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By: RARI Nutrition

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to RARI Nutrition for sending it out!
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  October 13, 2018

  • Better Recovery
  • Decreased DOMs
  • Endurance
  • Hydration
  • On The More Expensive Side

Quick Summary

Amino Mend is an interesting newcomer to the market of BCAAs supplements that can provide the goodness of BCAAs while adding hydration support.


A special thanks to RARI Nutrition for their participation on and apologies for the slight tardiness of this review. Today, I discuss my experiences with Amino Mend. From my experiences, BCAAs are most useful with recovery, but also aid in pre and intra workout as well. They are one of the most versatile products out there and fit into any personal fitness goals.

Ingredient Profile

The profile is fully disclosed with no prop blends.

Each serving provides a 2:1:1 ratio of the BCAAs L-leucine, L-isoleucine, and L-valine. This totals 5g of BCAAs with L-leucine being the highest dosed among the three.

Next is 2g of glutamine. Glutamine is well known for enhancing recovery, supporting muscle repair, and having immune system benefits. However, at a mere 2g, this ingredient is under dosed considering its effective range is 5-10g.

Following is 1g of citrulline malate. Citrulline malate helps to buffer lactic acid and increase plasma arginine levels. This results in improvements in pump and endurance. With an effective dosage range of 4-8g, 1g definitely leaves a lot to be desired. In other words, it's underdosed.

Afterwards is 1g of taurine. Taurine has a host of benefits including recovery support, pump and circulation enhancement, heart an brain health and can even support healthy testosterone levels. It's effective dosage range is said to be up to 2g, but bodybuilder have reported as high at 8-10g. Either way, 1g is also underdosed.

Finally we have an electrolyte blend that is derived from 250mg of coconut water powder. From the coconut water we have 120mg of sodium, 100mg of potassium, 10mcg of vitamin B6, 30mcg of vitamin B12, and 120mg of vitamin C.


I received the mango mojito flavor. To me, it wasn't bad, but at the same time could use a little improvement. I found it to have a bit of a more diluted fruity taste than what I was expecting, even with the use of less liquid. Still, not a bad flavor.

It mixed thoroughly and fully with no problems.

During the first week, I used only one scoop post workout to see if I could get away with a single serving. However, I found one servin to be somewhat underwhelming. Therefore, I bumped it up to two scoops post workout and used two servings from the second week on.


Since I was using Workhorse as intra workout support at the time of Amino Mend, to prevent overlap I stuck to using the Amino Acids only post workout. At times it was mixed with a serving of SMART Creatine by VMI, but this was rare and I kept the servings of the products spaced out most of the time.

In any case, I found Amino Mend to greatly aid in my recovery as well as help restore hydration levels. My DOMS and lethargy post workout and in the following days were significantly reduced and I was less groggy and bogged from the exertion from my training sessions.

I found that this increase in recovery helped compliment improvements in my endurance levels and I was able to power through all of my training session equally aggressively.

I also felt more energetic throughout the days leading up to my training sessions and all throughout my job shifts. This is especially useful when you work in healthcare.


Cheapest I found Amino Mend was 30 dollars on Amazon, which also right now has a coupon deal for 10% off with free shipping. This brings the cheapest price to about 27 dollars. You get 30 servings in each tub, but if you have to use two scoops like me that's gonna bring the value down some. I don't think that is the worst or most expensive value by any means, but it is on the more expensive side for a BCAAs product. I still think it's worth the price for the efficacy. Just see if you could get by with one scoop.

Side Effects



Although on the pricey side for the double serving users, Amino Mend is a very good and effective newcomer to the market of amino products. It will help restore your hydration and improve your recovery, allowing you to continuously power through training sessions with equally more aggression and feel more energetic throughout your days. Be sure to train hard and get plenty of sleep and eat clean as I always say.


  • Mango Mojito : 7/10

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