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VooDoo NS Reviews

By: Recor

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VooDoo NS is a Stimulant Free Weight Loss Product manufactured by Recor. It can increase metabolic rate and fat loss without the use/inclusion of traditional stimulants.

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  October 2, 2015

  • Boosted Metabolism
  • Lost Weight
  • No Appetite Suppression
  • Too Expensive
First off thanks to Reaction Nutrition for supplying this for review and to for making this all possible. I am currently in the middle of a weight loss regime for the Air Force in order to meet the weight limit standards and also being lighter makes running easier. I started out at about 202lbs and my diet was about 2500 calories and it consisted mostly of eggs, fish, milk, whey protein and rice. I do intermittent fasting and my eating window is between 1pm - 9pm. I've been doing this diet for a while and have gotten use to not eating till 1:00 pm everyday. My workout was four days a week following a plan I got off of, which was a strength program containing Olympic, strength and bodybuilding lifts. The supplements I took with this was a preworkout, Intraworkout and whey protein as well.

-Ingredient Profile-(7.5/10)
I like it, I love it, I want to know more of it...No seriously, I want to know more about it and how much of what is in it. Almost everything is in a prop blend which is a slight downer, but if it is effective I do not mind it too much. This is a caffeine free fat burner and other than not having caffeine this has everything else you would expect to have in a fat burner and looks to be dosed pretty well....Or least I hope it is. Like I said everything except for the B Vitamins is in a proprietary blend so it is impossible to know how much of what is in here. The blends are broken down into three groups.

1. Metacal-Burn provides a potent blend of ingredients suggested to support metabolic function. Limiting caloric intake may also help with weight loss.

2. Slimforce incorporates active ingredients suggested to help suppress appetite, increase thermogenesis and flush excess water. Finally, a healthy lifestyle requires willpower and focus.

3. Focalstim are suggested to awaken and energize, without speeding up heart rate and feeling jittery.

Other than it being a prop blend, I like the ingredients. It has the stuff the helps to boost the metabolic rate such as raspberry ketones, green coffee extract and L-carnitine, as well as some ingredients to get the temperature up like cayenne. Also like the addition of the focus products like Huperzine A in the focalstim blend. Huperzine A is one of my favorite nootropics, and seems to be one of the most effective at boosting mental focus.

Two pills once or twice daily. There is a slight aftertaste once these are taken, but it is nothing intolerable. There are a total of 90 pills, so 45 servings if dosed at two pills daily, or 22 servings if dosed at 4 pills daily. I did two pills right away in the morning, and two pills in the afternoon.

Note: Before you read about the effectiveness remember my diet is an daily intermittent fasting type, which means I do not eat from 9:00 pm to 1:00 pm the following day. This could obviously affect how effective this product is in terms of appetite suppression due to not eating anything from 16 hours straight. Just keep that in mind while reading this section.

Four Pills Daily:
I took these right away in the morning got hungry about an hour later. With the four pills, I took two in the morning, two in the afternoon. Making it through the morning till 1:00 pm was a struggle. After taking the second dosage at 12, it seemed to help a little on the appetite suppression, but not as much as I would have liked.

Overall I was disappointed in the appetite suppression, however if you can make it past that this product does a good job. I started out at 202lbs roughly, and in a little less than 4 weeks I am down to 195lbs. The 7lbs I lost is probably a combination of fat and water(Mostly water), and I noticed that my abs stick out a little more than they had prior to using this product. It is hard to gauge a fat burner in such a short time frame, and my diet wasn't the strictest of diets, so I do give a little credit to Voodoo NS for helping me drop those 7lbs.

My ratings for each group:
Metabolism Boost: 8/10 (Remember I cannot confirm this that it boosted my metabolism, just going off how hungry it made me.)
Appetite Suppression: 4/10
Energy: 7/10
Weight Loss: 8/10 (Again, I do not know for sure I just went off what I saw in the mirror and on the scales.)

$38 from Amazon is the lowest price for Voodoo NS. If you do the one serving daily at 45 total servings, then it is not a bad price at less than a dollar a serving. However if you dose it like I did at two servings daily it brings the total servings down to 22. This ends up being close to $2 per serving, ouch. Would I buy this product? Eh, I'm on the fence about it. I do think it helped me lose a little bit of weight, however at $38 for 22 days worth of products seems like a little too much for me.

-Side Effects-

I wanted to be in love with this product, but ended up in a platonic friendship with it. I love stim free fat burners mainly because it doesn't get in the way of taking a preworkout and getting too much caffeine in a days time. Now would I recommend this? If you have strong will power to ignore the hunger than I recommend trying this out, if you don't look for something with caffeine in it. Overall I enjoyed taking this product and the challenge it provided by super charging my metabolism, making me super hungry then trying not to eat anything till 1:00 pm every day.

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