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Pro Action Reviews

By: Recor

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Recor for sending it out!
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  October 13, 2015

  • Tastes Great
  • Good Value
  • Fully Disclosed Amino Profile
  • Solid Profile
  • Lean Ingredient Panel
  • Artificial Sweeteners


Want to give a huge thank you to SR and Reaction Nutrition for letting me run Pro Action and a few of their other products, that I will be reviewing once I'm done. I first used Reaction Nutrition's supplement in 2014, before the PH ban. They had an Epistane product called EDGE, came with 90 pills of 18mg (I think) of Epi. It was my first ever PH cycle and turned out fantastic, I was very eager to see what quality they are bringing in their Recor Series.

Ingredient Profile

Per scoop of 28.35G you get 3g of Fat, 4g of Carbs and 22g of Protein.
Made of whey protein isolate and whey concentrate.
Nothing amazing here, just quality protein.
There is also Maltodextrin and Modified Food Starch,which I am not excited about but im sure its a marginal amount.


Simple dosing, 1 scoop whenever you want/need 22g of protein.
I only mixed it with water, and I'm sipping on the last 2 scoops currently and still enjoying the taste. I had the Orange Creamcicle flavour and it was great. I never had Orange flavoured protein, this was my first. Tasted great , not too sweet or overwhelming. It sorta tasted creamy which was interesting since I only mixed it with water.


As most protein supplements this is just a dietary need. It does provide good recovery when taken after your workout, perhaps due to inclusion of Isolates. It helps you have some protein after lifting as a can of tuna isn't as convenient. The 4g of carbs allow you to have this protein even if you're low carbing at that stage. In the end its protein and protein builds muscle!


I would compare this protein to something like Optimum Gold Standard, which has been around for a while. That product does cost less around $30 for a 2 LB tub. You can get a tub of pro action for $32.95 with free shipping (gotta get more than $35 worth of stuff ) from Amazon. 3 dollar difference isn't that much for me just to try some new cool flavours. Good value IMO.

Side Effects

No side effects from this product.


Pro Action is a great protein at a decent price. If you're on the market for a protein supplement and want to try some interesting flavours that aren't provided by your usual source, give this a try. Big thank you to Reaction Nutrition, more reviews of their products coming soon.
  • Orange Creamcicle: 9/10

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