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By: Recor

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Recor for sending it out!
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  October 14, 2015

  • Tastes Great
  • Good Value
  • Peptides
  • Fully Disclosed Amino Profile
  • Solid Profile
  • Lean Ingredient Panel
  • Artificial Sweeteners
First I want to start off by thanking the people at Reaction Nutrition for letting us Troopers have the chance to try this product and a few of their other products which I did and the reviews for them will be coming also. For a newer company I give them a lot of credit for the great product they were able to come out with. I am always in the need for more protein and when I saw this was up for grabs I had to try it. Lately I feel I have been needing more and more protein and when I can find a decent protein like this I find it pretty hard to want to past up on.

This I feel has a pretty solid profile. It's nothing real new but it does consist of a blend of whey protein isolate, concentrate, and whey peptides. It's nice to see this is a more of clean protein without a lot of extra stuff in it. It's not going to be hard on your system or give you any digestion issues you will have to deal with coming from a profile like this. This is also good for someone needing to hit their macros because it's more of a leaner profile.

You can find this on for $29.99 for the 2lb tub 32 servings and $57.99 for the 5lb tub 80 servings. I think for a protein like this the price is pretty decent and worth the price for what you get.

I am always up for wanting to try different flavors rather than just your normal chocolate or vanilla all the time. I seen they had a chocolate covered strawberry flavor and decided to give it a try. I have to say I was rather impressed with this flavor and enjoyed it a lot. It was maybe just a little to sweet for me but it's still was pretty good. The flavor of this was very good easy on my stomach and will not give you any issues to worry about. I see they have a orange creamsicle flavor also which sounds like it would be pretty good also and would like to try that next.

Mixes very well and you will have no issues at all with it mixing. It has a very fine powder to it and mixes very quickly. I did get some foam with this but I blame that on the creatine product I was mixing with this. Normally this would not foam up on it's own so it had to be the creatine that caused some of the foam. Also there was no clumping with this. I took this mainly post workout. I used one scoop each time and you get 32 servings total. This is when I mainly take my protein post workout. I could see taking this early morning also if you need a little extra protein.

Protein can be hard to tell how well it works and the best way I know if it's working or not is how well my stomach handles it and if I have any digestion issues with it. I know some proteins may cause you bathroom issues which are not always fun to deal with. Protein that causes these problems I feel have things in here you do not want and has more cheaper grade proteins. I thought this was very good on my stomach and never caused me any digestion issues at all which was nice. I noticed every time I took this it made me feel more full. It was not real heavy on my stomach but enough to were I felt more full for awhile after my workouts. If your looking for a nice little snack that will help take away some of your hunger this I think would be great to have. I think the added peptides in this really helped with better digestion so you don't have issues with that which is nice. Had no bathroom issues at all with this product which is always nice to not have to deal with. I felt this was pretty decent at helping me better recovery after some of my harder workouts. I think this helped me at putting on some more leaner muscle mass. I noticed I leaned up more while on this and was putting on more muscle which did not look all bloated like. I feel this was just what I was looking for in a protein and very effective.

Side Effects:
Nothing I noticed.

This was a protein I was very pleased with. I think this performed well for me and is a great protein with a solid profile. You want a decent protein that won't give you any stomach or digestive issues then I would highly recommend giving this a try. Also it is a great tasting protein you will really enjoy drinking. The price for this is price pretty decent I think and won't totally destroy your wallet. This would be a protein I would for sure be willing to use again. I hope more sites can start picking this up and believe they will just a matter of time. If you get a chance I would highly recommend you check out some of there other products also.
  • Chocolate covered strawberry: 9/10

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