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Pro Action Reviews

By: Recor

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  November 12, 2015

  • Peptides
  • Fully Disclosed Amino Profile
  • Artificial Sweeteners
  • Meh Meh Meh
  • Spoons And Cups Are A No-go
First off, I'd like to say thank you to the representatives of Reaction Nutrition, and apologize for my lateness. I have experienced an unexpected bout of seizures lately that have really thrown me for a spin.

Intro & Profile:
Reaction Nutrition's Pro Action is their attempt at breaking into the market for post workout protein supplements. Its profile is similar to popular proteins like Optimum's Gold Standard Whey and Muscletech's Platinum Whey. The blend consists of three forms of whey - isolate, concentrate, and peptides, in that order. Obviously, isolate is a purer, more bioavailable form, which means that you are getting a quality protein source as the number one ingredient. The blend also features peptides, which are shorter chains of amino acids broken down for faster digestion. However, those looking for an ultra-clean supplement for use during the "post workout window," may want to look elsewhere. The profile contains four grams of carbohydrates (two of which are sugars) and three grams of fat. The carbs come from maltodextrin and modified food starch, and the fat comes from coconut oil. Personally, I do not find these totals to be a huge deal. But, if given the choice I might choose to steer away from whey proteins with intentionally elevated fat content, despite its fats coming from a good source. Reaction Nutrition does disclose the product's amino acid content, which is always nice. Its BCAA amounts appear to fall in line with others who reveal their amounts. All in all, I do not feel Pro Action's ingredient label provides much incentive to buy

Mixability & Digestibility:
Here is where I will evaluate the effectiveness of this supplement. As you are probably aware, it is very difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of a protein due to a multitude of factors. I cannot attribute any improved recovery or size gains to this product alone. What I can do is tell you that I noticed no difference in digestibility with this product. I was not impressed with its mixability; a shaker cup is required, unless you want to be eating chunks. It is not the worst I have ever had (not even close), but it is not good.

Flavor & Usage:
I had the milk chocolate flavor, and the taste was fairly enjoyable. It had a creamy texture, possibly due to the coconut oil and/or starch added. This was neither a positive nor a negative for me; it was not creamy in a milky, hot cocoa sort of way, just in an unnecessary coffee creamer sort of way. Still, the taste was good, and I would sometimes use it to drown out the taste of my vanilla Wheybolic. When I used Pro Action by itself, I would mix one and a half scoops in approximately 8-9 ounces of water in a shaker cup and drink it post workout. I generally did not use this protein throughout the day, as it did not mix well. Besides, I believe in eating whole foods to reach dietary needs at all other times throughout the day. I also used Pro Action for baking once. I used three quarters of a cup to make my chocolate peanut butter protein cookies, and it worked well. The creamy texture was instantly noticeable, which was a positive in this case.

The price point of Pro Action is very comparable to similar proteins. Online, a two pound tub will run you about $32, and five pounds approximately $57. Reaction Nutrition is currently carried by big name supplement retailers like, despite not having much of a track record. Kudos to them for that.

Overall, this is a solid protein supplement that simply blends in in just about every way. While I wouldn't avoid using it again in the future, there is nothing that will compel me to seek out and purchase it again. Reaction Nutrition Pro Action is simply another whey protein that fails to stand out.
  • Milk Chocolate: 7/10

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