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Protein Bars Reviews

By: Quest

  February 9, 2014

  • Nutrition Profile
  • High Sodium
Everyone loves Quest Bars. They are probably one of the most popular protein bars on the market right now, and for good reason. Around 20g protein, 20g fiber, and 200-something calories, gluten-free, no sugar, and just about any other bases covered.

Effectiveness 9/10: So with all that in its macros, effectiveness is almost perfect. The only way it could improve is either a bump up to more protein or adding in vitamins and minerals like a few other bars out there.

Value 7/10: The going rate seems to be around 25 bucks for 12 bars. That's pretty decent and competitive with other high protein bars. The best deals I have seen (outside of trade shows mentioned below), is when GNC runs their 25% or 30% off items online. At 30% off, you can actually score these for under 20 bucks a box. 2.99 shipping there doesn't add too much to the overall cost, either.

Taste 6/10: Here is what brings my overall rating down to a 7. I have tried the cookie dough, chocolate brownie, and the newest flavor, cookies and cream. Cookie dough and cookies and cream I would rate around an 8 or 9/10 as far as protein bars are concerned. The cookies and cream is a lot closer to the cookie dough than I would have expected. Chocolate brownie is like a 4/10. It is exactly like the chocolate powerbars everyone used to have and nobody liked. If you think chocolate brownie is an amazing flavor, you should probably get your tastebuds checked, lol.

My biggest knock on all of the quest bars is the sodium content. I can actually taste the salt in the bars, especially in the cookies and cream. You get used to it after a while, but 300mg sodium in what is otherwise a healthy bar needs to be rethought. I just can't see why there would be so much salt for flavors that are supposed to taste sweet.

Summary: Great profile, could use added vitamins, I hate paying full price for them, dislike the salt content.

Good luck on finding your favorite flavor!

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