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NEURO Z3 Reviews

By: RAM Advantage

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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to RAM Advantage for sending it out!
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  October 18, 2018

  • Balances Stimulant Effect Of Coffee
  • Prop Blend
  • Limited Sources
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive
Thanks Ram Advantage for helping me participate in this mission, and for the neat sticker as well.

Quick Summary

Ram Advantage's Neuro Z3 was my first experience with a proprietary blend in a Nootropic formula. I've typically avoided prop blends in Nootropics for obvious reasons, but actually went into this with confidence, but ended up disappointed.


Boys, this one was hard. I wanted to like it so badly. It alone offered a slightly elevated mental state, similar in intensity to stepping in cold water while wearing socks, but without the self-loathing afterward. The kind of mental state that was clearly different than before, but not exactly beneficial. It is dependent on outside stimulants to produce a clearly distinguishable effect. The hype for this product from the manufacturer far outweighs its potential. It seems that this is another attempt to probe a trendy and growing market in order to sell tee-shirts and hoodies. For those of you who've read my past reviews, rest assured the prop blend did not stop me from playing with dosages for reference points to effectiveness.

Ingredient Profile

The 1.4g proprietary dose is encased in two vegetable capsules.

ALCAR: Fancy Carnitine that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Said stimulate the mind. DOSE UNKNOWN

L-Tyrosine: Increases production of dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. DOSE UNKNOWN

Alpha-GPC: Most promising studies indicate benefits to memory. DOSE UNKNOWN

L-Theanine: In my experience, mellows out stimulants, aiding focus. DOSE UNKNOWN

Huperzine A: Also has promising science for increasing memory, but studies on cognitive enhancement are mixed. DOSE UNKNOWN

The big problem here is that if these ingredients are under-dosed, they are completely useless. If they are over-dosed, they can have adverse or even opposite effects.


Two vegetable caps go down easily. However, there is no indication on how frequently you may take them, only that you should take two at a time. Multiple times if you want? Who knows!? Too bad they don't give us the tools to come to that conclusion on our own.


I tried doses from x0.5 to x2.0 servings to try to notice any effects that graduate with corresponding dosages.

x0.5 Zilch, mane.

x1.0 Everslightest change in mental state. Almost like thinking it was Tuesday, but it's actually Thursday. Effect would only last for sporadic moments that lasted under a minute each time. Took the "edge" off of coffee, but didn't boost its stimulant effects. Increase in mood knowing I could then drink more coffee without the jitters. No difference in sleep.

x1.5 No measurable difference from one even dose. No difference in sleep.

x2.0 Same degree and style of mental adjustment, but more frequently. Effects on coffee were the same. Dreams were more vivid, but sleep was not improved. Minor stomach craps and bowel disturbance.

These were all done on varying situations. I tried combinations of empty stomach or with small meal, with or without fish-oil, and at morning or night. None of these things seemed to modify the effectiveness. The fact that if I had eaten or not didn't matter was probably the most surprising part of this supplement.


Its hard to make an informed judgement on the value of a proprietary blend. However, it is EASY to judge the value of the effects. I would pay nothing for these effects. At an average of $38 through very limited sources, the 30-serving bottle will cost about $1.25 a day. No gracias.

Side Effects

Mild GI issues at higher doses, but won't list in the "cons" because it doesn't mention using that much.


This looks like a fizzle-and-pop company that will fade out and re-make itself several times in the next few years. The brand looks more geared toward selling merch than an actual good product, considering they have 21 articles of clothing to chose from, and one supplement. Between the prop blend and non-comprehensive formula, this is a waste. Better nootropics can be attained for cheaper, while being transparent in the process.

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