you only get six servings and in a five pound bag you only get twelve. The math does not add up!
Asked by FitLife4Me // Posted 10 days ago

Hi. I was reading the MHP Up Your Mass. Weight Gainer reviews as I am looking for a weight gainer and was doing my research! I have learned (through SR! Thanks Guys) to among other things look at price per serving/servings per container. I keep reading that people are getting seven servings out of two pound tubs and 17 servings our of five pound tubs. But when I look at sites like Vitamin Shoppe and GNC they both say two tubs are only six servings and five (4.67 and 4.7 also) pound tubs are 12 servings.

So my question is where are the extra servings coming from as this is not show on the package when I look it up!

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